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February 09, 2006


Be advised that you need not pay a fortune for a special, one-of-a-kind gift.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Of the FIRST century, they say? I was sure Charlie's Angels was a little bit later than that.

Farrah, get ya hairah done. You've been under s'girl's bed too long.

The current bidders on this item are:

Rolloverrosie, and

Does this tell you anything?

It tells me that these losers have nothing better to do than bid on lame old crappola. And that we have nothing better to do than watch them.

Well, one person's junk is another person's...... um, junk, actually.

I work in Huntington WV!! Now I have to be on the look-out for Farrah clones???

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I used to have one of those!! I LOVED it! Except the makeup never came off; you had to use baby oil on cotton balls, and even then the blue eyeshadow ended up permanent. :)

Guin, I suspect all those things also happened with the flesh and bone version. Probably Steve Austin's grounds for divorce.

There are people in my state who still have this makeup and hairstyle.

Yeah, this will work -pffft!

Huh. Well, at least it's in decent condition. If I'd had that thing when I was a kid it'd be bald now. Like the Little Mermaid doll and Barbie's entourage.

"And the famous hair survives, little worse for the wear... in okay, been there done that condition." Boy that Goodwill Huntington can write some slammin' ad copy, huh? Sell it, baby, SELL IT!

The Farrah makeup and hairstyle are "in" again. Maybe someone wants to buy it for practice. (This one is starting to look a little post Letterman)

Farrah, get ya hairah done. You've been under s'girl's bed too long.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 07:41 PM on February 9, 2006

Hey lady, there ain't no chicks under my bed.

Except sometimes Tamara. :)

>>the makeup never came off;

reminds me of my daughter's attempt to die her hair in 3rd grade. She used food coloring and had a permanent red streak IN FRONT that had to grow out. She wore a hat for her 3rd grade picture...but WE all knew what was under the hat.

Ain't nobody under here but us chick(en)s.

Looks more like Priss from Blade Runner.

Ah, Blade Runner, best SciFi movie ever made. I have both the theater version and the director's cut. Ah, Sean Phillips (?), most beautiful replicant. Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford should have won Oscars for that one. Hollywood never hands out Oscars for SciFi film performances, just the special fx.

Now for this thread: it wouldn't be farrah me to make a comment. **ka-pwwiinngg!**

When did "vintage" become a synonym for "found in a landfill?"

S'man, I think you forgot to turn off the italics. Did that work?

are we still italicized?

BTW, I believe it was Sean Young in Blade Runner.

insom, I fixed it.

Italicized - Does that turn me into Blue Meanioni?

Yeah Guin - it still(a) makes my brown eyes blue

& Farrah (IF thats yer real name) - thanx fer the Asleep at the Wheel reference!

Sorry folks! I plead guilty to (not too or two) two (not to or too) counts of guilt and throw myself on the mercy of the court! I forgot to turn off my italicizer. I forgot gorgeous Sean Young's last name. I am guilty. But at least I remembered to put the seat down. I think.

Hey, I always thought if the guys are kind enough to put the seat up, so I don't sit on a wet seat, they have done half the work, so it doesn't hurt us gals to do the other half. A lot more pleasant than sitting on cold porcelain. In the dark.

Which is why Whoopie dumped whats-his-face, who was never in a sci fi movie in his life. I don't think.

Covered it all, we can all rest easy now.

Tamra - I'm fine with that, as long as they're doing their half of the laundry, the dishes, the cooking, the cleaning, etc. :)

*twists open can of worms*

... um ... Sean Young ... um ... Yum! ... um ... nevermind ...

Here it is 3 a.m. and I'm the only one who knows that Annie let the worms loose. S'ok...the guys'll wake up, emerge from the doghouse, yawn, stretch, scratch, and notice the nightcrawlers. Wonder if they'll take the bait? *dives back in (not under) bed; pulls covers over head*

*Nose probe*

Mornin', Babe! I'm ready for coffee, and you can put the eggs on.....

I must be some spoiled, then, Annie. My husband does the dishes, grocery shops and puts away his clothes himself.

What do I do? As little as possible. *smirk*

Just my two cents (not that anyone panhandled for it) - Makes more sense for both parties to just put the entire lid down. Then the worst that happens is someone sits on a cold DRY toilet lid. Plus all those germs dont get tossed in the air when the flush occurs.

CoastR - that's not the worst. Worst is the lid gets peed upon in the dark.

Best procedure: Enter, check seat conditon, modify if needed.

I just pee in the sink.

Because I'm thoughtful, is why. I'm just a sensitive, thoughtful guy.

For instance, I think this Farrah gift would be a GREAT idea, along with a card saying something like, "Hey, maybe you could be pretty like this detached plastic head someday!"

Oh, and guys, be SURE not to let the ladies know that the doghouse has a tunnel to the pub, okay?

...and ladies? be SURE not to let the guys know about the timer on the "pub" that's going to slam/lock the doors at a prearranged signal, and unleash a multimedia surroundsound cascade of childbirth/cookie decorating/DIYvasectomy/Manilow tapes.
And for Pete's sake, don't tell them what the signal is...we want them to stumble on it accidentally in one of their 'humerous' posts...

I'm with Annie on the toilet seat thing!

Or else go and pee somewhere else.

*loves that she has a take no prisoners attitude on at least one "guy" thing*

I think Madonna's current incarnation is a replica of this. Have you seen her lately? Yish!

I'm in the "put the whole lid down" camp, but I gotta say, if I lived with a militant "put the seat down or else" type, I'd just leave the seat down all the time and pee with reckless abandon.

Has anyone seen About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson?

Oh boy, Sarcasmo, you're in big trouble now!

*waits for El's reaction to that incredibly brave (or not-to-smart)comment*

not too smart


I still chuckle at the memory of the night I left the seat up, and at 2 a.m. my (then) wife discovered zero gravity! hehhehheh, snork, wheeze, bwahaha, gasp! (wipes eyes) whew! I guess you had to be there.

"...pee wih reckless abandon." I'm definitely going to have to use that quote today.

Sarcasmo - that's why we don't live together.

A few years ago a bf of mine (stupidly) asked why the "right way" was with the seat down.

Because it's MY house!!! Any more questions?

bf: No.

Think having on of these on the next pillow over would be kinda weird?


Me too!


But beside all of that.....

Goodwill has gone eBay™?!? That's freakin' brilliant!!!!

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