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February 27, 2006


We will refrain from posting this link.

(Thanks to Don Westblade)


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HAR! "1. oral history projects" it says.... [snicker]


Oh well, a "simulfirst" with you is an acceptable alternative to my very own personal first, Betsi...

I'll bet he took a lot of abuse in high school...


that's not a professor; that's a garden tool

Mad--even better, some would say...;-)

That shoulda been:

I'll bet he took a lot of abuse in high school. Presumably not all of it from outside sources.

OK, what the hell were his parents thinkin'? There's not a jury in the country that would convict him if he should happen to just flip out one day, and they should just happen to end up buried in his garden

I had a prof by that name... here he is

Oh!!! I've heard of Rutgers! They specialize in planting seeds, don't they? Makes sense.

Did his parents not have a clue? How could they do that to a poor kid?

Jeez, did they name his sister "Tally"?

Definitely snorkworthy.

I've met a Pete Eaton and a Dick Wacker and Major Dick Johnson. (That is a rank rather than a modifier of his first name.)

I worked with a Dr. Richard Finder, or Dick Finder. He is a urologist. Really.

"Guns Don't Kill People, Dicks Kill People".... I saw this on a T-shirt referring to the Dick Cheney incident....

It didn't take them long.

It will be nice to see you again this summer.

sorry messed up
take 2


We really need a category for this type of post.

How appropriate that a candidate may self-nominate. Has anyone called Mr. Wacker to find out it he self-nominates?

I don't get it.

All of this, to make fun of Nichole Marrazzo, winner of the 2003 teaching award?

How bizarro.

What peter-wacking goofball is coming up with this stuff?
Words of the Sentient:
Many a man in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl.
--Stephen Leacock

There once was a VP named Cheney,
Who liked to shoot quail (not too brainy).
A lawyer once jumped,
So Cheney, he pumped,
Some birdshot into his old veiny.

I knew an "Ophelia Rass" in NY. Out here in CA I worked with an "Inita Johnson." Neither one married into their last name.

I must confess - One of my Navy shipmates was named Richard Head... and he insisted on being called by the usual nickname. We were only too happy to oblige.

Some people are just plain clueless, God bless 'em.

I found your "s", Addicted. Cool!

I especially like the FIRST part of this guy's e-mail addy:



In the '60's, a hippie couple whose last name was "Peters" named their daughter...wait for it..."Fonda". Bastards.

Did not this fellow invent the Weed Wacker?

"One hard copy (paper) should be submitted"
Har - they must have a lot of smartasses to have to specify (paper)!

I had a calculus teacher in college named Richard Lick. What the heck were his parents thinking?

Ford Dealer in Manhattan, KS - Richard Edwards.

Here's his official faculty page:


I betcha somebuddy here could call this guy and ask him about his name and how he's famouser now, 'cuz he's been blogged by Dave Barry!


Anyone? Bueller?

Well Meerkat Peter does look very happy


U.O. - I nominate you. :D

Hey, El, GMTA - I just read your post!

KDFgirl -

Sorry, not possible ... I already served my term as "Fool of the Thread" ... TYV Muchly ...

I once had to give a tour of the southland to Yolanda C. Dick.

And a quick Zabasearch shows at least 5 men across the country named "Dick Weed".

The defense rests.

I was given an epidural during the birth of my first child by a "Dr. Payne." I am also aware of a "Dr. Butt" with a practice in town, although to my knowledge he is not actually a proctologist.

WHOO HOO!!! 24!! Again, D Leanord Barry, the blogletts are not amused that you post with no place for us to make snarky comments. As Mr Language Person, wouldn't that be classified as a dangling participle? Who would commit such a fau pa twice? Please feel free to revise. Pithy comments and beer to you.

I hate to do this again to my co-bloggers, but I am compelled.

Zabasearch also shows 3 entries (?) for "Abeen Vagina".

No comment, other than *snork*.

OK, gotta ask: does she do a monolog?

What about NASCAR driver ?

Sorry, misfire on previous post:

Dick Trickle>?

A misfire with Dick Trickle is worth a SNORK all by itself, if you ask me. (You are asking, right?)

Rutgers, huh? Well, thank the goddess my daughter decided not to apply there!

and the vet I've taken my dogs to for years is.... "Dr Bone."

Meanwhile the Toll Booth Authority,MDX, is raising tolls again and wants to put 44 cameras on ramps and create an all transponder toll grid. Only in MIAMI, the most corrupt city on earth.


I used to live in a town where the veterinarians were (IANMTU) Dr. Killum and Dr. Fixx.

Which one would you take YOUR pet to?

And it's a good thing dogs can't read.

He's not just any Peter Wacker, he's at the top of his field. You got to hand it to him, he's Doctor Wacker.

Wacker? I hardly know 'er!

i know a guy named richard less.

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