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February 05, 2006


Walter is ready.


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*snork!* @ Insom!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

It is a good thing Dave doen't have a femae oosik.

On a day like this, someone might Steeler....

Walter's going to need more beer than that, what with all the pre-game. Please provide said beer so we can see him fallen over in a pool of hurlage or worshipping at the low-flow.

Is Walter wearing a pink helmet?

Not following you there, TRWC. Have I missed an isomniac post, or are we just snorking in anticipation of what will be posted soon? In which case, big snork for Chianca-at-large, who will no doubt post something REALLY good soon--unless he's chicken.

1. Where are the nachos? The aerosol cheese?

2. Hey, guys, the Seahawks' cheerleaders are the Sea Gals. The Steelers have NO cheerleaders! They used to. They were called the Steelerettes.

3. I'm too lazy to link.

I think Walter needs a smaller football. Even unusually large oosiks such as he might have difficulty getting that one to the end zone.

OK, I thought about rooting for the steelers, but if they've got no cheerleaders, then there's no way - how can I be expected to support a team that doesn't care enough to have scatily-clad bimbos jumping up and down on the sidelines?

Steelers used to have cheerleaders, but their miniskirts rusted.

Pink riding helmet?
It must be Pivo:30.

I'm proud to see Walter standing up (does he ever do anything else?) for his team. Is that a Seahawk jersey wrapped about his mighty, er, torso?

BTW, if anyone has forgotten what the old Houston Oilers cheerleaders were called, you may email me for the answer...but you must agree not to slay the messenger.

Not having cheerleaders is a definite problem. However, calling your cheerleaders the Sea Gals isn't too impressive either. Sounds like a bunch of 50-somethings that get together every Sunday to play canasta.

*snork* @ wolfie

Qetzal: what makes you think that anybody 50 or over gets together to play canasta?

Remember All: Fifty...the NEW middle age.

(My 87 year old mom still goes to the gym every day)

Bumble, oosiks aren't concerned about getting a FOOTBALL into the end zone. (Nudge nudge, wink wink.)


I've been waiting for a Walter post to bring this up. It was my exposure to him thanks to this blog that made me an apparent expert on the oosiks of other species.

I was recently presented with an item that looked, to my now well-trained eye, remarkably like a little, tiny Walter. About 7" long, I would say. It once belonged to a bear.

Aside from the current owner, I was the only person in the room who knew what it was. And for that, I must thank you, Dave. You and Walter have broadened my horizons significantly.

(This same person also showed me a cane that looked like Walter. It belonged to a buffalo. It was at least 30" long. Yeah. Wow.)

Are we still talking about football?

testes and oosiks and bears...oh my... sidebar, but did ya know the florida everglades alligator has 2 penises, and when copulating, swings back and forth and uses both similtaneously...goota love animal planet!

Oh.....and you'll have to excuse me if I don't watch the Superbowl.....my Tom Brady is having surgery and needs comforting.

"I'm coming Tommy baby!!!!!!!"

I heard in honor of Walter, the drum majors at half time are planning to carry oosiks instead of batons. Maybe Walter will recognize a relative.

*that's just silly*

hahahah twirl this!

Punkin, is that difficult to do when Brady is under the knife???

I think qetzal just meant that "SeaGals" didn't give you a visual of some 19 year old hottie, and wasn't casting any aspersions on any 50 year old women. Am I right, qetzal???

bbescuela~ Oosiks probably aren't too worried about anything, seeing as their "quarterbacks" are probably deceased. ;-)

Steelers cheerleader!

Eleanor, nice pom-poms!
*waits in corner to see how many guys go back to check Eleanor's link*

El - you're gonna have to quit leadin' me on with cheerleader links - the disappointment is startin' to get to me

i admire Walter's taste in beer, but shouldn't he be having Olympia? (if they still make it...)

and an oosik should be the symbol for an X(tra)L(arge) Super Bowl

i doubt the Stones will play this

("Sympathy for the Devil")
Please allow me to introduce myself
While I still can recall my name!
I've been on tour for a long,long year
Recorded many a bad song of late.

I was around when your parents
First learned to walk... I mean to rock!
Back when Black Masses weren't cancer
But a ceremony designed to shock

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name
But what's confusing is how I always look the same...

I watched with tears when your hopes and fears
seemed to center on a Ms. Britney Spears
I shouted out, "Who churns out this dreck?"
Though after all it's about my check!

So if you meet me, out of curiosity
Remember I'm really not so bad
Thanks to modern technology
We'll soon learn if I'm your Dad!

is it still OK to *snork* at insom, even when one is not FIRST?

cuz God knows, I wouldn't want to offend anyone by breaking the rules or anything

*snork* @ insom! I was just listening to that song last night!

*read Annie's comment, and, after epic internal struggle, decides not to comment on El's pompoms*

I'll try something new:

ROFL at insom!!!

I love that song.

this is definitely the time to ROF, El*...in a couple of hours it'll be full of crushed Fritos, pop-tops, and random Li'l Smokies.

*Can we call you "ROF El," El?

Dag...now that old coot is ripping ME off. Frickin' poets laureate*, anyway...

*note careful use of plural

Stupendous Man...I had to google those cheerleaders -- didn't want to crawl to you begging for enlightenment.
I wonder how many times they heard, "Hey! Wanna climb my derrick, doll?"

Wonderful, insom.

Insom - you are warped in a way that makes the rest of us (and the Earth for that matter) look flat in comparison. I envy you! And I mean that with the greatest respect possible from one inmate to another.

Veddy nice, Insom!

If Walter wants to be on the winners' side, he'd better change his uniform QUICK! We're at the 2 minute warning and the fat lady's getting ready to sing.

If Walter is a Steelers fan can we expect another photo of him lying on the ground with a bottle of obscure French booze?

great outfit. hope he didnt get drunk n stupid.

spin8, that "*snork* @ insom" was a premptive strike, always appropriate -- saves time too. Besides, the best defense is a good offense, yaknow (ask any football defenseman, especially those on the losing side of the scoreboard).

Is Walter wearing an old Eagles jersey? That would be so wrong on so many levels.

Betsy, I don't know what info you googled up, but to the best of my knowledge, the Houston Oilers cheerleaders were known as the Lubric-nts. (insert sfx) BANG!!! Medic!!!

S-Man...I shoulda known that there was a deeper (heh) layer (heh heh) to your little riposte. According to the Oilers, their cheerleaders were known as the Derrick Dolls. Howsomever, I'm sure that they were more often referred to by the designation you report. [*snork* -- it IS funny!]

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