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February 24, 2006


Likewise if you are a convenience-store patron.


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Gives a whole new meaning to "Thank you, come again".

At least he didn't ask to use the hot dog roller.

*snork* oh, that made me lose my one thought!

glad he didn't bring the buns.

I find it interesting that the station reporting this has the call letters KPHK ... think about it ... OK, then, don't ...

It wasn't mine, honest!

Just sad. Another victory for the frozen food giants. Fresh food is getting harder and harder to find.

(I know - heh, heh).

"...county homicide detectives have been notified of the bizarre incident in case a crime was committed."

In case a crime was committed?!? Are they telling me there’s a place in this world where severing penises and cooking them in a microwave is not a crime?

Oh. My. Gawd.

That is all.

Hmmm...wonder if it was a footlong.

Holy crap...McKeesport is like, two minutes from my house.

*Adds Get-Go to the list of places to never step foot in*

andy...that was my first reaction, too. On the other hand, I can't think of a place where it's specifically prohibited...

Which preset on the microwave panel do you go with for something like that?

This story is weird from the Get-Go.

Correction needed: The caption under the video link says "Raw Video", when the story explicitly explain that it was cooked.
And if the severed member was circumcised would that make it a kosher dog?

"OK, now how about a nice slurpee to go with your severed penis"

and he microwaved it without a second glans!

*snorks* all around!!

Andy stole my thunder - nicely done sir, but not I am hard up to think of another angle.

They plump when you cook 'em.

My bologna has a first name......

Why? Why do I click when I'm told not to? Why?

This is a sick world, guys. Take appropriate measures to protect your doowaddles.

Betsy, how'd you like to be the congressperson to introduce that piece of legislation - The Prohibiting Evisceration and Nuking of Instruments used for Sex Act (that's right, the PENIS Act).

Plz 'scuse me while I *urp*

This is just so WRONG. They're supposed to be eaten RAW.

Psh, everyone knows that.

Mr C: Normally, I would be all over that. But in this thread/context?


As a Convenience Store Clerk Alumnus, I must confess that I hadn't heard of that application before.

There is a Nacho Cheese joke that I could add, but I will refrain.

It was a guy?

How did a guy get one of these? Ick.

They better wash down the inside of the microwave with some extra-clean toilet water, just to be sure.

"Doowaddles?" Doowaddles? Why'd it have to be doowaddles?

*zips in*

Because I am a person for whom good taste is all important in ALL areas of my life, I am not going to comment on this at all!

*zips out*
(But not to Jurassic thread)

*wonders if this is low-brow Friday*

Oh, good. Now I don't have to go all the way to this restaurant:

"Which preset on the microwave panel do you go with for something like that?"

Blue, I'm going to go with "reheat."

He's an update.


Ah! Thanks, Darwin; that's a relief. In a way.

My mouth has been hanging open in disbelief since reading this. The fake penis with urine is weird to the max--are these the same people who stole the urine from the lab? Why wouldn't they use their own microwave? Curiouser and curiouser.

I'm not a guy and it's going to take me ten minutes to uncross my legs, just in sympathy.

I bet they have a book contract within a week!

At least he din't try to stick it up Jurassic ... merely sayin' ...

After Lorena Bobbit did her work.The police sent out a "trained bloodhound" to find the penis. Now, I will not even tell you how they trained this beast.It was one of those
One Eyed Snake Seeing Eye Dogs

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