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February 15, 2006


Here you go.


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ok i figured this was about Dave's latest book.

but, i was hopin' ...

slut! ;)

whoops, p > k > b on that one; sorry rick.

well, yeah.

but you knew that.

well, i copped to it, didn't i?


maybe the next book can be a how-to for strumpeting.

judi, you are the best!
I just submitted a question from "Dallas, TX". We'll see if it gets posted and answered.
* hums a little song to self while waiting *

Yeah, well if you like strumpeting. I prefer the strombone meself. Stomboners rule!

Judi you rock!!!!!!!!!!!

Stromboners too!

My "question":

Trump Towers, NY: I just wanted to give my $.02 to this discussion. Aw, crud. That was not very financially sound as it was my last, and now I am out of advice. Is there any help for someone like me?

Dave Barry: Did I mention that my book is for sale?

Michelle Singletary: As it my book

I don't know about Dave but I've got three rugrats to put thu college and walking around naked to encourage them to move out when they get grown won't work. They already call our house the naked house.

MOTW: I got on! He posted my question. :)

MOTW: Hey, you had the booger question! Very good.

Oooh. Live action interactitve strumpeting. I love the internet. And there goes my workday...

LabSpecimen got posted, too.

PS *snork* at Lou! (I wondered if that question was from a Blogger)

Whoa, I got a natural two-fer.

*Kirk Gibson fist pump*

Whoa! Lab got TWO in!

And *I* got mine in! YAY!

And I think that's Fed's after mine?

I love that Dave keeps saying, "NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING FUNNY ABOUT [Cheney/Quail/Thing]!" *snork!*

Harold "Scooter" Stumpbumper

C-bol is that you?

I got on too! Dave gave me a HAR!

Woo Hoo! Hat trick! Ok, my last question was weak (compared to my other deep, thought provoking questions):

Your City and State: Dave,

After a recent purchase of a certain book, the cashier gave my $.20 change back in the form of two dimes. At that moment I realized what a paradigm looked like. But wait! Then, she slid the coins towards me along the counter and I realized I had been part of paradigm shift.

So my question, "Did I already ask this question?" and "Did I already purchase your book, or not?"

Thanks for your help.

Dave Barry: That is why I am here.


Your blog: Why aren't you blogging at this very moment?

Dave Barry: I have a headache.

Drats! Forum closed before they got to mine.

.... and it was deep, insightful and mentioned beer!

(crap! forgot the "booger")

My 2 were the one from Nashville after Tamara's (was it good for you, T?) and the Harold "Scooter" Stumpbumper nonsense.

Gratz to all!

Thanks Michelle and Dave!

BRAVO!! to everyone who got posted on the chat!!

Everything needs someone to be the audience.

Lou - mine was the other Trump question. Way to go on the hat trick.

And congratulations everyone for not going FIRST!

It was good. Sorry again about the pencil... Good thing I found that retractable rollerball pen!

Tamara - Stumpbumper had to be Fed.

I got a couple in from "Chicago" - I'm pretty sure the bloglits completely dominated.

YAY BLoglits!!! Way to ROCK!!

WOOHOO - I got the (almost) last question in - about the donations to the 2008 DB juggernaut!

Cbol, you mean to direct that response to S-girl.

Yes, C-bol, you do. And I knew if it wasn't you, it was Fed!

Did this thread replace the Blue Meanie thread? When I first clicked on this thread, I got a letter from a reporter in Bradenton, FL, about Code Enforcement, inviting Dave to comment. Under that was something about Typepad and two PORN links! WTD! Then it all disappeared when I went to the comments.


You get my vote as funniest question!

Oops. Tamara is my pet name for southerngirl.

I find it makes everything more confusing.

Right, Bruce?

Whatever you say, man.

I could only get half the page to load the first time, and nothing since :-(
Oh well - thats the last time I take a vacation! Nothing works when I get back (including ME!!)

Stupendous Man - I don't know what on Earth you are talking about, but when I just checked out the Blue Meanie thread that I had linked to earlier from the "Why This is the Best Job In the Universe..." thread, I found at the end a comment that you posted at 1:07 today in response to comments that were posted on that thread in June 2004.

As these guys said....

I asked the Netflix question . . . .because it is an evil, evil company and they have pissed me off. Also pissed off that I dropped the "r" from "your" (not you're).

Somehow, I immediately recognized C-bol's postings. I am wondering if he will do my taxes for me this year.

Judi and the Raven both returned today - way cool.

Good lord, I laughed out loud right here at my desk at work, attracting curious glances from co-workers who happen to be within sight of my cubicle.

I am glad that Dave Barry is my own little secret here where I work.

I think I need to re-read the transcript. I think The Real Dave said something about what he doesn't wear around the house.

I MISSED IT! I had to go workout and I missed it! I'm devistated.

Judi, will there be another one soon?


LisaBFF - you can read the transcript here.

Yay for all of us who got in! Of course, ya'all was way funnier than me. I was trying to think of something else, but then I got sent to fetch lunch. *sigh* Yes, I'm a big shot.

Tamara, your question was a hoot. And the Stumplmyer (or whatever the heck it was), also great.

Thanks Eleanor, I read the transcript, but I want to participate too.

well i went to lunch with a friend of mine from when i was in first grade, and missed most of the chat. but i'm glad ya'll had fun. i did too :)

Thanx for noticin Blue - and for the record before anyone starts a rumor... judi & I were NOT on vacation (or in first grade) together... but a man can dream can't he!?

Washington, D.C.: Why does money stink? I mean, it literally smells bad--coins and paper.

Or is it just me?

Dave Barry: I have noticed that, also. But only with money that has been handled by you.

qetzal: Maybe it's the urinal pennies.

So, I somehow stumbled back in time and posted to a thread from months or years ago? I hope I didn't do anything like swat a fly or disturb the mating of some seemingly unimportant organisms and thus having some incredibly dire consequence here in the present. Why is there a giant eyeball on my money now? That wasn't here before.

Another change I've noticed is an ad at the top of the page that features a baby. The baby crawls across the top of the blog, and when that baby crawls, I can't click Previous/Main/Next! Mommmmyyy!

Me too with the baby, SM. Obviously some conspiracy in the making.

Babies! Why does it have to be babies??

Wheww! TNX, El! I thought it was just me.

Once the baby has safely crossed the page, you will be able to click again. Or just click "refresh" (or F5) to get a new ad.

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