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February 23, 2006


It seems likely that these have the same effect on land.

(Thanks to Andy the tropichunt.com guy for the old but important news)


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Fish eat sea snot? I'm never ordering sushi again. Ever. Really.

Also, let's hope that Rob Sherlock's sister never marries Kazutoshi Takenoshita.

I always thought floaters were better than sinkers.

"A sinker is basically snot," Sherlock said. "It’s very fragile..."

As she moved toward him through the moonlight he was struck by her delicate beauty. Porcelain skin, hair like spun silk; and as she extended her slender hand to him, he grasped it and said, "My darling! You are so much more than I deserve! I am but a ruffian...a soldier of fortune...crude in my dress and my language. Yet you...you're as fragile as...as......."

cool, i always thought that ocean layer was caused by cruise loogies.

No shit, Sherlock!

Let's see, what is this? Oh yeah, it's the "snot" thread. I can't come up with anything funny about that.

(And if I weren't a lady, that pun would be intended.)

The only thing left to say is BOOGER!

I heard The Giant Sinking Mucus Houses will be opening for Barry Manilow next month.

giant balls of tadpole snot

what's so funny about that?

great balls of fire?

I'm sorry...I think giant snot houses are pretty funnny; and I think "as fragile as snot" is a lovely simile, worthy of the finer Romantic poets. I'm surprised none of them thought of it.

Oh...and also: "They think it's plankton, but it snot!"

*snork* at Betsy

(and, BTW, I can't think of anything much funnier than tadpole snot just now - course I'm stoned, but that's beside the point)

Brad -

I wuz thinkin' more like "Know Snot, Sherlock!"

"I always thought floaters were better than sinkers."

I'm partial to moaners and screamers myself....

Mad - How about a sweater?

Sign seen held by homeless person:

"Will ROV for Snot"

It should be noted that this was blogged way back in June.

Still -- Giant Balls of Snot WBAGNFARB

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