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February 23, 2006


David Beckham is also excited.


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"Hey, honey! Look what I can do!"

"This Bud's for you!"

"Oops, looks like I pulled a boner!"

...nope, I got nothin'.

The picture wouldn't load on my computer. He must have an impressive file size!

This was among the scrolling text at the top of the page.
*tsk tsk tsk* peter.........-NADINE, LONDON

So, they must play soccer without a cup? No wonder they do that protective arm-cross lineup on penalty kicks

Or is that a soccer ball in his pants?

And a SNORK to the world.

1) Where's the photo?

2) How tasteful!

2b) I mean to blog this item, not... Well, yeah, that, too, probably, but...

2c) Blue, this is too hard!

2d) I mean being good is!

2e) Not that I'm not good when you're har--SEE? I CAN'T STOP!

glad to hear that his wife has a private box.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Bend it Like Beckham"
Speaking of that, ya know how when you put a stick halfway into the water (because of the way light plays tricks on your eyes) it looks bent? That is the exact reason I don't take baths. (Give it a minute it'll sink in)

...sink into what, CR?

I wonder if he actually had a banana in his pocket.

It takes a special kind of man to be excited by Posh Spice.

What? No picture??

Kudos to Federal Duck on his poignant comments in the article.

Wait! So a hard-on is now an international news event??? Can't wait till this trend moves out of the sports section...on Sunday mornings they can shoot 'Meet the Press' from under the table...and presidential press conferences will be, like: "The President recognizes Helen Thomas"...and...and...

*exits reluctantly, escorted by burly men in white*

Because I'm more a lurker than a participant here most times, I generally hesitate to bring this up, but..."Visible Stiffy" clearly WBAGNFARB.

"It's twoo! It's twoo!"

Here's a picture of Beckham's teammates bowing in awe of his member. "We're not worthy!"

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "header".

At least he won't get called for "hands"!

Tamara - It's OK, I'm here for you, dear.

And was that Beckham's wife who immediately shouted GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! ?

Those of you who couldn't view the photo can click here.

Aaaawww! That's so sweet!

seriously, anybody have the picture? email it to me, pleeeeeeease! ;)

Fed & Tamara - LOL!

Definite *snorks* to Fed and Tami RWCami, but I want to see the pic, too!!

Wait, how did Posh enjoy the "view" from her private box? I thought only her son could enjoy that, during birth.

And Judi - you've got a little drool on your chin.

I wanna see the pic, too!

*joins the bloglette's chant*


Way to go Fed & Tami!

no picture yet :( slackers! :-p

Missed the article comments first time around.....awesome, you Cheeseheads!

Mad, you're cruel!!!

Me wanna see Beckham's rod photo too!!!

Someone please link to one that I can see? C'mon, have mercy...

I took the risk of getting fired and did some googling, but I have not found the Beckham photo in question. Nor in answer.

Somebody tell us how to see the picture!! This isn't fair. Stupid workplace firewalls...

To Tamara Braver Than Me: Yeah, I thought about the google thingie, but I'm at work, too.

What's the name of the British newpaper with all the rot (read: good stuff) in it? Can't remember the name....they might have it.

Daily Star? No dice. *sigh*

"Cruel"? MOI!?!? [snicker]

Couldn't find it on the Daily Star site either, but there was an article there about a current fight betwee n the World Cup and the press about the numberof photos that can be printed. BTW, I am not gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Suzie Q: the Daily Mirror, perhaps?

*Snork* at Fed and Tamara!

The Sun usually has all sorts of trash, including your daily topless chick

The Sun


I spent a fairly long time intently searching and I found this delightful site. A few Beckham pictures further down.

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