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February 22, 2006


...the bad news is, it causes dumpy tree frogs to try to mate with you.

Bonus Good Rock-Band Name Found in Story: "Mjoberg's Toadlet"


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But Dumpy Tree Frogs wba-dismal-nfarb.

But Dumpy Tree Frogs wba-dismal-nfarb.

Sorry folks.

Snork at LabSpecimen

And that rock band's one-song wonder would be about unsung properties of amphibian skin

On the other hand, "Amphibian Skin" wbagnfarb. Helk, I'm ready to buy their CD right now, and I *just* made up the name!

"Researchers chose to investigate frogs because previous research had uncovered that their secretions can act as powerful painkillers and hallucinogens."

All in the furtherance of science. Imagine getting h*gh to prevent malaria.

Two great minds, MOTW?

Lab - you and MOTW definitely have great minds.

*makes a face, looks from Lab to MOTW and back to Lab again*

Blech! This thread is too mushy! *moves along*

Well, *blush* thanks, DaisyMae. Flattery will get you anything. Wanna have my baby?

He's 16 and I can't afford to feed him anymore. Please, take him!

*sticks tongue out at Tamara RW Amphibian when she's not looking*

I would think that a frog would want something to ATTRACT bugs... Maybe thats why they are "dumpy" tree frogs. "attractive" tree frogs have a better diet.

Hey man, wanna have some fun? Let's go party at Phil's house -- I heard he has some primo frog secretions!

Lab - thanks for the offer, but I finally got my two out of the nest. My oldest (he's 26) is coming back to 'stay with mom' (shortterm) while he starts a new job.

A real frog story?

I must admit that I did'n understand one word of this "Dumpy Tree Frogs". I thought it was a new joke about my country... But I don't know anyone living in a dumpy tree, I swear. Nor in a small tree.

(Well. I look for my dictionnary...)

Lab is their manager. I'm just the research department.

*Off Topic Warning!!!*
Conversation just overheard here at the Office AISIANMTU!!...
Coworker # 1: I am not that familiar with technology
Coworker # 2: Well what kind of modem do you have
1: I just told you I am not familiar with that stuff
2: well how do you get online at home
1: I use the computer
*collective stifled snickers throughout Cubicleville*
*Back to topic*

But, they note, "plant-based repellents which had been tried were more practical than frog-based ones because the plants were more readily available."
Duh, you think? How many Dumpy tree frogs are there anyway?

MOTW does so rhyme with Bush! NEENER! --

I swear I had these thots b4 reading your posts ... HOWever, I won't make any claims about minds -- great, medium or demented -- merely sayin' whut I thot of this whole frog/toad dealy ...

Unsung Properties of Amphibian Skin wbagnfarb ... but then, they couldn't sing about it, could they?

(Mebbe we could change the name to Amazin' Reptile Integumentary Tissue? ... or not ...

"that tree frog is so dumpy!!!

"i bet she has a good personality though"

"that's not what i heard, i heard she can even repel mosquitos.

It's pretty poor research, if you ask me (and even if you DON'T ask me) since they didn't even mention how long ghee-protected or dalda-protected mice remained bite-free. Inquiring (but not very smart) minds want to know!

Hmmm...I wonder if Australian tree frog slime is as hallucinogenic as Amazon tree frog slime. I'm not sure the world is ready for hallucinogenic mosquito repellant.

Well, perhaps in certain specialized markets. Just not the midwest. My family reunion picnic does not need to get any weirder. Really.

*"some of the plant-based repellents which had been tried were more practical than frog-based ones."

*"The researchers said the frog secretions should not yet be considered as an alternative to Deet"

*"a leading expert suggested the impact on fighting malaria, which is responsible for one million deaths a year, would be limited."

Then why exactly was this story worth writing?

MShark - because they have to fill up the news service with something and the writer had a deadline. It was either "The mosquito-repelling properties of frog secretions" or "Explaining why the mosquito repelling properties of slime mold was not expored".

... unsung properties of amphibian skin.

That's only because they don't know the words.

*goes back to air guitar rip of Amphibian Skin*

Unckie Oh - Giving you full credit for your previous thoughts, I see your 'neener' and raise you a 'plfft!'


They're too late. I won the prize for most mosquito bites at camp years ago (which was a blow-pop. which attracted more mosquitos.) and now I just don't go outdoors anymore.

This reminds me of the frog in Big Trouble which I just finished re-reading.

OK, I've said it before and I'll say it again - I refuse to lick a frog, even for a buzz - now if you could smoke 'em....

Frog-based repellents ... brings to mind Crunchy Frog for some weird reason.

TCK..smoked frogs.

This isn't funny, but FYI, taking B vitamins about two weeks before you'll be around mosquitoes (or late spring) and continuing through your outdoor adventure (or all summer) helps repel mosquitoes. It's about the only thing that helps me, and I tried using 100% Deet spray when I camp(ed, I don't much anymore, there's like.. dirt, and stuff) and it didn't help as much as the vitamins. I too was a most-bites winner at camp. I once had nearly 50 on one of my calves, and what looked like about the same on the other, but I didn't count because I was sick of counting after the one leg.

C'mon...isn't anyone going to stand up for the poor mosquito here? First, the hand smack, then DEET, and now dumpy tree frog secretions!

Being a bloodsucking pest has its rewards (ask any lawyer or collection agent), but it's obviously not all it's cracked up to be!


Particularly in the midwest! I live in MN and this place is weirdness deficient. I miss Miami.

Gonzo_J - you have just bought yourself a trip to the dark side of Eleanor, FCDA.

Thanks for the advice Sarah J. I'll try that.

Pogo--Right you are, I always end up injecting common sense where it has no place.
That said:

...repellents which had been tried were more practical than frog-based ones.
I wonder what level of pride is involved with a vocation that can effectively, and genuinely, employ the phrase, "FROG-BASED". I may be consumed with quiet contemplation for the balance of the evening.

Cyrille, you are an unconscionably* brave frog.

*(2. Beyond prudence or reason)

notme -- r.e. your ...

Particularly in the midwest! I live in MN and this place is weirdness deficient. I miss Miami.

Yup, bein' from Nodak (which is westerly-sorta from MN, but yew gnu that) I can agree that we're weirdness deficient ...

No kids riding expensive bikes with $100 sports jerseys on, panhandling you as you walk across the parking lot ... very few homeless living in Cardboard Condominiums ... usually perty quiet @ nite (unless you live near the hospital or fire station or railroad yard) ... less expensive gasoline than most other parts of the country ... neighbors who actually know your name, and what your kids are like, and are genuinely pleased to see you ... and perty much no drive-by shootings (except @ deer or birds, by the foolishly stupid and misguided few) ...

Nope, not very weird ...

OTOH, we've also got Lutefisk dinners (as does MN), Oyster feeds (Mountain, not ocean), people who talk without an accent (Uffda, py golly, vatchu tink? Sounds like a heckuva deal, to me. Yah, yu betcha ...) and all in all, it's interesting enuf for Moi Ownself ... merely sayin' ...

Mosquito bites? People here in the midwest are seriously worried about mosquito bites? Out here, it's the state bird. Mosquitos don't like me, for some strange reason. Maybe it's that whole cold-blooded Celtic thing. *puzzles* *loves summer camp* *hates DEET because of the negative environmental impact* Yes, I'm a hippie. Want to make something of it?

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