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February 15, 2006


Can they hear me now?

(Thanks to Sue)


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Girlfriend Says: "You never call."

Boyfriend Thinks: "I will now."

Wait, did he deprogram or program people for that cult? Given what he wrote here I'm not sure...

Durn computer wouldn't let me hear the ring tone. I could use those benefits and all.

Did I say that out loud????

Was that "Noob" or "Boob?"

Until she gets the speakers to work on her computer, probably "Noob".

All the women I know can't say two words without their cell phones ringing. So, if any of them had this ringtone, they'd explode.

I predict that this marketing gimmick will be a bust.

*rim shot*

Seriously, though, do we really need anything that serves as an incentive for people to let their cell phone ring longer before they answer it? I think not. I guess I'm old school on that. Cell phone ringtones should alert you of an incoming call, without annoying the heck out of everyone else, and if your phone is readily available and you still don't answer the call within two rings, it's time just to turn the darn thing off and quit bothering people.

"This sort of thing isn't my bag, man!"

Gahh! I listened to it . . . size A, no , B, no I'm a C now . . . . aaaaaaaa.
Don't listened to that ring tone, guys!

Hé hé hé... :-)

Ooooo, I'm lactating *does happy nipple dance with penguin thong..*

The woman holding that phone needs to stop listening to it.

Beware of scamparts

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