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February 04, 2006


UPDATE: Update


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*snork* @ Insom!

OK, now I can say "great interview" Dave. And the Blog got a mention, too!

Hooray for exploding toilets in Wales!!

wow. a direct link from Newsweek?!

("i'm not posting... let's get mikey!" *snx*)

I seems like dave is strumpeting as much for the blog as he is for his new book! We so rock! Let's all strumpet too! I'll have mine with butter and blackberry jam.

CR you stole my statment.
Ok fine Print is dead. Long live reading pasta.

Really since the internet has gone public, "I'm really just a bunch of computers connected to gether so you might as well post naked pictures on me",- the news papers have had a decline. But most people saw that coming. Heck the RSS feed stuff was predicted 10 years ago.
And I don't have to read advice from Dear Abby anymore, " My wife had an affair and I don't know how to deal with it." "Tell her about your affair you twit."

Thanks judi - great article!

And it's exciting that Dave will be doing the elections. Between him and Jon Stewart we ought to have a really good time!!!

"Dad, that's a stop sign."

I've got a son that pointed out, Dad, that means "One Way Street".

... I hope he runs for President.

kibbyF5 - your son CAN'T run for president against dave! I don't live in florida so I can't vote for both of them on the same ballot.

"Mama don't allow no excoriating round here"
(Repeat ad nauseum)
Wasn't that an earwig from the sixties?
Or is my memory deteriorating along with my eyesight....where are those bloody glasses....

So ... mebbe newspapers are like a dead man walkin' ... that does NOT mean that quality writing is also dyin' ... merely sayin' ...

OMG! A link from Newsweek! We're gonna have visitors. Somebody straighten up around here. I'll vacuum -- CoastRaven, you do the dishes.

A little notice next time, Judi, please. I woulda baked a cake. :-)

When did Dave trade in his blue shirt for a burlap sack with a big dollar sign on it? And his head seems to have grown to gigantic size. It's even larger than Angelina Jolie's lips. Maybe all the attention is affecting him?

U.O. - I hope you're talkin' about all the quality writing that goes on around here

Did Dave get to KEEP all that money?

And if he did, ahem, Dave, don't forget your friends.

So when I buy Dave's book, I get to read about Angelina Jolie talking about money, and see pictures of Suze Orman naked? Just one word:


Did I mention that all my commentary is copywritten? So, of course, I'll expect my share of the royalties from this site. That's only fitting, since I'm a princess.

Annie...that is correct, your highness, ma'am; and since we share the same intellectual property attorney (hey, Eleanor!), that goes for me, too, although I am no princess, but only an humble scribe who scriveneth for coin in the marketplace.
(We wouldn't be so touchy, but we were recently sold, en masse, to a Kansas newspaper, for purposes not yet clear, and we're still a little wary.)

You need more than an intellectual property attorney if someone SOLD you!!!!

That is unconscionable and must be stopped.
As Neil Diamond would say (yes, that's what kind of mood I'm in tonight):

Pack up the babies
And grab the old ladies
And everyone go
To Brother Love's Show

Where you will be saved. :)

Wait'll Mr. Barry gets the bill for Tamara's personal appearance fee. Cute ain't cheap, bucko! Just ask Suze Orman...on second thought...


Under the DMCRA (Dave's Meaningless Copyright Act), I hate to inform you, but the letters A-Z and a-z are now recognized as generic patents held under the United States Department of Homeland Security. We could show you the patents, but they are secret, so you'll just have to trust me. As payment for violating the DMCRA, please transmit, by postal carrier of your choice, 12 (One dozen) Chocolate Chip Cookies. Failure to comply could increase the damages to include a chocolate truffle and/or one week's worth of profits from your blog.

I have to go and get dinner before the 8PM PST HBO movie The Upside of Anger, starring the very cute
Kevin Costner!

*zips out*

He's soooooo dreamy, especially the blue logo part.

D,C&H - I'm baking my infamous cookies tomorrow for a super bowl party. They'll be delicious. Sorry you won't be there.

" A link from Newsweek! We're gonna have visitors."

Boy are they going to be in for a shock!

*wakes up bleary eyed from a night of intense "research" on the effects of fermented fruits and grains on the human system*

OK Cheryl - I'll do the dishes... but I AINT puttin on any pants!

Hey, I just noticed that we can blog the Newsweek article on the Newsweek site and tell them we want to see more articles like that.

(But use an alias, so they won't know we're related.)

Ooops the blog link is actually on the MSN site, rather than Newsweek. But still...

Lemme get this straight Lisa - We (Dave's Blog Peeps) can blog the Newsweek Blog about Dave's Book to tell them about Dave's Blog. Isn't that sort of like looking into an infinate set of mirrors? Wouldnt it (at the very least) cause feedback?

And by the way - do we really want those peeps mixing with our peeps. I mean they might want to talk about nuclear (not newcular) weapons in Iran, or human rights violations in Venezuela and things like that. We have IMPORTANT issues to deal with here - like exploding toilets in Wales (not to mention exploding whales (not Wales) - which was a very important issue in its own right a few years back). But now that I think about it, it would be a good thing to expose them to such highbrow issues as we discuss.

So in that spirit lemme say warmly -

WELCOME NEWSWEEKERS!!! Please take a moment to peruse the links on the left hand side of your (not you're) browser or you might not know what we are saying at times (NTTIAWWT).

I like your summary CoastRaven. And the infinite mirrors referece is mesmorizing.

And if they don't think exploding toilets is big news, they just haven't been standing near one when it happened.

make that "reference"

Re: Update Update: YAY KMOX, St. Louis station. I can listen without using the link.

(and I used to work there, back in the day)

*hangs head in shame*

weasel, I didn't check my link before I *zipped* out.

I'm soooo embarassed!:(

With all those Newsweekers headed our way, I'm willing to do my part. I've loaded all our dirty dishes in the back of my pick-up* and am headed to the carwash!

*My latest book, How to Pick a Chick Up in Your Pick-up is available now at Booksabillion!

SM - it's also available online....free.

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