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February 27, 2006


It's time for some prank-style beach fun.

(Via OhGizmo)


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Theres a lawsuit begging to be filed.

This can't possibly be a good idea.



*a pat on the shoulder and a "there, there" for Betsi*

Need one of those for our next pool party.

Two feet long? First of all, I pick sharks bigger than that out of my stool (really plan to have that checked btw).

But anyway, I see the undertoe taking this expensive toy out of range within about 8 minutes of its initial voyage, so I wouldn't worry too much about the recharging schedule.

could you get in your 15 minutes of "fun" before someone stones the thing?

Erm - make that "undertow", which is usually "under-toe", so, whatever.

And of course you may insert your favorite mandatory Jimmy Buffet reference here... I would but I can't afford to pay the royalties.

But I can afford Saturday Night Lives royalty fees

*candy gram!*

C-Bol makes a good point - who's gonna be scared of a 2' fish? IMO, this has way more potential...

Mr C - seems we were on the same (remote control) wavelength - It sez the remote control is submersible as well. Can ya picture the havoc caused by some thirteen year old with a snorkel and a warped sense of humor? & C-Bol, the undertow (whis is as you say undertoe) is almost nonexistent in say the Gulf of Mexico, or Chesapeake Bay, and people won't think fast enuff to realize the real thing has no business in those waters. (I wish I had one as a thirteen year old with a snorkel and a warped sense of humor)

TCK - giving new meaning to the saying 'There's a rat in the woodpile.'

Cross - first they'll stone the shark, then its owner. Then its owner, again. Then Hammacher - Schlemmer. Then the Danish embassy.

Coast - take note.

You'd have to name it "Bruce".

Haha! I can use that with my motorized giant squid and my inflatable merman. Erm.. actually never mind about the last one.

whis is (see my earlier mistake)?? Man - I need a drink!! Who's with me?

Blue - I've never been opposed to getting stoned on the beach.

What about the inflatable water ball? What if it deflates while you're chasing your remote control shark? If you weigh over 170lbs does this mean you will sink to the bottom of the ocean like a rock? Imagine the mental hospital they will put you and your remote control shark in after you are seen in the walk on water ball. These are things I will worry about all day.

Your call, Coast. I'm with you either way - imbibing or (and?) inhaling. Bring the landshark.

* hands Cindy a large bar of chocolate and a stiff drink *

My 11 year old son saw this in the HS catalog and wanted it very much.

Until the 2 foot part came up.

He knows his toys and he says it's gotta be at least 6 feet long to be fun.

CoastRaven and Blue, if I can join you, I'll share!

I showed this to my 16 year-old son and his reaction was, "Dad, can I borrow the car?"

Hahahaha! Grandpa saw it while he was swimming and pretended to have a heart attack! Hilarious! ... um, Grandpa?

SG & CR - Beach (not in Chile), fifteen minutes, Aloha.

Blue - Me too!!!

El - put on less clothing and join us, by all means. Bring your Cadillac makings.

Wouldn't it be neat if Blue, 'n Coast, 'n El, 'n Sgirl were going to a virtual beach

to have one of these


Daisy - s'girl has that covered (but not much else), though I'm sure we can use the extra.

And it's a big beach with plenty of room.......all are welcome.....alright, let me clarify: how soon can you be there?

Too bad they didn't get this out before the dimise of Toys R Us.

Too bad I can't go back in time and terrorize my brother....

Too bad my dog has to lay on my lap while I'm typing.

Key quote: The shark can swim up to 40' from its handheld remote unit which is also submersible ...

Sharks got hands?

Uh-oh ...

(and) --

I'm wonderin' if the Robo-Rat is named Freddy ... (obscure literary reference here ... for eclectically well-read geezers ... merely sayin' ...

Bill Gates has known about radio-controlled life forms for years, one lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Avery Kennedy Rockefeller IX: Jeeves, now they have a radio-controlled shark for scaring the proletariat away from the private beach!, What do you think of that?

Jeeves: I won't have to wear this? (throws away snorkel and rubber fin)

AKK IX: Except on those days I'm too busy to pleasure madam.

Jeeves: Right you are, sir.

great - we've got all the fixins for a gen-you-wine beach party!!! What a country!

I'm down for a beach trip, Blue. Thanks for the invitation. Southerngirl or Daisymae -- I'm not quite sure which of you is tending bar -- make mine a Taqueray and tonic, please.

(However, attention "Quizgate" players: heard back from the principal this morning, and his words are up on my blog. Please complete this simple assignment before we commence our trip to Ipanema. Thank you.)

U.O is that the Stainless Steel Rat? Or am I way offbase (mebee I shouldda googled first)

"Sharks got hands?"

Now we'll have to kill him.

Something about this shark just doesn't seem right. Oh, wait! I know! It's the propeller in the tailfin!

"The unit has a 15-minute run time per charge (four-hour initial charging; one-hour for each subsequent recharging)"
My "unit" does WAY better than that - just sayin.

Sorry guys - SOMEONE had to make a PG-13 reference out of this, and I elected (not erected) myself!(Seeing as how my lovely lady friend is coming into town tonight!! *WHOO-HOO*)

CoastRaven, Blue, SGirl, Eleanor, Daisy, and WriterDude,

Count me in. I'll bring the matches so we can build us a beachfire after the sun goes down.

Writer Dude - checked out your blog, saw that a promise of objective evaluation was given by the principal, will await results to be posted. Be prepared for some less-than-sober reflection by the beachcombing bloglits if his/her answer is posted this afternoon.

CR -- Good guess ... wrong, but a nice effort ...

google "Freddy the Rat Don Marquis" and you should find WAY TMI ...

*zips in after having completed WriterDude's assignment*

My opinion: What condescending bullsh!t - Jeez! Now I'm doubly outraged.
Beach trip must be postponed til we see this to it's final end.

I thought all the women on ipanema beach were topless and the men wore thongs - and we get pictures of bag men on the beach - hmmph!

Tall and tan
And young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking


Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ...

Aaaaaaaaaaaajjjjjjj ... ???

(How does one spell that in Portugese?)

*party on the beach*

*lots of tequila*

*goes out to track down TCK, so he can join us*

KDFgirl, bring lots of matches, and we'll bring the parfait!

u o i had an archie in my kitchen once but mehitabel ate him

is don marquis why you dont capitalize or is it e e cummings

southerngirl - I'm in - but when ya mix my drink, hold the orange juice...

oh, and the grenadine...

um, and no ice either...

oh hell darlin', just hand me the bottle

This H.S. product reminds me of my cousin who worked as a pool guard during his summers off from the Art Institute. He dove in the pool early one morning with a weighted 36-gallon black garbage bag and some giant rubber bands, and fashioned it into a fairly convincing Creature of the Deep. When the residents of the high-rise woke up and wandered out onto their balconies to greet the dawn, and looked down at the pool...DUN DUN...the building manager's phone started to ring. (He- my cousin, not the bldg mgr - is now a professor of art at Carnegie-Mellon. The bldg mgr is still getting inpatient therapy)

bets' ... in this case, it's actually archy, as the reason we don't capitalize ... don marquis merely is/was the agency/channel thru which archy was able to speak/write to the world ...

as far as e e cummings goes ... well ... a little of e e cummings goes ... a long ways ... merely sayin' ...

Aw, El, why postpone everyone's fun? I'll bring the Centrino laptop and tele-conference with the principal from, say, this location.

That is definitely beautiful, WriterD. OK, we can go as long as you bring the laptop.

Pack up the babies
and grab the old ladies
and everyone go
to WriterDude's Traveling Salvation Show

Apologies to all: I've been having a Neil Diamond earwig for 3 days now.
*hopes that will get it OUT*

Eleanor...The blog is a warm and accepting environment, and no matter how unholy your affliction, we welcome your sharing.


I know one could get convicted of some-such by bringing this to a public beach -- let's weight for some fool pubescent boy to try it.

A ... hem ...

El, can we go to the beach now?

Bye bye, italics.


*comes back from the teleconference down the beach*

Doesn't look too good, folks. Brief, insufficienty informative update over in my neighborhood, with more details to come later tonight. Keep the bonfire hot and some of the beer cold for me, wouldja?

*zips in from WriterDude's hood:

insufficienty informative update

Boy, you can say that again!!!

U.O - perhaps the roborat's name is Algernon and he can get his own flowers. Do you know the reference?

S-man: We were just talking about that story in our youth group on Sunday. Someone was talking about a plot of a movie that started off like FfA but then it took a Hollywood twist and went ultra-violent. (I don't remember the name of the movie.)

*comes back to the beach from the mountains, kicks around a few dead bonfire embers and empty MGD bottles looking suspiciously Wisconsin-like in their (not there) origins*

Humph. Not having joy. Not only did I get back too late for bonfire and beer, I've honked off Eleanor in the process.

*scans up*

Ah -- could it be that El's edict that the beach trip be postponed was heeded? If so, why the hell did I trek down to the beach for a teleconference? Never mind.

Dang, El -- we have not only hijacked a thread, we done derailed a beach trip, too. Because, after all, it can't be that Dave's fascination with some strangely addictive TV show generated a 400ish comment thread tonight, right? Oh well, at least I had lobster in the process.

*scurrying back to Mr. WriterDude's Neighborhood to set things right and let all these bloglits get to the beach tomorrow*


I think you all were thinking Lawnmower Man?

That's it, John! Good call.

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