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February 20, 2006


Pack of Hungry Squid


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I always thought running out of air would be a diver's worst nightmare. Who knew?

"At one point, you can see squid try to eat a scuba diver, but are repelled when they clasp onto the armor, Buttner said."

Excuuuuse me, Mr. BUTTner, but how do you know I'd be repelled? I might be delighted. (God, I hate critics!)

Craig Buttner. Heh.

Nothing worse than having testicals all over you when your 60 feet below the surface.

What are "softball-chunk sized bites"?

"softball-chunk sized bites" are the soft nougaty part of the human body. Not to be confused with the hardball bony bites, which are crunchy and not so sweet.

TRWC and Coast...double *snork* :)

"softball-chunk bites" WBAGNFARB

LOL 'Dancing with the Demons'

CR: since when do squid have testicals (is it testicles?)?

*snorks* to all.

As commented later:

Wildlife tales: "While driving near Dixon, I saw a jackrabbit sitting upright in an alfalfa field. A red-tailed hawk was circling and then dove straight for the rabbit. Just before the hawk made contact, the bunny jumped up and knocked the hawk out of the air with its hind legs.

"This feild is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no hawk yet has fought with it and lived! Bones of full fifty hawks lie strewn about its lair. So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth."

... good times.

Yeah daisy - Its hard to spell correctly with one hand.

"Armored wetsuits"? Uh...doesn't that cause a buoyancy problem?

"Well, Chip, that hungry pack of giant squid were repelled by my armored wetsuit."

"Great, Bill! We'll get you up as soon as we can borrow that crane from the oil rig."

"Dancing With The Demons" . . .Really! Hmm . . . and here I thought that the best taped re-run available in this category was episode three of "Dancing With the Stars."

*SNORK* at Guin...

and it's "tentacles", not "testicles", you dirty little monkeys.

Pack Leader: Lemons?
Pack: Check!
Leader: Breadcrumbs?
Pack: Check!
Leader: Marinara?
Pack: Check!
Leader: Excellent. Let's roll. We've waited a long time for this....

Mr. C: LOL (I was wondering where the testicles came from)

No worries kibby, I've got the Holy Hand Grenade. Whether or not it will work on a giant squid I don't know, but personally I'd throw the vicious bunny at the squid first, then send Dick Cheney in for the sure kill and save the grenade in case Jack Bauer takes aim at my thigh.

Also as seen further on down...

"The best protection against rattlesnakes is a crotchety old chuck-wagon cook who wakes you up with the four clicks of a Colt Peacekeeper and the whispered suggestion that you hold real still (also works for scorpions)."

This technique does NOT work when employed in bed with your spouse, no snakes (or scorpions) are around, and you're just trying to "spice" things up..... I think the real problem was the crotchety old chuck wagon cook.... real mood killer.....

OOOHHHHH - I read that Completely wrong Mr!! Thanx for clearing that up for me!

"You know - octopus - testicles"
"N-T - TENTacles ... Big difference"

Geezer points to the one who knows the movie.
(Hint - "Two Dollars!!")

better off dead.

Yeah, I'd think an attack of these things would make a diver wish his air had run out ... for a few seconds, at least ... until it was ... um ... over ...

(Those "other comments" are interesting, if one can ignore the false information, typos, usage errors and simplistically selfish lack of knowledge in some of the items ... merely sayin' ...)

crossgirl gets the geezer points!! Still ranks as Cusacks funniest role. (IMHO)

hey raven, if i collect enough geezer points, can i trade up for valuable prizes?

I am going to guess that some adults here have seen certain Anime shows. Might I say to you all. Ew. I also find it amusing that San Francisco is getting invaded by Tentacles.

Anyway, I will watch the Dancing with the Demons video. I have an odd fascination for the cephlopod. I hear they enjoy rearanging furniture.
Will Frodo have to battle one of these?

"dirty little monkeys"

dang it Mr. C! you made coffee come out my nose

Sure crossgirl - but all we have in the catalog at the moment are walkers, hearing aids, chair lifts and the like.

Mr. C was channeling Craig Ferrrrrguson. I looove it when he says 'dirrrty little monkeys.'

I also thought of the white rabbit and the Holy Grenade when I read about the rabbit and the bird.

"Thou shalt tap the raven once, not twice, not three times, not four times--only once." My apologies to both Poe and the other guy.

I posted on this over 6 hours ago, and the earwig is STILL looping through my brain:

o/'' Hungry Like the Squid..o/'

(whatever happened to Duran Duran, anyway???)

Betsy, I think the group is down to just one Duran these days due to a giant squid attack that took place in the band's San Francisco recording studio. The surviving Duran is in hiding, protecting his tentacles...

CoastRaven -

Thanks ever so much for the lovely definition of "softball-chunk sized bites." BTW, I've noticed lately that the soft, nougaty part of my body has increased substantially relative to the crunchy part. I think I will definitely avoid those squids.

Mad Soapboxer -

The Holy Handgrenade will do you no good against Jack Bauer. Before you can count five (Three, sir!), er, three, he (Jack) will just use his cell phone to blow it (and you) up.

Betsy I don’t think he has ever cared about civil liberties – he sees his

job as protecting us, not protecting our liberties.

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