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February 27, 2006


...it's this guy.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Ew, ew, ew. He married 3 sisters? That's keeping "it" in the family.

Steed. Hee, hee.

the guy's name is "Steed"? seriously? *snork*

with a name like that, well, how could he not have 3 wives?

So if Walter has three wives...and presumably Judi is the *first* one...who are the other two?

Also, 32 children...who are all half-siblings/cousins...

...I got nothin.

ooh - a simulfirst

I've heard that a "guy" always wants to "get it on" with his girlfriend's sister(s).

Mr. Steed *snork* just took it to the next level - WHAT?

Or as Emeril would say, he "kicked it up a notch"!

32 kids - three wives... ummm my guess is there is a 33rd on the way - just to keep things "spread"
evenly. (is that a record - bwaa-haahaa *OUCH* stop throwing things!!)

32 children - guess he removed 'the bean'.

And for this he gets fired? WTF?!?!? He married them, didn't he?


Wonder what goes for "kinky" in Hillsdale?

"Let's get your sister involved!"
"Erm, I said sisters. Plural."
"...and I'll pretend to be a Scientologist!"
*perks up*

Key quote: Judge Walter Steed, who has three wives and 32 children, has been on the bench for 25 years.

I'm guessin' that with 32 kids, he's been somewhere besides "the bench" for at least part of those 25 years ...

and ...

also wonderin' if there's ever been a problem with "relative humidity" among the parties to this spousal arrangement ... merely wonderin' ...

32 children. You know, I read an article about this. The husband always gets his own house and the wives have to live with the children in different houses. Cause you just know polygamy is fun until you come home after a hard day of work to a house with 32 hyperactive and semi-supervised children.

snork, c-bol..... i also got nuthin. this guy probably should have had his winkie microwaved a good long time ago.

it took 14 months to figure this out? did they think all 32 kids were from wife #1?

By the way - can we get the Navagods to change the pop up ad for the Barix clinics to get rid of Karen G at 265lbs. That is really affecting my appetite. And it is raising questions from my boss who wants to know why a 265lb woman keeps popping up on my screen.

If this guy lands in jail, I wonder how many "cellmates" he'll insist he's entitled to.

*snork* @ insomniac and Lairbo

Polygamy - The crime that is its own punishemnt!

He's got 31 more decendants than me! NOT NOT NOT FAIR!

Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.

(Op. Cit. -- Bierce, Twain, Wilde and prolly other wits ...)

Let me guess. Mr. Steed's 3 wives are named Cathy Gale, Emma Peel and Tara King.

(All aboard the geezer bus....)

Without looking at IMDB (I swear):

Honor Blackmun, Diana Rigg, Linda Thorson. Mmmm, Diana Rigg...

Is anyone besides me disturbed by the line:

"Steed, who also words as a truck driver..."

Just what I want in my judge.

The "Walter" part is pretty appropriate too, considering who's the best known Walter around these parts.

Definitely an odd twist on the "pro-choice" concept.

And you gotta ask, how in the world could he tell if one of the wives was fooling around? He probably can't tell the kids apart as it is.

Lairbo --

... mmmmmmm ... Diana Rigg ...


Squirl, I had the same thought. Reading Mr Steed's resume..
Marital status .. married 3 times, no divorces or death, 32 children.
Current job/s held: Judge. Truck driver.

That's just a little bit bizarre.

Tamara.. if you get working on it today.. and pop out a couple at a time... oh about once a year for the next 16 years, you'll have him beaten!

BTW.. Paging G W Bush.. there's a message for you here!

"When the law is violated or ignored by those charged by society with the fair and impartial enforcement of the law, the stability of our society is placed at undue risk," the court's ruling said.

Okay.. I'm shutting up now.

Quality, not quantity. Bet I've got 'im beat there! ;)

C-bol - I'm pretty sure it said "Hildale." As a student at Hillsdale College right now...I think it's pretty safe to say that our definition of "kinky" would be waaay too conservative to include incest or scientology...

I'm sorry, but I'm one of two and my mother calls me by ALL kinds of names (my cousins' names, her sisters' names, first female name that pops into her head, etc. usully hitting on about 4 different names before she finds the right one). I cannot fathom what goes on with his kids. 32!!!! And how do you find so many names for these kids (ignoring the George Foreman the 2nd through the 5th rule of naming)? Where to begin?


Aaron, Adam, Annabelle, Bernie, Cathy, David, Eleanor, Frank, Georgia, Henrietta, Imogene, Jennifer, Karen, Louise, Mary, Nora, Ophelia, Paul, Quigley, Ralph, Sarah, Timothy, Ursula, Victoria, Walter, Xavier, Yolanda, Ziggy ... there's a start ...

I'm sorry, but I'm one of two and

I assume you mean one of two children.

"You hear that? She called me a noble steed. She thinks I'm a steed!"

"That'll do, Donkeh. That'll do."

Usually the penalty for bigamy is two mothers-in-law. But if you marry two sisters...?

  • I am married to two women.
  • Isn't that bigamy?
  • Big of you?

I am sitting here shaking with amusement at the notion that you all evidently have "steed" and "stud" mixed up. One is supposed to be a noble animal, the other a useful way of breeding offspring.

Or....maybe....that was on purpose???

Hanna - you mean that "steed" is NOT the past tense of "stud"?

*smacks forehead*

Just kidding! :)

... um ... the pluperfect subjunctive mood past tense for "steed" should be "stude" (long "u" pron. -- as in female sheep, don't ask why) ... which, as geezers are well aware, is a contraction of "Studebaker" ... merely FYI ...

Stud is the past tense of steed. The future tense is "will Stee", and the present icicle is "studk on the gutter."

Is anyone besides me disturbed by the line:

"Steed, who also words as a truck driver..."

Just what I want in my judge.

Posted by: SquirlCat41 | 02:18 PM on February 27, 2006

Yeah, that wording bothered me, too ... merely sayin' ... esp. the wording as a truck driver ...

If he's a truck driver he may well have a few more wives futher down his route.

disturbed that he's a truck driver? i think this is even scarier.

"He was paid a few hundred dollars monthly for serving in the part-time judicial position.

They are not required to have any legal training."

U.O. While I am willing to concede that there are 32 names, how do you keep them all straight?

And Brainy, yes I am one of two children. Or ingrates, depending on my mother's mood.

Three wives all nagging at the same time? LOL

Why not let the women decide? What about if some wome prefer to share one alpha male than being the only one for a loser?

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