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February 03, 2006


Fortunately, they're putting it to good use.


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I'll have to wait until I get home so I can hear it.

(Looks around)


Oh, well...a simulpost with Lab ain't half bad!

(bumping Lab with hip to make room)

I have a question...how does a robot post on a blog? and why WOULD it?

2 single men, 1 flux capacitor, and 300 gigawatts of power. And I can pretty much guarantee that Doc has a pony in his livingroom, IYKWIM, NTTAWWT.

They said the same thing about Picasso.

Or was it Weird Al?


Random *snork* for random ... LOL!

I was moved to tears.

To Do List:

Complete personal goal of commenting on every thread of the Dave Barry Blog. Check!

That was just WAY too tushing to ridicule.

Oh my gosh. That is just so wrong. Yet so hilarious...

Two Thumbs Up ! giddy-up ! Ok that sounds really gay..NTTATWWT

That was hilarious!!

But random, what is IYKWIM?

*wonders where 'Mr. Fusion' fits into this*
*decides he'd rather not know*

IYKWIM = If You Know What I Mean


Fed- But does google work for acronyms? (if I got yours right, that is)

This ir right up there with the trailer portraying 'The Shining' as a feel good family film. Similar brilliance. I'll find a link later if no one beats me to it.

link for "The Shining"


Of course now they need to do Brokebackdraft - forbidden firefighter love, Brokebackstreet Boys - the truth behind the rise and fall of the boyband, and Brokeback To School (RIP Rodney) - he did it all for the grades.

Don't miss "Stephen King's: Sometimes They Come Brokeback"

Just imagine what could be done with
............."Brokeback 24".........

Jack, Tony (if he ever gets out of ICU), the Hobbit, Edgar, President Weenie, (all of those secret service agents!) the First Clevage, Awwdrey, FGF, surley son of FGF, Kim, the person behind the bed...

Triple *snork*@Dave's post!

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