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February 20, 2006


But it's a funny ad.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, who is fluent in Swedish)


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i sink zat's pretty funny.

:-( All I got was a blank screen - I wanted to see what the Sweedish Chef was cookin this week!

I sink zat eil has ta taik yer werd fer it, zince my netwirk weenies haf sumtink bolixt up an I canna git to it. Pththththtttttt!

Sorry folks who can't see it yet. I sink it is VERY funny, too!!!! Thanks ...

OK - it finally loaded. I know some people at verk zat vould get some ben-fit outta zat. Lemme go axe dem if dey seed it.

I zink ve shouldt zend sze Myzterius Terroristzs to ziss place, ya?

OH! I get it..."We're sinking about a hole in our boat!"

I LOVED it; this is exactly the kind of phone conversation I have with my spanish mother every week.

LOL, quite amusing!

*Fyrsti vinnudagurinn hjá þýsku strandgæslunni*

Yeah...that's a real knee slapper. Anybody know what it says?

Ach du lieber! Das kommt mir komisch vor!

CR: OK - it finally loaded

Does this mean I should wait longer...I'll go back and check.

Yes daisy be patient - my browser said it was done downloading LONG before the video started.

Well...I waited, saw the little video, but with no sound in my computer, I couldn't tell what they were saying.


Good stuff. I always feel guilty, though, that people in other countries are often obligated to learn English, whereas here in the U.S. most of us can't even master the ONE language, let alone a second one.

Ich bin ein Berliner!

link rel="StyleSheet" href="/css/main.php?hugamal=
That's what I got....

I wonder if that video is anything like this one.

MOTW - it's exactly like that one.
Bitte schön.

Yes, MOTW - that's the one.

Ve are zinking!

Vat are yu zinking about?


Blue, did you get my e-mail a couple of days ago??? I ask only because for the past couple of days I haven't been receiving what I would expect to be normal replies to many (very cute IMO) e-mails I've sent.
*light bulb*
Gee, maybe they weren't. *sigh*

Wrong media thingy to play the video ... sorry ...

Besides which already, the words on the page look a bit more like Suomi than Svenska ... tho they are -- obviously -- closely related ...

No enuf time to tell the Swede story ... y'all remember it ... laff if you like ...

El - were there more after the one about your wav ambitions being killed by Norton? I find very little cuteness in Norton, and had nothing inspired to say. I have focused instead by communicating via Blog.


Expected German jokes, got technical support.

Thanks marina for explaining, I didn't get it.

Will have to send this to my certain German speaking relatives. My grandmother will say, " What are they sinking about?"
And I will have to say.
"Grandmother, van zie sprechen der gut en Englisch. So its not funny for you to act that way."
"Yo sprechen Enlgisch. Nein"
Supposedly i speak other languages. But I get about a C+ in all of them.

The sinking man was british.

Why did the commercial have Englisch words telling people to learn Englisch?

Private message to Blue:

Understood. Will never mention Norton to you again.
Whoops. Just did. Never again. :-)

Norton. Why did it have to be Norton?

(Free pass on the Geezer Bus to the first to correctly identify the speaker: "Norton, you are a mental case.")

*puts on linguistics geek glasses*

That site is Icelandic, hence the ".is" at the end of the address. The Icelandic word for Iceland is Island (acute accent on the i).

So... no more Swedish chef jokes.

*takes off linguistics geek glasses*

But Marie - the Icelandic Chef was nowhere NEAR as amusing.

Then why is it the German coastal Patrol?

I didn't see the video. I think my browser blocked it. If the video is German, the website is still Icelandic.

A melting pot of linguistics and humour. to bad no one knows what the other is saying.

reminds me of a similar commercial!
warning: bad language!!

R B*d - "Norton, you are a mental case" was first spoken by Jackie Gleason, who played Ralph on The Honeymooners. It was repeated later by a mouse portraying Jackie (portraying Ralph) in the Warner Brothers' cartoon The Honeymousers. (1956)

Do I get the bus pass?

Jackie Gleason, a.k.a., The Great One. "How sweet it is!"

Achtung - Alles Lookenpeepers.

Das Internet is nicht fuer gefingerclickend und giffengrabben. Ist easy droppenpacket der Routers und overloaden der Backbone mit der spammen und der me-tooen. Ist nicht fuer gewerken bei die Dummkopfen. Die mausklicken Sichtseeren keepen das Bandwidthspewen Hands in die Pockets muss; relaxen und watchen das cursorblinken.

Aunt Nancy - you dont get a pass - you get a drivers license (or a google degree) - and my admiration (like THATS something to strive for)

Here's another good one from that site. Beware, it's another big video.

Der Kaiser - so ein Boogerkopf!

NOt Swedish-The French horn I believe...

schnorkenzgüt, kaiser!

(or `gut'.. vitchebeur)

*Whinny* @ Frau Schnikerhausen!

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