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February 05, 2006


Here's a guy who can help you put them to good use.

(This is a serious post. We apologize for any confusion this causes, and will resume normal blogging shortly.)


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that guy was only tooting his own horn a little bit, so I forgive him

Hahaha! FIRST!!!

eeew! Just simulposted with myself! Creepy.

hat trick? unheard of.

Jeezely yes!

Old trombone, clarinet, flute ... mebbe trumpet? From when the kids were in band ...

I'll get on this ...

Hope some others can follow along ...

(OK, it's an A chord ... try to keep up ...)

I almost thought I had the wrong blog!

Wowser, Nurse Tammy ... here I wuz, feeling good about somethin' altruistic and worthwhile, and you're posting with your ownself ... (WTG on the hat trick, BTW ... readiness is all, as somebuddy useta say ...)

... goin' back on the road (to real home) so will be off fer quite a while, several hours or more ... gotta do an O-dark-hundred start tomorrow for job-related stuff, but I'll try to get back tonite, with mebbe some sorta post r.e. the young Marine who wuz delayed, so if you're of a mind, you can pass the word on to four Senators r.e. this inequity of treatment ... if y'all don't, yew kin ignore it ...

talk @y'all later

Dave is just posting something serious in case someone from the Newsweek blog drops in. Either that or he saw the instrument and thought he HAD to post it because it sounded so much like strumpeting.

Funny though, I didnt know Al Franken played the trumpet?

My kiddo here thought she would absulutely die without an electric guitar, so i got her one for xmas... Shewas real excited til she realized she would have to LEARN TO PLAY IT. A kewl piece of equipment and a really big amp do not a rock star make. It sits gathering dust. She does have a kewl name for a rock band, tho... The Malevolent Poodles!!!

But seriously folks. My wife is a librarian (don't tsk tsk -- she looks great in short skirts) and belongs to a music librarians' chat group. She'll alert them to this.

Think of anyone you know who is connected to music in any way. And, this stuff works. My bro was in Afghanistan and they came across an orphanage in the mountains with nothing -- literally nothing -- so the soldiers started spending their own money on clothes and toys and panes for windows -- most of these kids had never seen a single toy -- now it looks like Uncle Sam is going to build a new orphanage. People from the US connected to the soldiers started sending kids clothes. So things do start from nothing.

You guys ROCK

Including what has been posted to this blog so far, here's what we've collected for Harper High School:

4 trumpets
2 trombones
2 clarinets
2 flutes
1 saxophone
1 snare drum
1 mandolin
1 bass guitar
1 electric guitar with amp

also a ton of literature books for the library and $600 in financial donations, including a corporate match from Wells Fargo Bank

Thank you thank you thank you. This is going to make a big difference in the lives of some young people who face the "you're not important" message every day.

Please call or email if you want to join in.

Jordan Graham
[email protected]

I got an acoustic guitar this past Christmas. I'll let you know in a couple more months if it will available. ;-)

Also Dave (the real one), I read a quote somewhere that everything that happens in the world first starts with words. (I think it was Jackie "O" who said it.)

So thanks for the words--altruistic and otherwise.

I took a few clarinet lessons some years ago. It did not go well. So I went to law school instead. But I digress.

I only rented the clarinet so I don't have it to donate, but I applaud everyone who is!

WTG, DB blogits!!!

As soon as he wakes up, we'll swipe tck's air guitar from under S'girl's bed and send it on. I think it needs new strings, but other than that, it's in pretty good shape. His tiny violin, however, is plum wore out.

Lisa BFF:
"...I read a quote somewhere that everything that happens in the world first starts with words...)"

I heard Yanni say, "Everything starts with a single thought."

I have a piano that I haven't played with any seriousness in 20 years, but...it would cost a bundle to send it. Maybe I'll just donate it to a school locally that doesn't have many instruments.

HEY! I'm usin' that air guitar! (Freebird's on the radio)

and I'm not sure what you mean by "violin", but around here we call 'em fiddles - and my "fiddle" is neither tiny nor worn out - just sayin'

Hi daisymae-I think Yanni has Jackie "O" beat. Unless you count people who speak before they think. But that would never happen.

From a former marching band geek, I think this is an awesome post. Hooray for the people who have donated! *hugs her ol' clarinet 'cause she can't possibly part with it*

Damn - I dont have anything to donate (My voice was my instrument) but I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

After the shock of finding a serious post HERE, of all places (!!) I passed the request along to some family members who might be able to help... the list of items so far is good, but not enough. All I have here is a plastic recorder, not worth the cost of mailing it... :(

Jordan, GOOD LUCK!

JUst to be perfectly honest, and so I don't get any credit I have not earned, I've informed Mr. Graham that the clarinet is beyond repair and the trumpet has been sold. The slip-horn is in a closet 230 miles away, and I may not get back to the old homestead for several months, but I WILL follow up on this, when I get there. Flute is in possession of original player, who apparently plans to keep it.

I tried ... we'll pass this on to a few others who might be able to help ...

I got rid of my trombone about 30 years ago, but if I still had it I would send it. I didn't nearly appreciate music in school until it was far behind me.

Careful, Tammy. Too much self-simulposting can make you go crazy.

Oh, you're a girl...

Would Jordan take a couple of these? Oh, only the instruments...I get it.

I'll send my armpits when I'm through giving concerts.

Other than that, I play only the radio. But this is a most worthy effort and I will pass the info along to my more musically talented friends.

i'm a ass. band director in new orleans la for a sarah t reed high school and majority of our equipment was destroyed from hurricane katrina and some was stolen during the storm any instrumens you can give will be helpful this is my email address [email protected]

Hi i have a old trumpet that i would like to see some one else enjoy playing.the case is not in good shape but the horn is clean and no dings or dents.it needs to be oiled and tuned up.so let me know if you know a child that would want it.thanks bobbyc

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