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February 15, 2006


It's about time.


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"I'll just use my bat terrorist-repellant..."

Bin Laden will be no match for this guy.

Bit of ironic juxtaposition there, Chianca: Bin Laden....at large.

I'll only take the War on Terror seriously when the government and Batman are brave enough to take on the REAL terrorists of the world.... 2 year olds.

"Durka durka! Durka jihad durka bin laden." = Oh no! It's the bat signal.

"Jihad durka durka al-qaida durka. Jihad!" = And he's in the bat-copter. Run!

"Durka nainanajad! Durka jihad durka Dick Cheney, jihad durka durka!" = Never fear! It's Dick Cheney, and he's quail hunting!

"Durka jihad!" = We're saved!

anyone else notice that this article was posted tomorrow? bat man is far more powerful than we suspected!

Wldwmyn - same bat time......

note the Newspaper

Sydney, as in Australasia

where it IS already tomorrow.

don't ask me to explain.

oh. right. I'm behind -- i KNEW something was wrong with this picture... sigh.

Miller said the comic was: "an explosion from my gut reaction..."

Pepto-Bismol will help take care of that...

**SNORK** at markhh!!

I feel a lot safer knowing the Caped Crusader is on the job!! Hopefully Batman takes some lessons in fighting terrorists from Dick Cheney's War On Attorneys...

It just seems silly to chase around the Riddler when you've got al-Qaeda out there."

Pointing out the obvious - duh!

But Al Qaeda doesn't have any amusing costumes, they won't wear face paint to identify themselves properly as clownish villians and they insist on the whole blow-yourself-up bit (which is getting a little stale) rather than creating weapons out of umbrellas and such.

Plus, if they burned embassies over a comic, what are they going to do when Batman is kicking the butts of Middle Eastern gentlemen all over Western movie theatre screens?

Er, Somewhere North - Frank Miller is writing a comic book.... Not to made into a movie - at least not at the present time. Mr. Miller is the one who has aged Batman into a grim and gritty villainous hero, rather than the one who tormented the villains by taunting them with puns, etc....

Oh good! More cartoons.

every - Right, just what we need.
*shakes head*

Personally, I won't think we're serious about the War on Terrorism until we unleash The Hog of Steel, Pig of the Future on the bad guys.

Aw man. More comics. The middle east is going to blow up even more of their buildings and citizens now. I don't quite get the logic about costing your economy millions in damages and killing your own citizens to protest how peaceful your religion is. I mean Asterix and Oblex was offensive to me and my barbarian ancestors but I only burned a small coffee shop in protest.

Um, guys, cartoons were obviously only an excuse.

Prairie...Yeah; I was SO impressed when one of the major media outlets reported about a week after the riots started that some of the Iraqi factions were suspected of possibly encouraging the violence. Ya THINK????

Prairie - you must be mistaken. The middle east is such a peaceful, democratic, easy going place to live every other day.

That being said, I was fiercely amused when 2 days after the riots broke out the cartoon violence moved to page 19 and Brittany Spears driving while holding her baby took centre stage. I think the West has attention deficit disorder.

Doesn't it say something to the governments of the countries where all the rioting occurred that the populace harbors so much rage it goes berserk at such a trivial slight?

Prairie, Betsy, what lends the most credence to your perception of the REAL source of the violence is that it took the perps FOUR MONTHS to get offended by the 'toons. Personally, when something offends ME, it rarely takes more than 4 seconds before I go burn a Danish embassy.

NO! A conspiracy involving the middle east? What is this world coming to?

I remember four years ago when the Miss World pageant was rioted out of Nigeria, people were holding up signs that read "Down with Beauty." To this day, whenever I think of it I involuntarily make that Scooby Doo noise signifying, "What?" Same reaction with violent rioting to demonstrate one's peaceful nature. I'm nodding to Somewhere North.

Getting down with beauty has a whole different concept in the West. Maybe we misunderstood the rioting in Nigeria. In any case, I am bobbing my head in everysandwich's direction.

Can I put you two in the back window of my car?

*Snork* at Mad S.

[note to self: 'Thndrstrms=no trees; Spbxr offnses=no Dan embsies]

Blue Meanie -- Sure, I don't have a lot going on. What's it pay? Fair warning, though, the nodding is frequently interrupted with coffee spewing laughter, at least on this blog. I lost half a cup, thanks to Mad Soapboxer, and not the cheap store brand stuff either.

"'Thndrstrms=no trees'"?!?! I happen to like trees and if thunderstorms hurt my friends the trees, I am offended! I'm gonna go burn a Danish Embassy! Ummmm.... are there any left? No? Dang. I guess I'll have to burn some Danish pastries then.....

Not to be confused with Danish "pasties"...

Ummm, Danish pasties, yet another white meat!

*snork* at Stupendous Man.
Personally, I like the pun-laden version of Batman better than the dark, depressed one.

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