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February 22, 2006


A squid thief is apprehended.


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February must be "International Shove Seafood Down Your Pants Month". Sort of a balance for "Talk Like a Pirate Day".

Well, it's not the strangest thing we've read about people sticking down their pants.

Perhaps that should worry me.

Oh, and snork @ insom!

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Shoving 8 boxes of seafood down your pants may be 6th degree larsony, but it is certainly stupidity in the 1st degree.

This guy had a lot of balls....oh, wait, those were tentacles.....

Coast - Gary Larsony, for sure.

calamari rings probably would fit right on his , ummm, pencil holder. for added pleasure, i suppose.

CG...Making it a Member of an International Calamari Ring?

Kind of reminds me of that old joke, "but this one eats sturgeon . .. . ."

And in the story below that...second-degree threatening??? That's kind of a Barney Fife-ish charge, isn't it?

*snork* @ slyeyes

Boxes? How baggy were those pants? Nice to see though, that we have some criminals with discriminating tastes - he should get credit that he was stealing expensive seafood and not the Frito Lays.

This had to be the same guy who lifted the lobster and prawns last week. I don't see what everyone's getting so uptight about, he's just trying to get the ingredients together for a nice pot of gumbo, I'm sure. Anyone got a recipe for lobster/prawn/squid/weiner gumbo?

Good to see the theif was nabbed by the long tentacle of the law.
(Not proud of myself, I need coffee)


I think that this guy must have seen the old James Bond flick "Octopussy" one time too many...

How about some of those other stories?

An $800 chainsaw? On eBay? And he "kept the money"??? And they PR'ed him?

And ... OK ... so he shoplifted some stuff. But the "journalist" just HAD TO provide a specific trademarked brand name of one product ... sounds like Payola to me ... I mean ... what brand was the chainsaw?

And they PR'ed this guy too ... electronic fraud/theft and shoplifiting ... like these guys are model citizens and will show up ...

I'm reassured that Barnum was right ... the court system of Bridgeport is the sucker this decade ... after all, it's where Barnum taught them how to scam people ...

Squid? For Pete's sake. If you're going to steal something and risk being caught, why not take something worth having? And do it in a non-stupid manner so you won't get caught?

Squidwood Squarepants!

pogo - Not only were you FIRST, which you modestly did not mention, but you took my remark - sheesh!

Well, he obviously couldn't find any cod for a codpiece, so....

My deepest apologies in advance...to both You, the reading audience...and Alabama, for this ill-conceived, hastily thrown together attempt at acting as if I have the parody skills of those DBBloggers that parody before me (..and god knows...we know who they are...)

cue music:

I once thought of squid as a food source
A food I didn't want to flee
So long ago I made a decision
To be footloose and fancy free
But it came and I was so tempted
To gamble on it just one time
I never thought that I would get caught
It seemed like a perfect crime

Baby, you left me defenseless
I've only got one plea
Stuff down the hot calamari…
And throw away the key
I'm guilty…. of larceny in the sixth degree

I'm pretty ashamed at this point...but not so much...I can't hit the post button.

*snork* @ Blue Meanie and Ford79

Why is it always DOWN THE PANTS??? Whatever happened to carrying a big shopping bag or wearing a big coat?

True story: I once heard of a woman walking out of a Sears store with a television set between her knees. Now THAT took some imagination and a fair amount of skill.

with the squid and lobster thefts ,it can only mean one thing... Lent is almost here!!!

Actually insom, I have to confess why I've been lifting all these lobsters, prawns, squid and leaping carp (not crap), it's because I've got a bazillion cats at home and can't afford to pay for the Meow mix any more on my disability check (first I got shot in the thigh by Jack, then Cheney's birdshot added insult to injury, yaknow). As for why down the pants, well, I don't get much "excitement"...

Cody, loved it! (awa yer moniker;)

LisaBFF, how big was the tv?! .. no, wait, .. how big was the woman?!!

I want you to hold it between your knees!

cyn-It was portable tv. She was pretty large and would have waddled even without it between her knees!

*whistles* (in a geewhiz kind of tone =:{

Sounds like his attempt to steal the squid floundered! I'll like to thank everyone who didn't eel over at that horrible joke; I'm on my 6th shot of 94 proof JD and don't know where my mind is, it's wandered and left me kelpless.

*snork* where ya been Desert Rose? LTNS

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