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February 16, 2006


Mr. Gene Weingarten is visiting Miami, and as you can see is deeply impressed with my oosik.


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As am I, Dave; as am I.

Glad it's not a Tusic.

Oh...and First; and a cermonial *snork* at Insom;)

Modeling for the CrapCam in his none-blue "Loser Style" shirt. Hi, Gene!

Walter doesn't get dressed for company? Sheesh.

Hooray! Are you three boys going to have a sleep-over? (*ducks!*)

With the photo being that dark, that might really be Gene Shalit or Cheech Marin ...

Didn't he bring his down to play with Walter?

MOTW, what makes you think that Gene Shalit and Cheech Marin are not the same person? Have you ever seen them together?

Gene - great idea! Whenever I'm at a loss for words I just whip out my oosik! Its a great conversation starter.

And the cause of several restraining orders....

Doh! Pencilman's name was Tupic.

*Heads off to dungeon*

Does that tee say "loser"?

*Hands Blue some tepid water and crusty bread*

Hello Gene! The Peekaboo Paradox was moving and bittersweet. (I wish I could think of better words to describe it, but those are the first that come to mind.)

I like your column too.

*Somehow I never realized that Walter was...ah...so...ah...anatomically correct.*

So, I'm trying to picture the conversation where Dave:

1) Asked Gene to pick that thing up


2) Convinced Gene to have his picture taken with it for the blog

Thanks, Bumble. Now Renfield won't need to share.

spinner8 - for that matter, have you ever seen Gene Weingarten with Gene Shalit/Cheech Marin?

>>>>>Irrelevant Bulletin<<<<<

YEEEEEEEESSSS! A+ on my first accounting exam!

*does happy dance*

It's really disgusting how well I do considering how lazy I am when it comes to studying.

>>>>>We now return you to funny oosik comments. Pay no attention to the happy girl behind the history book.<<<<<

*decides not to ask Blue who Renfield as it might make her look stupid*

Lisa, if you think about it, it's not just anatomically correct, it's anatomy.

Gene Weingarten sings this song: "Scrimshaw, scrimshaw" ...

Mr. Kotter! Welcome back.

Congratulations Bumble!

"who Renfield is"

Bumble: Renfield

Thanks Lisa.

Renfield has a friend who only comes out at night-and looks for pretty girls with nice necks and a good bloodline....

*Decides not to post this for Bumble, so as not to make her uncomfortable*

Wow. The wireless signal is good down here.

markhh~ Ahh. Didn't see/read Dracula. Saw Van Helsing (Mmmm; Hugh Jackman ), but I don't think Renfield was a character in that.

Yay, Bumble! Congrats!! :)

BTW, Dave, tell Mrs. Blog I loved the article on Johnny Weir's weird get-up.

Thanks Tamara. And Blue. :-)

pogo-Intellectually, I know you're right. Maybe it's the camera angle. I don't know, there's just something different about Walter today.

Bumble - There's no way you can look stupid with that A+ report card stapled to your forehead for all to see....

I take that back: the only way you could possibly look stupid is if you were wearing a Groucho Marx mustache and fuzzy wig while holding a walrus penis-bone. Yeah, like that.

Good job, and kudos.

(Dang, we gots some smart people on this blog!)

Besides, it's my birthday today.

Happy Birthday Mr. C! 50, right?

Happy B-Day Mr. C.

*forgot smiley face, loves cake to Mr. C.*

Not yet, S'girl - that's NEXT year. But thanks for depressing me.


But thanks for the shout-out anyway!

Happy B-day Mr C!!

Congrats on the exam Bumble!!

Cograts as well to Walter for getting an exam as well (Gene seems a bit TOO familiar with handling that - NTTIAWWT).

Congrats Dave for convincing Gene that he really NEEDED to wear the "Loser Style" T-shirt just to make the photo complete!

Congrats to anyone else for anything else they may have been about to do today!

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to anyone I haven't covered in the previous sycophantic statements.

He must not have needed much convincing. Around DC, "Style Invitational Loser" t-shirts are coveted among literate/snarky/fun people. It's kind of a "booby prize" for the weekly wordy contest, and generally much better than the prize actual Style Invitational Winners win.

I want one. Badly. Mr. Weingarten, you are such a show-off.

And now, I'm off to work on this week's Invitational entry...

He's wearing a blue shirt. Is that some kind of neighborhood covenant? Now that I know about the boulder collisions I can't look at Walter without going into that pose the soccer defenders use on penalty kicks.

Lisa....maybe Walter is just a bit perkier when he's being handled.

Congrats to Bumble!

Happy Birthday to Mr. C!

Meanwhile, back in Iowa...


It's snowing. Enough to keep the kids home from school but not enough to keep the husband home from work. A weenie-wussy snow. Grrrrrrr!

/end mumblegrumble

Mr. C, I knew that - I was only teasing. Did ya get the cake? :)

Happy 49th birthday, Mr C!! Hey, you're barely older than Insom! What's up with you young guys pretending to be all "agéd" and stuff? It's disgraceful. You've got a good seventy years left!

*starts checking tickets on the Geezer Bus, starts kicking people off*

"Hey Gene! Great to see you."
"Thanks for the invite, Dave."
"Get you a beer?"
"It's 9:43 in the morning, Dave."
"Beer will do."
"Wanna see my oosik?"
"Heh. I've seen it, remember?"
"Not recently. Walter's quite impressive. Come on, come look at my oosik."
"I thought I was getting a beer?"
"Wanna touch it? Hold it? I know you do. Let me get my camera."
"This is uncomfortable...look, I..."
"Just relax, you know you want to hold it. There's nothing wrong with that."
"The thing is...I don't."
"Right. Say! I got these nifty cowboy outfits!"

Happy birthday, Mr. C.!

Aunt Nancy, schools around here close if snow is forecast. But not my school division. We're CITY. We don't close.

We also have 3 makeup days built into our calendar, but we don't actually USE them. Oh no, that would take away from instructional time.

Our schools were open on Monday even though the sidewalks had been poorly shovelled. The parking lot was fine, but don't try to walk into the building.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. I spent the previous 2 days in Orlando and would have given anything for my flight into Dulles to be cancelled.

*SNYYYORK!* @ Cbol!

CRaven - thanks for the generic congrats!

Bumble, specific congrats on the exam! And I have been meaning to ask: Did you try skiing over break?

It takes a real man to let another man touch his oosik.

Rita - there are a LOT of people who would give anything for ANY flight into Dulles to be cancelled. And you're right - snow doesnt need to be measured against a walrus penis bone in order to close school - just a whisper of a prediction of a dusting in a nearby latitude will do. Weather people around here couldnt properly predict which way a door will open on a regular basis, much less how much snow we are actually going to get.

Happy Day, Mr. C!

Congrats, Bumble!

Gene, where the heck is Tiffani? You didn't being "her" down to play with Walter?? They'd be so cute together. Although I suppose explaining it to airport security might be something of a problem.....

CR, you are so right about Dulles. I hate that place. It's easier to get to than BWI and Reagan National, but the terminals are a nightmare.

The shuttle bus dropped me off at the terminal that had no outside baggage check, so I had to wait in line at AirTran (Motto: "We cost less because we don't hire enough people to wait on you.") for 45 minutes to check one stinking bag.

However, AirTran made up for it by having XM radio in their planes, so that made the flights bearable.

Just how close to me do you live, anyway?

From one 49-er to another......

TamaraRWC, what do you know about the sleep-over with Dave, Gene, Walter and the ducks?!?! C'mon, SPILL!

AuntN, you missed your chance -- shoulda sent the kids to work with hubby if they're not going to school.

And to cover all of the other bases, *snork* @ insom, congrats to all who got a good grade on something or other, congrats to all who have survived to celebrate another birthday (whether or not you will own up to it), congrats to all who have big oosiks (not to be confused with pencils), condolences to all of the losers and to the guys wearing cowboy outfits, y'all look SO manly -- join the sleep-over tonight at Dave's! (bring your own oosik). As for everyone/everything else I didn't mention, there's a reason.

rita - Just up I-95 in Bawlmer. You know - the city that breeds... errr READS. I flew AirTran my last flight from FL to BWI, and I swear the baggage checker told me "We guarantee to fly straighter, and have less baggage than any of your ex girlfriends"

Didn't somebody light the Olympic torch with a flaming oosik?

S'girl - *wiping crumbs from mustache* Yes, I did. Yummy. And thanks to all for the b'day wishes!!

You guys rock!

*warm fuzzies*

*zips in with "to-do" list*


We're All In Our Places
With Bright Shiny Faces

Congrats to Bumble - well done!

CoastR - The world needs syncophants! Carry on! :)

*waves hi to Gene because she reads him every day in the Wash.Post and feels like they're friends*

CoastRaven, Aunt Nancy & Suzy Q~ Thanks.

Mr. C~ Thanks and Happy Birthday!

pogo~ Thanks. As far as skiing, you mean when I was in Oregon? No. My sister went skiing and tore her ACL last year. Besides, I'm not the sporty type. I mostly stick with indoor activities such as crochet, cross-stitch, basket weaving and scrapbooking. But mostly I just watch TV and type at you guys. Swimming is the only "sport" I like.

El~ Thanks.


Looking at that picture, one might think it was actually overcast in Florida.

Congrats Bumble!

Renfield, Renfield...awesomeness. I'm recording Dracula for LibriVox (I just finsihed chapter 26), so that was an odd confluence of realities :P

so, i guess its ok wi/mrs. blog if you have a friend over while she's shrouded over in turin....


Yes queensbee - Dave invited him over for dinner - they are having leftover Healthy Start.

Dave: YOUR oosik?

...is deeply impressed with my oosik.

You know, every time I try to say that I get slapped! A "Humour" writer says it and he gets Print!

... goes to show the value of your own blog ...

Since Dave posted the Gene Weingarten eye candy for the gals, here's a little something for the guys.

Warning: Do not open with your wife standing, like, right behind you, with a hammer.

Gene does look mighty comfortable handling that oosik.... one might say TOO comfortable, if you get my drift....

Actually, his right hand is showing what you do to the walrus TESTICLES in order to best use your oosik....

happy birthday Mr.C.!!!!

similes Dan Rather will never get to use:

"...as patient as Jack Bauer on No-Doz..."

"...as focused as the Vice-President on a quail hunt..."

"...as sore as Mrs. Walter on her wedding night..."

I think Gene is hiding his Oosik Envy pretty well...

So to recap Mrs. Blog is out of town.
Gene is over at Dave's place playing with his oosik.

Must not give into to tempation and make a Brokeback Mountain joke.

Don't step on the crack, or you'll fall and break your back...


marlodianne~ Thanks.

Oh good. kibby turned off the slantiness.

You can stop tilting your heads now.

*adjusts his monitor back to the right*

"...turned off the slantiness..." Is that what was going on? I thought there was a stiff wind blowing from the left side of the screen, not to be confused with a stiff oosik...

Bumble, are you considering a career in accounting? Or just taking the course for the fun of it?

Office mate: So, how's it hanging?

Walter: Slightly to the right.

PLP~ For reasons I'm not sure I know, I'm a business major. Intro to accounting is a required course. Good teacher, difficult and not so much fun course.

But Business Law is worse. Right El?

Higgy, you give them a karate chop? That's weird. I've always found *censored* *censored* with my *censored* *censored* *censored* *censored* *censored* was pretty effective, but I don't have the equipment myself, so maybe I've been wrong.

Geesh, Dave....you're pretty free with your oosik!

Gene - "Don't touch that, we KNOW where it's been!"

(Pictures Mrs Blog returning home to find Dave passed out, Sophie getting her own cereal and little tiny Walter clothes strewn about)

Sophie to Mom: "Daddy's tired from playing with his oosik. Oh, and drinking all of that brown stuff in the bottle."

Happy birthday pile-on, Mr. C!

Well, accountants never die, they just lose their balance.

Tamara Rhymes With [Censored] - you don't remember your own lessons, do you?

I missed "American Idol" last night. Does anyone have a head count on how many times Simon made someone cry and how many times Randy said "Dawg"...

We have a drinking game going and need some stats....

Yes it is Bumble. I don't do accounting but I'm sure it couldn't be any worse than the Bus. Law teacher, or class for that matter.

But we're mucking our way through it, and You have the "A" to prove it!

We did a BeatDown on the Bus.Law teacher, who we hope is not blurking here!!

If he is, just kidding - ha!

Hmmm - clark kent sees an oosik, and automatically thinks of Simon and Randy from American Idol... innnnnnnteresting

I've seen the oosik so many times now that it no longer has the power to render me speechless... The first few times, though, I gotta admit I was down for the count.

Blue, you've been saving that just for me, haven't you? ;)

El~ We didn't use his name, so he can't bring a civil suit for defamation or libel. We could be talking about any business law prof. Though he might get me back with an evil test question on that topic or something.

I'm ashamed to admit that I've seen the oosik more than the cross lately so I've decided that, to compensate for my guilt, I'll made the oosik my revered religious symbol instead and since Gene was so inconsiderate as to wear a t-shirt that said 'Loser' on it while handling my sacred implement, I may have to demonstrate how peaceful and tolerant I am by burning down some buildings and chanting "death to all heathens".

That is how much I revere oosiks. Or irreverent behaviour. Take your pick.

*goes to get torches and Washington Post flags to burn so as to join in the holy crusade that has been set into motion by the much revered and wise Somewhere North*

Mr. C, you and my now 15 year old daughter share the same birthday. Many happy returns to ya!

Can we have beer on this burning spree?

ooo, leftover healthy start. what would that be, healthy almost finished???

Of course we can have beer on our crusade. Beer being our holy water of choice.

Come all you devoted servants of Walter! Light your torches, down your Buds and shoot your quail. Arise oh faithful.... hey! Whoa there. Put that away. 'Arise oh oosik' was a figure of speech...


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