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February 15, 2006


...this sportsman.

(Thanks to Mr. Completely)


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Those guys in Golden Township need to learn to shave their elbows like the rest of us...

First! w00t!

Hunting: It's not for wimps anymore!

If it were me, I'd be sure NOT to wear camo and to constantly yell out: "Hey, I'm not a squirrel OR a quail, got it!"

Or maybe I'd just "duck."

Agh, never mind. Close, though.

I bet that jerk would support these freaks, www.feralcathunt.com has people freaking killing kitties. I just dont know what this world is comming to.

I'm beginning to realize why so few anecdotes start with: "There was this really smart hunter, and..."

I say this was planted by Washington to help Cheney save face ("See?!?!!? I can happen to anyone!). I'm not buying it.

Being camouflaged as Big Foot isn't real smart.

I'm with you KOW! Because if it's not that, then there's an epidemic!

Run for the hills!

NO, NO, run for the city!

"Dang it, Clem! You done blew up my lucky squirrel jacket!"

"I'm sorry, but I said it before, and I'll say it again: You need to wait til they stop twitchin to staple 'em on there!"

So he mistook the guy's elbow for a squirrel. Did he mistake the rest of him for a nut?

Congrats to Mr. C. - WTG!

Wait ... They make a .17-caliber rifle?

Otterboy-You almost got it, but it was the "otherboy."

♫ I got posted, I got posted... ♫
*does happy dance...*

*still singing*
♫and tomorrow's my birthday...♫
*stops dancing 'cause now he's depressed 'cause he's almost 50 now...*

sounds like he had an Achilles elbow...

My birthday is on Saturday! Yay for February b-days! Don't get depressed Mr. C, you're not old yet!

SNORK @insom

Well at least the police investigated this shooting.

Being from the Muskegon area, this does not shock me in the least.

What *does* shock me is that something I read in my home town's (aka Middle-of-Freaking-Nowhere, Michigan) news paper this morning actually made it into Dave Barry's blog. Fabulous!

Check out the latest Political Comics from H.L.

Dick Cheney Explains it All.

See it at.
The Hollywood Liberal

Chianca -

Yes, they do make a .17 caliber rifle.

(Decides not to regale entire blog with TMI-type conversation about firearms, calibers, gauges, primers [large rifle, rimfire, small rifle, shotgun, small handgun, large handgun], powder, shot [lead, steel, antimony, bismuth], bullets [FMJ, wad-cutter, boat-tail, soft point, Silvertip, partition, high-shock], cases, revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic shotguns, bolt-action weaponry, lever action rifles and/or shotguns, slide [Note: also passing up chance to say "pump action"] action weapons, break action firearms, ballistics charts, patterning, target shooting, silhouette competition, trap shooting, skeet shooting, sporting clays, plinking, bench-rest shooting ... because, merely listing the list of categories is too long ...)

Squirrels usually "jerk" wildly when they are climbing a tree. I wonder what this guy was doing behind a tree with his elbow jerking wildly?
On second thought.. Forget that! I don't want to know.
Thanks for this horrible mental picture!

Chianca at Large:

Yes they do. two in fact, look up .17 HMR and .17 HM2 if you want.
Basicly necked down .22 mag and .22lr, firing bullets in the 17-25 grain range at hypersonic velocitys...but if you understood the first half of this sentance you probalby already knew that ;)

Also of course it could have been an air rifle... 'pellet gun' to the unitiated, which are very effective tools for squirell sized game. They are most commonly in .177 caliber

Happy Birthday Mr. C! (n don't worry `bout the next one. it's not that bad, really. just can't remember stuff sometimes.)
oh, and Congrats for.. for.. huh...

Happy Belated B-day Dux.

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