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February 27, 2006


It's a perfectly innocent item created by Mother Nature herself. (The slut.)

(Thanks to CoastRaven)


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How sad is your s*x life if you have to grow your own peppers to "spice it up"?

Doc, it really burns when I pee...

CoastRaven! Congrats on getting your Peter Piper pecker pepper posted!

Ladies - I recommend you NOT use these as "genuine male substitutes"! Just sayin.
*does the "I got posted" happy dance*

*HUGE SNORK* for judis "fine" print!!!!

*snork* at KDFgirl and disgusted smirk at CoastRaven!

But congrats to Coast for getting posted no matter how low you had to sink to achieve your goal!!! :-)

sure it's small, but the burning sensation makes up for it

I thought judi was mother nature

Thanks for the well wishes all - the scary part is that these are SEEDS (the guy has multiple auctions going)... someone engineered these things to grow like this!!
& *snork* @ KDFgirl - you naughty thing!

*Well children, with all the education funding cutbacks and in the interests of seeing if we could get away with it, we have decided to merge horticulture with s*x education. Here - plant these seeds."

... um ... first we plow, then we plant ... ?

... nah, I got ... um ... nevermind ...

Special Poppers on tonight's appetizer menu......

It was twenty years ago today
That p*n*s peppers made their grand entree
Their shape though not their size
Brings tears to many women's eyes
So let me introduce the food
And remind you to spit out the seeds
For p*n*s peppers breeding parts are bad!

Yes, p*n*s peppers breeding parts are bad
Our colors come in green or red
Yes, p*n*s peepers breeding parts are bad
Swallow and you'll end up dead!
P*n*s peppers breeding
P*n*s peppers breeding
P*n*s peppers breeding ...parts.. are bad!!!

turn my back on you guys for a minute and this is what you guys come up with. WAY TO GO COAST!

i notice these are "..bred for fun".

*snork* at insom

I notice that these sort of things are not so rare anymore, since people have actually gotten money for them on eBay....

Don't ya wanna be a pepper, too? (No.)

That'll teach me to ignore the warnings.

insom - there are no cobwebs in the corners of your mind - you scare the spiders! (& I mean that in the best way!) *snork*

It was love at first glans.

So if it's that hot it probably won't need it's own knitted cozy, right?

Who should I snork at? So many to choose from!

I'm betting that's one type of pepper plant we won't be selling at the greenhouse this summer. But if we did, I bet it would bring in a lot of money. And perverted gardeners.

I think it would sting if inserted.. oops, did I just say that out loud??

*zips out*

True story (AND on topic) - Back before I met my then future ex wife (read it again, it will make sense), I was making a weekend project out of creating a batch of chili (which it HAS to be if you wanna make it right). So I am soaking the beans - cutting the green and red peppers, onions, jalapeños, habaneras etc – well, I SWEAR I had washed and scrubbed and sandblasted my hands, but later on when I was getting a bit – umm – intimate with my lady it seems there was still a bit of the oil left on my hands… I can’t remember her words verbatim, but they included the words stop and NOW in there somewhere. It was a good laugh later on in the evening, but not so much at the time. Policy from then on was no foreplay for twenty-four hours on chili making weekends.
(I tell this story because there are so many stories that cause the guys to cross their legs in imagined agony - its only fair)

I thot I just heard say somethin' about "inserted" somethin' "stinging" ...

Stinging Insertions wbagnfarb?

(Depends upon where it's inserted, I would guess ... merely sayin' ...)

Would be kind of fun to dry a bunch and hang them in the kitchen.

Imagine the comments from company. "Er, are those real?" "Wow, do they plump when you cook them?" "Ummm, where did you get them?"

chuckle - yeah Hanna - gives a whole new meaning to having a "shrunken head" collection.

Nursery rhyme for 2010: Drum roll please . . .
Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peckers :-)

I saw a lolly-pop like this when I lived in Japan during one of their holidays. Some kid had it.

"shrunken head" collection.

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peckers

Double snorks for CoastR and herb

Dr. Peter Pepper... http://uebb.cs.tu-berlin.de/~pepper/

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