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February 17, 2006


Thanks, but we'll just retch.


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Picky, picky, picky.

Don't ask about the noodles a la' Bobbitt...


What's wrong with Organic food?

Poodles n Noodles?

And I'll have a bowl of Snake Urine Soup...

(it does exist, but a google search on "snake urine soup" only returns the usual porn sites and a childs blanke recall at a major retailer.)

You are what you eat? Thanks, I'd rather not be a d*ck.

Isn't there something slightly brokebacky (NTTAWWT) about ordering a platter of penis?
Is the first platter they show of a picture of something tied in a knot? *faints*

Its a long term thing. Haha! Methinks the chinese have had one too many famines. Apparently they will now eat anything.

Might make a good breakfast-in-bed for that infamous scene from the "Godfather".

many women say bian is good for the skin.

I tried to tell my wife that, but she just won't listen.

This falls under the "not enough ketchup in the WORLD" category of cuisine.

I have never eaten brains. I've heard of a dish made in parts of Mexico where they mash beetles into a paste and smear them on a tortilla. - Won't eat that. No matter how drunk, I won't eat the worm at the bottom of the bottle.

I can't believe they garnished that dog dick with a plum, gross! Dog dick should be garnished with lime!

Run, Walter!!!

Its "China's *first* specialty penis restaurant"? so, do they think it will start a trend or something?

*speechless with Leetie*

Well, at least they haven't resorted to cannibalism.

*snork* at Nannie's "Run, Walter!"
Don't worry, Nannie. I don't think Dave is going to go within one hillion skillion miles of China anytime soon.

I'm of the "If You Haven't Tried It, You Can't Knock It" school of eating. I would definitely try the hotpot, because I'm a curious person.

so if you ask "are there any specials?" does the waiter drop his pants?

will that be served with white rice, or lomein??

How much for the flambedd oosik?

supposed to be flambeed (with that goofy non-american accent on one of the e's)

Waiter! There's a soup in my fly.....

Someone needs to say it:

Specialty Penis WBAGNFARG.

Love Asian food. Will not read the article. Must forget I ever read headline or file it in my brain under "Fear Factor Fare" rather than "Chinese Fare."

waitress quote: "And sometimes the customers take advantage of me by asking rude questions."

customer: "Do you always wear those ugly pants?"
waitress: "I feel so used."

You want fries wid at?

LOL, insom.

The ox was, of all six, the most recognisable for what it was, even though it had been diced. In texture seemed identical to gristle.

"So, Mr. Spencer, you're familiar with the taste of ox penis? Interesting."


No one should have to see - or even read - Dog's penis, garnished with a plum.

Menu items to try at a Chinese restaurant:

Sum Yung Guy
Cho Kon It
Chu Sum Dik
Won Hung Lo
Chef's Surprise

"except for those containing testicles".. I think I'll start using a new acronym... EFTCT .....

eg: Man, I really enjoy a good barbeque.. EFTCT

Honey, your peach cobbler is the best.... EFTCT


Oscar Meyer has a way with BOLOGNA ... EFTCT


Special discount for members!

*SNORK* at Blue! Butt shouldn't it be 'dickscount'?

"while the donkey had a firm colour and taste"

It's all the way at the bottom. Enough Said.

*Sensing a more receptive crowd at the evening show, he goes for it again*

...and they have an all ORGANic menu.....

Blue~ *snicker*

What whine do you serve with this? How about "Not tonight. I have a headache!"

Do these people know they could come to America and make lots of money on reality shows by eating this stuff?

Annie--good one. I always get "would you like bread with your whine." No sympathy...

Mr. C's--funniest if read out loud, but be careful who is listening!

"Dick Cheney Surprise - Republican weiner peppered with spicy bits of birdshot, simmered for 24 hours before serving, then thoroughly roasted."

...must be ordered 'ahead.'

*SNORK* @ Annie! And don't forget, the staff works for tips.

Flambéed ... like that?

(Too bad the "journalist" didn't bother learning how to spell properly. That prejudiced me against having any interest or liking for the article from the start. Merely sayin' ...)

"Weiner" is right. He apologized for getting in the way.

Must be some kinda organization doing damage control?

Is this a "members only" restaurant?
If customers only eat part of their meal and leave, do they go off half-cocked?
Does each meal come with a stiff drink?
If you play with your food does it get bigger?

Private dining rooms also available.

First come, first served.

Guolizhuang's owner... is proud to combine his own surname (Guo), his wife's (Li) and his son's nickname (Zhuang) into its title.

So this is the English equivalent of naming a restaurant FrankMaryBilly?

And then there's the whole penis thing...

Pets allowed.

Finger food.

Militant G - maybe it's the equivalent of "Anita-Mo-Dick."

Just a guess, mind. But I'll bet the name of the restaurant is "Wang's"

i can't believe no one said boiled di*ks wbagnfarb

we reserve the right to refuse service.
do they dicker over the price or drive a hard bargain?

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