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February 20, 2006


This is the lowest yet.


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They'll be wiping that up for days. Maybe less if they get on a roll.
Sorry - I know those were bad.

Thats hitting below the belt!!

Well, I personally could do without printing on my paper.

"It was confined to those areas which was very lucky and quick work by crews on the scene who are employed by SCA and also the MFB have stopped this from being a rather large fire."

However, nothing remains of the Punctuation Division but a charred shell.

OH!!!! and
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, E L E A N O R ! ! ! !

and *snork* at you-know-who

Wow, a toilet paper plant--I've never sen one of those. I have sen a TP tree, but that was from my own doing.

Another paperless environment out of control.

On a related (or not) note, a local police department was recently broken into. The only things taken were the urinals. The police are baffled; they say they have nothing to go on.

TP plant fire? Well, that'll back things up for awhile!

Mr. C -- that's urinalysis.

Another disaster. Does that mean my toilet paper is going triple in price??

this is bogus; the Society for Creative Anachronism would never run a toilet paper factory!

happy birthday, eleanor!

*zips in*


Thanks for the b-day wishes! 8:02a.m. here in freeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzing (47F) su.so.ca. and so far on this, my 19th birthday (HA!) all is good.

Betsy, is there any left over spaghetti from the Pastafarian Sunday Bible Study Supper that I could have for my b-day lunch??? :)

*listening to I Am The Walrus*

*saunters in (I don't zip, except for my "barn door") to add my

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, E L E A N O R ! ! ! !

Have a great 19th, and many more (more 19's, that is -- I stopped at 29 myself and my younger daughter noted last night that when she reaches 29 soon, it could be something for the record books).


My MUCH older sister celebrates anniversaries of her 21st birthday. Just sayin'.

...as in "It's my 35th Annual 21st Birthday!"

Multi-thread birthday wishes for our favorite FCDA! (or, in other words, please go to the AWWWW thread for more).

El - you're 19 again?!?


Merely sayin' ...

El...I'm *zip*ping you a whole heap'o'the True Spaghetti for your lunch. My original plan was to send you some lovely locally-canned beans from Chicago, but, uh, my plans changed due to...well, I just figured you'd like the pasta better.

(listening to "I'm So Excited")

19 is a great age. Very good for toilet papering. I guess they wanted to put a stop to any thing you might do. You could be drafted on that paper.

Bush watched the Curling Finals in the Olympics last night. Now he wants to try Skiing.

The Hollywood Liberal

When I was 19, I desired 19-year-old women.
Now that I am 95, I still desire 19-year-old women.

attributed to GEORGE BURNS (1896-1996)

Great one Olo.
Jack- Have you ever wondered why John Kerry does not have a similar cartoon. He would deny that he authorized it completely.

Alfred - Kerry would have said he authorized it before he voted against it.

Brown nosers will be especially saddened by this news knowing they'll have nothing to wipe either end.

Why in the world does tp go through a printing machine anyway? Is it tp for the White House, where they need instructions printed on it?


Many Fiery Briquets
Muscular Fireman Barneys
Melbourne Fire Brigade

It warms my heart to see you all accept Scatology

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