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February 03, 2006



(WARNING: Contains a Bad word)

(Thanks to Bryce Donovan)


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Perfect for the customer service desk.

"What, you think I have 'idiot' written across my forehead??"
"Close enough."

" . . . and have a nice day!"

Officer: did the perp have any distinctive markings that we could recognize?
Victem: Yes he had a tattoo
Officeer: a tattoo of what
Victem: F**k you
Officer: Put your hands on the car

..Poor kid...probably just needs a hug..

Now you see why some species eat their young.

Sean - I think he'll get a few hugs in prison....
seeing as he puts the "f-u" in "fun."

"Ahem...my eyes are down here, thank you very much."

definatly NOT the perfect man.

those wacky democrats!

Perfect for the guy who is just plain sick of having to flip the bird.

But are you really sure you always want to be saying that, in every situation?

I was considering getting a butterfly tattooed on my...well, never mind. But after seeing this, I think I think I'll cancel my appointment.

Sorry, I keep duplicating words.

*pretend it's an eye-test for the blog*

..Probably just needs someone to sit down and listen to him..

Lisa...I didn't see it.

(proving that your mind edits to see what it wants/or makes sense)

I don't know. This guy's hard to get a read on.

I don't know what's the bigger crime, his eyebrow art or the fact that the article describes his eyes as being "smoky brown." There ought to be a law.

Maybe this is straight out of an after-school special, and he's the poor illiterate victim of a practical joke, who thinks it says "Love You" in an effort to reach his distant father, who always wanted an ice skating daughter...

Let's make him ambassador to Iran.

I'm sure his mom is proud in more ways then one.

GolfWidow - It's probably a sly reference to the hosting website.

on his butt it says 'and the horse you rode in on!'

insom - come on, he's much too classy for that. Rather- "and the horse upon which you rode in."

Did you click on the link in This guy makes Gomez look like Mr. Rogers?


I did. Mommy! He's got more blood in his eyes than the rest of his face! For this guy, Jack Bauer would have to use a silver bullet.

Gomez would make the perfect high school counselor

He might have chosen a different lettering style.
It looks more like "Fuc# Yoy"

What do you mean? It looked great when his cousin chiseled it in there with the rusty needle and the charcoal. A few more shots of JD, and they would have tattooed his ears too.

I love that the site points out Gomez's "smoky" brown eyes.

"Man, ain't nobody'll give me a job. I put on a suit and everything! It;s just the man keepin me down!"

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