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February 17, 2006


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(Thanks to Maria Sheahan)


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So if I want to add my two cents, I guess I can take my sweet time. And I'm certainly not wasting much $ by blogging!

oh, and FIRST to be depressed.

In 35 seconds I've earned .018 pairs of pantyhose. So at that rate, how long will it take before I can buy an entire outfit of clothing so I can leave the house without being arrested?

oh, and *SNORK* at insom.

So in the time it takes me to earn .05 cents the Olsen twins have earned $20.00 excuse me while I go cry in the bathroom.

Was anyone else depressed by the fact that Dave was not a choice on the celebrity comparison list?

So I wonder how Dave did compared to Paris Hilton

Addicted - how Dave did WHAT compared to Paris?

Forbes is just mad at Dave for putting all there good ideas in his last book. I have applied all of them to my finanical planning and I am proud to say that at this moment I have a good 2 hour head start on the IRS.

I feel so poor - Damn you Kobe!!!

I don't know why this should make me depressed, I've already earned enough to purchase a Snickers candybar out of the vending machine.

In the time it took me to try this, I lost $140. Thanks.

Annie I was of course speaking of this

OH NO - ya aint hooking me into THAT trap. I already know I dont make s**t - I dont need some idiotic program to confirm it for me AND rub my nose in how much more other people my age are making... If I want that kind of treatment, I'll call mom!

Whew! I thought you meant this -

*feet propped on desk, sipping smoothie*

Wow, blog-commenting pays a lot better than you'd think!

Oh, boy, I'm up to $1.00!

Will somebody please suggest a book that will give me advice on money? I need help.

MrBill - Last week I started reading "Dave Barry's Money Secrets," and I already got my tax refund back!

I wonder how much Dave makes from the ads that appear on the blog... so HE makes money while WE do the work.

Frikkin' brilliant, as usual, Dave.

*Gets idea for new book like Dave's Money Secrets etc. only getting others to do the writing...*

pssst, Mr. C - if you're really nice to him, he'll share.

Cripes! It's been only a minute, and already Oprah Earned more than I do in a week!

What makes her so special?

Annie - Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Dave... (but not in a brokeback kind of way; that would just be wrong and probably make Walter jealous. To say nothing of Mrs. Blog.)

Schadeboy - I could explain it to you, but you probably couldn't afford my hourly rate.

I deeply resent that a dippy blonde who's only claim to fame is having recorded herself having s*x is making much, much, MUCH more than I. I believe it is time for a revolution of sorts. We haven't had one in a long time and it could really be a winter pick me up.

S'North - Count me in. I'll get the torches and pitchforks, you round up the villagers.

SN, you obviously are not using the proper distribution channels for your sex video -- and you say yours was recorded while you were revolving on a turntable of some sort? Sounds interesting! You definitely should be making more money than the DB! Send a copy to me and I'll see what I can do to pick you up.

Mad, I resent that. But if you can get the price up to a hijillian dollars, we can revisit this.

In the meantime I think a revolution would be good for Hollywood. Get rid of say Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Brittany Spears, K-fed and assorted other has beens and we could stalk... I mean stock up with say me, Eleanor, Southerngirl, Mad, Fed and C-Bol.

Annie thanks for the advice. I'd have gotten back to you sooner but I took your advice and ran out and bought "Dave Barry's Money Secrets."

after comparing how much longer it would take me to earn a bottle of Jack Daniels than it would take the Olsen twins, I reasoned, "at least i can legally buy said bottle"

I gotta write me a book and make some big money. It's gotta be at least as easy as hunting quail.

I could've earned a .01 of a cow in a minute. What the H**l that had to do with Meg Whitman (whomever she is) and money saved for a car is beyond me...

OK, I'm appropriately depressed. In the time it took me to read through these comments, I've racked up $1.07, while Jeff Bezos has made $2,021.42, probably while getting less accomplished than I did.

Good grief - Elton John makes a butt load of money. I felt bad to begin with, now I'm looking for sharp objects.

Holy crap! That is depressing.

I had no idea that David Letterman made almost as much as me! Thanks a lot, Mr. So-Called Barry.

SN, a hijillion dollars (less my nominal fee, of course) shouldn't be a problem. All one needs to make big $$ with a sex video is a babe with huge... tracts of land, and a hunky guy with an oosik like Walter (no pencils please). Then you file a lawsuit against someone to "stop it from being distributed" (while you've got the copying equipment burning full speed ahead) and you've got free publicity and a guaranteed success.

Jeff Gordon ~ 0-$100 in 31 seconds.

the really depressing part is the comparison to the 'average american wage earner' ....

I think it's funny that while I'm watching the meter, I'm sitting at my desk doing no useful work and still getting paid. Ha ha

why oh why did I choose Oprah?

Alright, I knew Madonna probably made more money than me, but I'm really concerned that the 'Average American Worker' is making more than me too. Where do I sign up for a support group?

C-bol - that's David Letterman, the dry cleaner.

I tapped in Hey Jude, and it nailed it!

Of course, I already knew it was Hey Jude, so I'm not sure of the value of it.

Kat - re your 4:41 p.m. post Elton John makes a butt load of money. I don't think it's PC to mention "Elton John" and "butt load" in the same sentence. You have been duly warned;)

Damn you, David Letterman! You can buy WAY more toothpicks than I can! *weeps*

Hey, ask me if I care!

Money's just for keepin' score ... and if I don't care who wins, whut's the diff?

OK, I'll admit that life is more fun when your ahead of the game, but really, how many Porsches can you drive at one time? How many disabled '76 IHC Scouts can you have parked in your back yard @ one time? (One too many, according to My Bride -- if y'all Remember Her --). How many rhetorical questions can you squeeze into a single post before someone whacks you upside the head with a sock full of nickels?

Stupe - is that for the same reason that the Liberace Museum has a sign saying "Please Use Rear Entrance"?

Mr. C - Yes it is. They also had that sign up at the Liberace estate sale where they auctioned off Liberace's first communion suit. The paparazzi were unable to get any pics, though, because of the intense glare.

Holy cow! Does Warren Buffet crap gold bricks? I can think of no other explanation.

Perhaps, but do any of them have my naturally curly hair? I think not!

I guess I like dark humor, because I rather got a kick out of the fact that in the amount of time it took for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to be able to buy that trip to Hawaii I'm saving up for, I saved up enough to buy a travel-sized tube of toothpaste for the trip.

I couldn't find any information on the site for those of us forced to figure our pay in live chickens and rolls of nickels.

A penny saved is a penny spurned.

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