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February 24, 2006



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Oh... Carry the one. I always mess up addition.

LOOK! A new post!


...gotta be more careful were I walk.

32 million reasons why H&R Block shouldn't prepare your tax return this year...

I sure hope they aren't going to be asking me for a refund to help them out of that hole!

Ok, here's 2 cents!

"It wasn't particularly material..."

If memory serves, last time I made a $32 million dollar mistake on my taxes, it proved to be particularly material.

Dear Mr. Ernst,

If you were to staple your first born child onto the front of form 1040-MEACULPA, everything should be fine.


Miles Redtape,

...moving onto next subject ......

I want to make a $32 million dollar mistake on my taxes, Christobol.

I look forward to the day where this is a likely event.

You know, H&R Block has effed up so much, recently, that...I dunno, but JEEZ.

This is like your favorite hooker having to admit she gave you the crabs she caught from your wife.

Uh-oh. Makes me wonder if I should rely on the advice of the guy I talked to at H&R Block. He said no part of education grants is taxable income, but other people have told me that whatever isn't spent on specific expenses is taxable. Hrm.

"This is like your favorite hooker having to admit she gave you the crabs she caught from your wife."

BOING! That went right over my head.

OK, this is exactly why I never have my taxes done by H&R Block - that, and they advised me to report all my illegal income - clearly they think I'm an idiot

instead, i'm just gonna do what I always do and fill in random numbers

Ooooh, nooooo! Our new pres/ceo, Jeff Yabuki, just left H&R to join our company. We just got his 'excited to be here' speech yesterday. Well, no wonder he's excited.

Bumble, from what I remember, the tax guy is correct. A grant is not taxable income. Here is the IRS answer.

I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, AnnieWBH - is that true? If so, he is one smart cookie!

"Ernst said software-related technology problems...'created a hole out of which we're working to climb.'"

At least it was their own taxes up which they screwed.

Ford79 - I noticed that line as well, and was impressed by the fact that, while their accounting may need some work, they still get good marks for grammar.

El - yes, it truly is true. So is he smart for jumping ship at H&R, or is he Godzilla, wandering the planet, leaving a path of financial destruction in his wake? I guess we'll find out.

Annie--have your office mates been singing that sprightly song from The Music Man:

o/` Yabuki, Yabuki, Yabuki... o/`


AnnieWBH - keep us posted. :)

I forwarded this story to my accountant.

Snork, Ford79. This is the sort of humor up with which we WILL gladly put.

Jeezely, C-bol ... does ya hasta beat me to the line every time?

(Of course, if I hadn't been out on the RR trax, I might've had a chance ... no?)

Bumble - grants are not taxable, but you have to list them if you are taking education deductions as they are subtracted from tuition paid. You should get a form from your school, looks similar to a W2 that has all the info you need.

BTW, I used H&R last year because TurboTax wasn't working. They doubled billed me on my credit card, then refunded the money, then billed me again. I filed a dispute with the bank and ALL the charges were cleared, including the one I was refunded for, so I made $20 out of the deal, which I say I earned fair and square.

Jacki - how much do I make if I turn you in? Kidding, ha, ha....wanna trade CEO's?

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