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February 25, 2006


In light of this disturbing story, we consider this headline to be in poor taste.


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wow - could I be first? no early risers in this group I guess.

"Once a habitat is this seriously degraded, goats will be the final straw." So are they in favor of degrading goats?

I think I've herd enough of this story.

Get a goat? Give a goat? Drive a goat? Eat a goat? F ... um ... "marry" a goat?

Choices, choices ... too early for that ...

(BTW, off thread and merely FYI ... I'm movin' to the land of mebbe no internet, so may be gone fer awhile ... keep the blog faith, y'all ...)

Good Luck U.O wherever you may go-at. Hurry back.

Now the news sounds completely absurd,
That hard time would be stopped or deferred,
And no blood would be shed,
‘Stead you’d be forced to wed,
If you’re caught out molesting the herd.

. . .goats are the only solution after cattle and sheep have died. . .

Are there no women at all in these countries?

maybe we need to connect this guy with the sheep stealer from a couple days ago. they could double date. or maybe we should put this whole thing out to pasture.

Lairbo! My morning cup of coffee is now all OVER my monitor.

Major *snork* at Lairbo!

and...didn't we have a story a few days ago about a girl who was forced to marry a dog to dispel a curse? Have we humans fucked up so badly that redemption can only be found in the arms...er...whatever...of quadrapeds???

"...the "Marketing of goats as a solution to world poverty is a very dangerous concept".
I can tell you from experience that being a goat pimp is very, very dangerous. The sheep pimps are very jealous and protective of their territory.

There's a lady who's cold where the tabloids are sold
And she's tired of reading 'bout Kevin
When she checks out she knows, that the pictures are posed
And the words are at second-grade level.
And she's tired of reading 'bout Kevin!

You see a car wreck, you pray, but you can't look away,
So you still waste your time with his highjinks
He's got kids, he can't count, but the exact amount
Is beyond comprehension, so he thinks

There's a feeling he gets ,thinking of women he's left
That half of the species' for using
His talents must lie somewhere near hip and thigh
If it's not sad, it must be amusing
and it makes me wonder...

If there's a tussle in his trailer, he'll regale her
With some story about kid's puke
If Britney believes him or if she leaves him
In the long run, his career is hers to the bitter end!

As we feel morals erode
Our mockery can't help but leave us cold
There's a lady we all know
Who cannot write and barely crow
And though her every word is gold
If you listen very hard
She is learning he's a 'tard
When she's alone and not a joke
And can rejoin the decent folk!

And even she's tired of hearing about Kevin!

oh, *(&^%$#!!!, wrong thread!!!!

But still funny as usual, insom!

So to you, I say:

*double snork*

insom' - spreading your genius around causes me to spread my *snork* around (it's okay, folks - there's no fever, so I'm not contagious).

okay. maybe i just don't get it. (wouldn't be the first time). you *like* the story about a guy who has sex with a goat he's then forced to marry... but have no interest in a story about a guy who DIES after having his colon perforated by a horse's penis? which is then the reason they've *finally* passed a law against beastiality in the state of washington, which will go into effect later *this year*? is that about the gist of things here???

(if you reallyreally meant to read the stupid guy/horse/sex/ripped up colon/died a horrible death story, you can find it at this link:


i will now go away and never sully this website again (unless i find another stupid story that may or may not be found interesting/disturbing by you and/or your readers/blog fans.) : P

here's a song on thread...
("Mother and Child Reunion")

But I would not give to Oxfam, no!
On this strange and bestial day
When a husband-nannygoat union
Is a barnyard commotion away!

Little daughter-in-law
I think my son's flipped his lid
You're not just the wrong species
To top it, you're just a kid!
At least he's not Michael J.
Though a horse- or a cow-wife might
Be more of a burden again...


puppytoes -

I doubt that I'm caught up enuf to comment on your comment about Washington and stuff ... so I won't ...

I'll just say ...

Please, don't leave ...

talk @ulater

Puppytoes...Your dogged campaign has succeeded; and I read the article. While in some respects the situation would seem tailor-made for the blog, I (personally) have two problems with it: (1) the graphically described death of the guy; and (2) the arch over-analysis (no pun intended) by the writer. On the one hand, we have straight reporting of various bizarre usually non-fatal events, in which our role as readers is to (a) discover that it's dumb, and then (b) laugh at it. On the other, we have a snarky "feature" by a person who is not only well-aware that this is a bizarre event, but who has already taken all the fun out of it for us by pursuing most of the angles himself.
NOTE: The preceding is my opinion ONLY; the Blog is more than able to speak eloquently (or not) for itself.
That said, please don't go away just cuz your blog-item wasn't posted (mine never are). Your comments are always on target, and I'd really miss seeing your name, which always makes me *snork*.

Anna Lytickle Overkill speaks for me, puppytoes, except for the "don't go away" part.

I wonder what the Kinsey report has on this . . .?

yeah el. I didn't even read the story in question and I know that it was too sick.

uh. okay. i'm...er... sorry? death is not something i find especially humorous, as a rule (unless, of course, it's caused by a colon perforating horse penis). my point (because i'm pretty darn sure i had one) was... that people having sex with animals is stupid. and people having sex with animals right here in this country is reallyreally stupid. and... and... the fact that it took the stupid legislators in the stupid state of stupid washington all these stupid years to pass a stupid law making it illegal to have sex with an animal is just...really stupid.

p.s. is a "snork" a good thing?

Yes, puppytoes: A *snork* is a good thing. It attempts to replicate in print the image of someone reading something so amusing that they are forced to LOL and thus *snork* all over their keyboard. When it involves hot coffee, milk, cheez-its and/or beer, it's even better:)

Well, that's okay then puppytoes. Just as long as you don't think things like that are the height of humor. You shall be completely forgiven as long as you accept Scatology and D. Leanord Barry. Pithy comments and (root) beer to you.

Me neither adonis, about reading the article, but on instinct I KNEW.

Unlike you though, I'm not QUITE so quick to say "OK then".

Perhaps a probationary period is in order??


HAHAHAHAHA! El, you're (not your) caught! You forgot to change your name back! I wondered how Britney could be intellegent enough for this blog.

As for the probationary period, I'm not sure. All the probation I've had saw me sitting in front of a computer blogging. But if you insist, puppytoes can come to the doghouse with me, Stupe, CR, and whoever I forgot. (psst, puppytoes, we have beer!)

gosh eleanor... how will i ever live with myself now that i seem to have offended someone with your delicate sensibilities? seriously, i never meant to upset you and/or anyone else. i will go away... because this is clearly not a good place for me to be right now. thank you for pointing that out.

p.s. thank you betsy and adonis for the *snork* clarification... i realize now that i am a happy snorker from way back! and *thank you* for your kind words. i feel better and i shall pout no more (tho' i really do feel bad for upsetting dear eleanor) hope y'all have a happy weekend! : )

These two stories were just the thing to share with Mrs. WriterDude on our tenth anniversary today. She seemed especially pleased when I reminded her that I wanted to marry her so much that no bondage, tribal elders or animals were necessary.

Now we are off to one of our favorite retaurants, where our favorite dish -- ISIANMTU! -- involves goat cheese. Lastly, I have sprained my brain trying to come up with the punch line for this convercence of events, yet it eludes me. Anyone care to try?

Personal to Mrs. WriterDude -- thanks for being the kind of wife who will let me catch up on Dave's blog on our anniversary. Oh, and one who will take pictures of me with a stuffed animal and one of my personal heroes with his CrapCam, too.

ELEANOR!! i'm sorry to have been such a snipe when i should have been more...er...snorky(?). pleasepleaseplease forgive me. and *do* have a good weekend! (i really am going away now... before i inadvertently get myself into more trouble!) :D

Make that "restaurant".

puppytoes, if you go away now you'll make me feel guilty - so don't, OK? :)

33 comments and we haven't seen Henny Youngman's great line:

"Take my wife...please."

...with butter, rosemary, and a light burnaise. Be VERY CAREFUL to wash roast before prep.

Ernie G -WTG! LOL!

tnx4 remindin' me ...

Happy Anniversary, WD!

Enjoy the goat cheese.

Eleanor - you are guilty. You as much as said, "Go away!" to poor puppytoes. Send yourself to the doghouse. There you can enjoy a cold beer and cool down.

puppytoes - please do not feel you must leave. If you had not aired your problem here, it would have just festered and possibly necessitated the amputation of your keyboard or mouse. Now it's all out in the open, and your question has been answered. The Blog Warden and The Blog himself, when available, have a duty to keep the blog within acceptable parameters. They exercise their discretion. We blog what passes. I've got files loaded with stuff they have deigned not to blog.

Post on, proud puppytoes, and keep submitting weirdities.

*zips in*

StupMan - Thanks for putting it all in perspective for me, really. I don't feel bad anymore. You're right. There are Blog Rules that must be obeyed.
steps out for a minute to *snork* and compose herself*

I'm out of here - happiness and tequila to all! :_

stupe- who did I forget to mention in the doghouse, and subsequently will be setting a contract on my life? It's been bugging me, and I would appreciate the heads up so I can dodge the poison-tipped dart.

what a downer of a thread...truly insensitive...we can all do better than this


adonis - I don't know who you left out, but I know you included me. I don't recall ever being actually sent to the doghouse, just threatened. Since the doghouse is a ready haven for several of our favorite blogsters, I feel honored you included me in that hallowed number. All I know for certain is that TCK has dibs on the top bunk. He's the Steve McQueen of the doghouse.

El - TNX for graciously owning up (does :_ mean tongue-in-cheek or that you're speaking out the side of your mouth?) to the error of your ways. And the tequila was a nice, but wormy, touch.

and a goodgoodgood time was had by all... : )

I am SO SORRY TCK. How could I forget YOU? I'll just be here wishing I could make the baseball bounce off the floor AND wall like that.

To all other doghouse members, feel free to send me to the doghouse doghouse if I forgot you. I'm like the goofy kid that sneezes and alerts the guards to our tunnels. My appologies.

I haven't seen Annie Where-but-here around the blog tonight. She must have taken her wombat out for an evening drag. Since she's not around, I feel safe in removing my Acme(TM) Cast Iron Collar. Anybody know how to remove a rust ring from around your neck?

Nice to see El and puppytoes playing nice, if only because the latter's blog name is too cute to let go missing.

Thanks for the good wishes, daisymae. Mrs. WriterDude enjoyed it -- Santa Fe Stuffed (with goat cheese) Chicken in a roasted red pepper (I think) reduction. I went with the Barbecue Yellowtail, which was outstanding. This restaurant is a big hit here, and there are a few more scattered about -- if the above sounds good, lemme know what your whereabouts are, and I'll see if they're near you. (psst -- if you'd like to see a pic of our renewal ceremony, it's on my blog.)

Stupendous Man: Try Pepsi.

WD - Now I'm hungry

What were we talking about? Eating out goats?

WriterDude - I drank a whole 12-pack of brrrp! ('scuse me) Pepsi and I still have this rust ring around my neck. What should I try next, Drano?

BTW - congrats to you and Mrs 'Dude! Glad you had a good time!

WD - I'm in South Florida - Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. What's the name of the chain?

Prolly not "Log", "key" or "Daisy" ... merely sayin' ...

*snork* @ U.O - glad you didnt get sucked into the void of Noaccessabletiternetville (yet).

Yeah, so far NEway ... it's not much to shout about here ... but it's got highspeed ('s'cuse me ... jigjspeed) ... and with nothin' else to do (not even laundry facilities here ... fortunately I've got plenty of clean skivvies & sox) it's gonna be a rather long Sunday ... might even hafta watch TV ...

The blog is whut keeps me (sorta) sane ... tnx, y'all, 4 that ...

Nice to know that "This blog" & "sane" are not mutually exclusive... We are sort of "outside the asylum" here.

CR -

Well, we may be "outside" of it ... but here, we run it ... that's the essential and distinctive need of which I spoke ...

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