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February 24, 2006


Bet it won't be a small sect for long.

(Thanks to Suzy Q)


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"...may use hallucinogenic tea as part of a ritual intended to connect with God..."

♪...did you think to pray?♫

And I'll hum that hymn FIRST it seems.

Somebody at the Blog is having a sample already - the posting credits Stupendous Man, while the comment thread credits Suzy Q.

Or am I hallucinating (again)?

Ah! Is this the church of the Rutles?

I am hallucinating again. It's (once again!) not there now.

*Boils some water*

Ooh, that's nasty stuff. Wouldn't do it for recreation, personally.

"The justices sent the case back to a federal appeals court, which could consider more evidence."

Federal Appeals Court Justice: "Let's have some tea while we consider the matter."

How long until there are churches that celebrate holidays with the burning of certain herbs?

Well that explains why I keep hearing this when I walk by their church. By the way have any of you ever listened to that while watching this movie it's a wierd experince.

Last time I connected with God I'd wished there was some drugs involved!

*loves Blue Meanie a pillow and a blanket and some parfait*

It's ok, Blue, just have a little parfait, and rest for a while, and you'll feel better soon.

this settles it - I just gotta start my own church - the only way I can understand God is by smokin' a little parfait twice a day - really

and if it's the really good stuff, sometimes Jesus will join me for some JD shots - that JC, he ain't no light-weight - he can really put down some serious shots

*crawls under southerngirl's bed and waits for the lightning*

blue meanie: i had checked with several terms to see who was first but had one search still running when i went ahead and posted it, crediting s.man... but the final search indicated suzy sent it in earlier so i quickly changed it. :) not quickly enough, tho. you might want to consider, you know, doing something ELSE with your life, too. :) {ducking}

Mmmm.. sounds like a good time to open a church like this on every corner like Starbuck's..Our Lady of Perpetual Tea And Sympathy..

Whoo Hoo! I got blogged! And I beat out Stupendous Man!

*hand silver medal to Stup*

WOW - I didnt realize there was such intense competition for bloggers. I mean I like seein my name up there just as much as the next guy but... WAIT a minute - judi... what else IS there?

TCK, you took my comment! Not the doin' shots w/Jesus part,(scoot over, hurry!)but the starting a new church part, where hallucinogenics and parfait are allowed. Bet we'd have a great turnout.

That reminds me...

I kinda miss being a Eucharistic Minister. You know, and drinking the excess consecrated wine after Communion? ... *sniffle* How I love(d) Catholicism!

Anyway, you guys got the "Rutles" reference, right? Right?

Judi - thanks for clearing up my paranoia (for now, anyway). But at this part of my day, the only available alternative in my life is work :[ , so there's barely any chance that I might take your suggestion. :]

(You know I love ya', right?)

S'girl, much as I would love to use the comforts you have very generously offered, I am unfortunately, for the reasons noted, unable to put them to good use at this moment. I will just have to go with the tea.

Need a cup, TRWC/TWRC?

southerngirl - blasphemous minds think alike

*scoots over*

always plenty of room for you under your own bed, darlin' - grab my lighter over there, will ya? it's time for communion

ROFL and KUDOS to judi!!!

But since Blue meanie is my favorite male blog guy this morning (see previous thread) I really don't want him to leave. :-)

*Turns a bit bluer*

(that's how Meanies blush)

oh, pass da ganja mon.

*pokes a Klingon pain stick under southerngirl's bed*

*snork* a klingon pain stick? is that anything like thai stick?

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.


Rutles? Anyone? Bueller?


OK, Tamara - because i love you, i will feign interest and ask:

WTF is a Rutle?

TCK~ Not so much. You need to watch a Star Trek ep with a Klingon coming-of-age ritual in it. It sends out some sort of ultra-painful shock on contact. The also use them in rituals proving government officials are really dead before their replacements are chosen.


*They also use them...


Beatles parody. Eric Idle. Documentary. 1st from 1978; 2nd twenty years later.

Available on DVD.

Google it!

Beatles : LSD :: Rutles : Tea (EcstasTea!)

*pokes a Klingon pain stick under southerngirl's bed*

Posted by: Bumble | 01:50 PM on February 24, 2006

uh, not sure why you want to do this, Bumble, but no thanks.

Y'all are too hung up on cultural context and sociopolitical iconography'n'shit. Ain't supposed ta be a quiz on this...just inhale gently and deeply and feel the looooooooooove.

Tamara - still not gettin' it, but I promise to come back and read it later after I'm good and stoned - maybe that'll help

P'raps you parfait-partakers should check out this link about Rastafarianism... you may be "highly" interested, IYCMD....

p.s. to Tamara RWC - I DUG The Rutles...!

southerngirl~ As a blasphemy deterrent. Keep you and TCK from being struck by lightening someday. Probably won't work, huh?

Oh well.

*pushes tasty snacks and drinks under southerngirl's bed*

YAY! *hugs Mr C!*

*sticks tongue out at TCK*

Bumble - ultra-painful shock as blasphemy deterrent? thanks, i guess (but you're right - probably won't work)

also thanks for the cheeze-its and beer

ick. I said tasty.

Tamara - just as clarification, were you sticking your tongue out in a suggestive manner, such as that my heart rate would increase upon seeing such suggestive tonguing?

or was it more of the raspberry variety?

ick? beer and cheeze-its?

I spose you're gonna say it was kool-aid and wheat thins?

TCK~ Nah. More like Zingers, Pringles and Strawberry Daiquiris.

I don't like Cheez-its. Flavor's too sharp. I prefer Goldfish. And I never developed a taste for beer. Granted, I didn't try very hard, but...

But wheat thins are good. Especially with County Line brand White American cheese (which nobody carries anymore; wah!) and hard salami or summer sausage. Num.

aaahhh - zingers and strawberry daiquris - breakfast of champions

No, that's chipped beef on toast. Or waffles and sausage links. Or Chef Boy-ar-dee.

I'm hungry now.

OK, I'll buy chef boy-ar-dee as breakfast of champions, just so long as its eaten cold, and right out of the can - silverware is optional


May the force be with us. Don't profane the light.

*innocent look @ Bumble* .. just sayin'!!

hey cyn

thanks fer the gardening link

TCK- Again I say: ick. Microwaved in a bowl and eaten with crackers and a fork.

cyn- What? It's a Yucca plant, right? No? Dracaena? Spider plant?

Bumble - smoke a little of cyn's yucca plant, and then come talk to me about what's good munchies

I won't smoke a Yucca plant. I won't even touch them if I can help it. I stocked some at the greenhouse last year. They're very poky. Almost worse than unwrapping cacti and succulents.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think DMT is what a client of mine referred to as his drug of choice, however, he ingested it by drinking certain OTC cough medications by the gallon.

He stated he would drink three or four bottles of various cough suppressants daily in order to enable him to "commune with the other realm" and "understand the universe".

I should mention, before anyone tries this, that he is in a lock-down cell at the local jail and those with whom he communed apparently are no longer willing to assist him in gaining greater insight into life's great mysteries.

Bumble - "yucca plant" was more of a euphamism than it was a suggestion to smoke an actual yucca plant - I would actually advise against smoking an actual yucca plant (although I would do that before I would drink cough syrup by the gallon)

TCK- I know, but I delight in turning your euphemisms into literalisms. It's fun.

Bumblesweets, i have no idea! considering the decision of the Supremes last year, i just wandered off to wonder about it `cause it's legal. (grow in yard, easily extracted in the kitchen, n basically free! wow.)

*wafts away on pearly clouds, singing "just a closer walk with Thee"*

(z'air any more room under that bed s'girl?)

cyn- Just kick TCK out if he won't move over.

Where I grew up we had a native American "traditional" religion that included smoking or ingesting somehow peyote beans, even though as far as I know they did not grow naturally in our part of the country. Heap big parrrr-teee that went on for about a week two or three times a year, if I remember right.

How true is the cliche, everything old is new again...

I smoked peyote once while out West. That is truly a mind-altering drug. This was a time when I partook of parfait and various assorted other desserts rather frequently. I'm happy to have had the experience but once was enough for me.

I turned them off darn it!

It's raining, it's pouring,
The old man is snoring.

(in South Florida)

Coulda fooled me ... merely sayin' ...


De nada.


hey, there, Blue!

Blue Meanie must have, surely (but not Shirley) been correct in his observation that my post was prior to Suzy Q's, recognizing, instantly, that Suzy Q was probably busy showing CCR her Bad Moon Rising in The Twilight Zone when I submitted this world-shattering information from the much-maligned and often misunderstood Eastern Stardard Time Zone (and halfway house).

I get no respect!

(One lump, or two?)

Tamara RWC, I can't believe so few here seem to know The Ruttles! (Esp. considering the number of Python fans we have.)

And besides, they were "more famous than Rod!"

Wait until these people discover the English religious group- the Fourth,Fifth,Sixth and Seventh Day Adventists.They believe in four day sabbaths,and long lunch hours for workdays.

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