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February 23, 2006


Who do you think could have done it?!

(Brought to you by the perky Local 4 News team and Michael Ester)


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It wasn't me. Nope. Nosireee. Nu-uh. Musta been somebody else. Yep. Somebody else.

I bet he's from Flushing.


Well obviously somebody doesn't Pee Freeley, why else would they need all that piss?
I think it was the Mythbusters. They may have decided doggie doo isn't good enough to make things explode.

It's not mi'ine, it's urine.

The thief escaped in a rented porta-potty. When asked if they had anything to go on, the police chief pointed and replied, "That Depends."

The chief suspect is Mr. Kazutoshi Takenourina

*Snork* at AnnieWBH;)

Alright, I'm gonna turn this light off, and I want the samples returned. This is your last chance. If you don't come clean now, urine trouble.

Now, this, http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/13937647.htm
is why we are still the best in the world.

Gives new meaning to "I gotta take a pee."

I guess when he said "I gotta take a pee", he wasn't joking!

I just wonder where he took it?

Your in trouble in Urine Town.

What are the actual words?

If you're gonna go to the trouble, why not simply replace your own sample? Just find the one marked "Abby Normal" and nobody's the wiser...

I wonder who their No. 1 suspect is.

(Yes, I know it's juvenile. I'm not much of a wiz when it comes to bathroom humor.)

*dodges thrown chamber pot*

if i had to guess... i would wager that these guys forgot to stop using while the urine was stolen, and will thereby flunk again.

unless they still it again.

to be continued...

*snork* @ Annie

Chances are this case is down the toilet.

The police chief is determined to find out who leaked this.

pee humor


it just doesn't get any better than this

Simply ghastly! An absolutely vial crime.

TCK - all I know is urine trouble, as usual.

*trouser-snork* @ Blue.

Hey! why would i be in trouble? I been good - haven't I? Annie - tell her I've been good

Just because you'd enjoy this Dave. And it's about Beastiality, more fun right?



Back to the cleaners again.....but who cares? Woo-hoo! *Does a Beckham dance, IYCMD*

Embezzlers absconded with the liquid assets, drying up the organization's ability to float a loan.

bwaaahaaa, abby normal, good one, annie. but lets all remember, these are dangerous stupids out there.

It's gonna take a whiz of a detective to solve this case.

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