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February 24, 2006


Exhibit 2,038.

(Via Gizmodo, which got it from BoingBoing, which got it from Notes from the Technology Underground)


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First! If only to stop the evil CoastRaven!

RATS - I was goin for the modern day record too! Congrats Annie! *snif*

"Sheridan officers talked to the people inside and a man and a woman admitted that they were in the car."


I've had gas that has cleared out a car before, but not so much that it blew out the windows.

I notice they didn't report any brain damage...any NEW brain damage anyway.

I'm regretting messing with CoastRaven's record. And I wasn't even funny....sorry, CR, sniff...

He blew up his own car and they arrested him - WTF???
Where's the crime?


OK, first, I would like to point out that there was a female involved in this, my point being that there is at least one woman alive that thinks (or thought, at least) that it is a good idea to fill a balloon with acetylene...

Secondly: I gotta try this

Nuthin to be sorry for at all Annie! I still love ya!
I saw this article the day after the SuperBowl, and thought MAN - thats some XL headroom in that sedan!

third: i'm glad they weren't coming to MY party.

Kids these days.

Whatever happened to just blowing up Aunt Edna at your superbowl party?

When I was a kid, we didn't have fancy-shmancy acetylene balloons. If we wanted to blow up our car, we had to convince eleventy hundred cows to relieve themselves in it and then get a grant from the government to study solar-enhanced-cow-poo-chevy-vegas as an alternative energy source, and then we'd...

Well I forget, but I know it was tough, and that's the way it was and that's the way we liked it.


you had a PARTY? i thought you said you were just going to curl up with a book and have a quiet evening!

*wanders off in a huff*

do huffs usually have this much phlegm?

FCDA - they can't call you, since they're now DEAF. Unless they use TDD, but judging from their prior actions, I'm guessing they don't read/write much.

Morons. bozos. how DO people this stupid actually survive?

TCK - the only way a woman was involved in this is that Norman probably said, "Hey, Shirley, watch this!"

They had shrapnel wounds and busted eardrums and they just WENT HOME?!? I'm pretty sure I would have asked the kind passer-by to take me to the hospital. But maybe that's just me.

If they had succeeded, Mick Jagger's lips may have been damaged!

And BTW, did they think they would get past security with a giant gas-filled balloon??

Just think they almost became eligible for this very prestigous award.

LBFF (and thanks for making me sing about bananas every day) - they weren't going to the SB, just to a party.

And my cousin and I build "bigger and better" potato guns every year at Thanksgiving. Last year we launched nerf footballs out of a pice of pvc using acetylene as fuel - went anywhere from a few inches (the one that got stuck)to a couple hundred yards. We blew apart a few balls, and finally blew the pvc to dust when a ball got stuck.

But the best one ever is still the supersoaker flame thrower. Can't wait 'til next year.


I wish they HAD come to my party,

Lisa BFF - "And BTW, did they think they would get past security with a giant gas-filled balloon??"

Did you happen to check out the luxury suites at the game? I saw a ton of gasbags.

Huh. I rarely abandon blown up cars in the USA these days. Gets the security service all upset.

How come they were taken to Swedish Medical Center if they were in Denver?

Daisy - they were probably Swedes. Swedes are famous for creating explosive devices. Nobel was a Swede. He invented dynamite and the Peace Prize.

pogo - wouldnt that be "dynamite and the pieces prize"?

C-Raven - I was trying to avoid a reference to "piece". We always get in trouble with that one.

Annie-LOL! But that makes sense!

elfbrains-You're welcome. (PS On my invitation, it said Mick was invited to the party.) ;-)

There was a guy who lived behind my stepmom who was perpetually working on cars that had cinder blocks for wheels..He used to fiil up trash bags with acetylene and tape a strip of news paper to them for a fuse..Whoa, Dude.. HUGE BOOMS !! However, you have to use a mix of oxygen AND acetylene to get it to go boom..If you just use acetylene they just burst into a silent ball of flames.. Cool effect but not very exhillerating..You have to have both oxygen and acetylene for the boom-boom.. Trust me, I'm from Ohio..People here do stuff like that all the time..I think I just saw Dennis Kusinich doing that on the news last night..

"(Via Gizmodo, which got it from BoingBoing, which got it from Notes from the Technology Underground)"

...which got it from the website of Denver ABC's news affiliate. Not that I'm anal-retentive, or anything.

elf- how do you make supersoaker flamethrowers? Keep the trigger open and pump wildly, or tape a lighter to the end of the barel? (Not that I'm taking notes, or anything.) PS Have you tried aerosol flamethrowers? They totally rock.

The day a man can't blow up his own car is the day
freedom withers like a petunia in the hot sun.

They'll have to pry my acetylene-filled balloon from my cold dead hands!

I sent you this article the day after the Super Bowl. What took you so long?

Friendly warning to TLofDL...do NOT post "I sent it in a long time ago" comments directed at judi, or she will infest your house with snakes.

WD40 and carb cleaner make great flamethrowers. Especially if you use the little red extender tube that comes taped to the side of the can. The hard part is explaining to your dad that you were just trying to get rid a wasp nest and the fire department had to finish the job for you.

Not that I have any actual experience doing this... just sayin'

I can already see it:

"TOWARD the house random? I mean, it's pretty cool, but always AWAY from the house!"

Nah, dads are never that cool about house fires.

Randum Thunking- Off works well too. Works great for spider webs.

What Guin said.

Cool airbag system.

If you don't want to listen to Guin TLofDLfame, for the love of all that is hopped and barleyed, listen to el. She will *zip* in and, well, make fun of you, but it will be mercilous! and usually degrading to your masculinity/femininity/whatever. I'm on your side, but be careful. Pithy comments and (root) beer to you!

This sounds like the work of Ms. Bloemhard.

Prison? For acetylene?

There's a lot of welders in Colorado that are in huuuuuge trouble ... merely sayin' ...

BTW -- if NEbuddy is curious as to whut some of our more famouser bloglits actually look like ... and if the link works ... you could look here ... (Mr. C, Cyn's Mom, Mike & Mad ... & U.O's T-shirt ...)

I think I'm starting to realize that most people on this blog are WAY older than me. (NTTAWWT) Reality check, bigtime.

Sean, pardon me, but you must have a really big stepmom. Or she has a very small neighbor.

Hey! I know the publishers of BoingBoing! That's so cool!!!!

U.O, I was so excited about the BoingBoing link that I didn't read the comments. It's good to see the SoCal bloglits! I'm bummed that I couldn't make it. Maybe we can put something together for the April apearance of the Blog.

AB - CYE ... if you haven't already ...

adonis- don't worry, not all of the bloglits hang out on the Geezer Bus, there's still a few of us whippersnappers to be found.
Besides, as the saying goes, "you're only young once, but you can be immature forever!"

She: "Oh look Mahmoud, honey, we've been invited to a Super Bowl party! Let's bring something!"
He: " Great idea, I'll fill a balloon with plutonium !"
Super Sunday in Tehran.

UO, what is that picture "tatankapan" on your website?

Guin - cye

I used to tell new firefighters that our job was to fight a losing battle against natural selection.

(also that we were stupidity insurance)

I always fill MY giant balloons with Hydrogen. Safety First!

adonis & Dux,
May yer "droops" rise up n strangle yer "nads"!

just sayin' ;D

In between?

What's the diff on the DB blog? If you're funny and think Dave's funny (and judi of course) you can stay and play; if not, then why would you be here in the FIRST place?
/end my $.02

This guy will spend the next 2-6 years in prison saying things like, "Man that was cool!" and "Huh?"
Somewhere there is a Mom calling him stupid.

OK, I have participated in acetylene balloon fun. Years ago, during a July 4 party, we filled several large balloons with acetylene. Then we tied rags to them, lit the rags, and released. The balloon would rise slowly, then explode about 20 feet up. It unfortunately attracted attention from the local law. We just played dumb. (Which wasn't that hard.) These balloons were about 2 feet in diameter, and made a big kaboom. (Kids, don't try this at home. These people were highly trained professional idiots.)

BTW, I am a person of the male gender. As if you couldn't tell from the previous post.

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