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February 22, 2006


You go to buy cow ghee for a special occasion, and they sell you plain old dalda.


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Somebody call Ralph Naderabadalabrahmanian!

Snork @ Blue!

Ghee your hair smells terriffic - but that dress makes you look like a cow.

Do they keep calling them "Additional Commissioner" until they have enough?

Not only THAT -- but I heard that the Monda Market in Secunderabad has a sister store two miles away, called Mondo Cane, and they are now selling cheese in aerosol containers . . . which, as we all know, is prohibited in Secunderabad. It's called Ghee Whiz.

(pssst....wanna buy some ghee, "G"?.... no man, it's the real stuff... I got five keys right here... no, it's not cut with any of that dalda... man, if it was dalda, would I be using any right now?....) Dude, you're not with the MCH, are you?..

If you smeared ghee on bread, would you create a bun-ghee?

(Sorry, I'm at the end of my rope this morning)

Sigh... they buy ghee for religious purposes. There go some more embassies.

And that reporter used this statement just to see how much reaction he could get: caught those allegedly indulging in selling such adulterated stuff. Makes it sound so much worse than it is.

a very sad situation indeed. gets me riled up just thinking about it...how could they?must be bad for the karma somplace.

AHA! And we're not safe on this continent either. I have long suspected that animal fats were being mixed with colours and sold as cow ghee at McDonald's. They even put it in their ice.

You got dalda in my ghee!
You got ghee in my dalda!

*Light bulb!*

Ooooo, Blue!

I LOVE Hyderaban's Ghee Dalda Cups!

Especially the Rs. 80 per kg adulterated stuff.

Oops, I meant Hyderabad. My (Hydera)bad.

That is all so dumb... why don't they just check it with their (not they're not there) portable ghee test kits like I do whenever *I* buy it at the market.

oh ghee, this is a fun topic.

i hate to spoil it, but i think clarified butter is used in a "religious ceremony" generally described as the funeral pyre.

there may be other uses, my knowlege of Hindu culture and customs are pretty limited, but i am pretty certain about the use of ghee in public cremations

'Additional Commissioner Vandan Kumar'

What kind of title is 'Additional Commissioner?'

Is he/she and extra, in case another is needed?

"Is this the guy who sells the cheap stuff?"

"No, man."

"Ghee, I guess I dalda wrong number."

I have coworkers in Hyderabad. Maybe I should call them and get an exclusive scoop to share with this blog?

Hyderabad - another fun topic.

On a recent trip to Chicago with a group, one of our number insisted we eat at a 'real' Indian restaurant. She piled us in a van and off we went to NW CHicago's hinterlands (exactly where any sane person would naturally think...Indian food...). After driving block after endless block with nothing remotely Indian in site, all of a sudden we hit 'a' block with some Indian sounding names like...Hyderabad. We stopped at a place called Hyderabad House. My friend became joyously excited because she's from...Hyderabad in India. WHat a coincidence. We go inside the restaurant and find...a poolhall filled with a couple of tables and chairs and Indian men of varying ages. My friend happily orders for all of us in Hindi (I think it was Hindi...it actually could've been pig latin for all I could tell).

The food comes, and it quickly becomes clear that I can only eat the white stuff (plain white rice and plan white yogurt). Everything else is hot enough to fry your throat. They didn't serve ghee, or if they did, it was too hot for me.

I hate to spoil everyone's fun, but ghee is pronounced with a hard G, like Guy. I've had food cooked with it before but never quite knew what it was until I just looked it up, so here you go.

Boy, they're really gonna crack down on this fake ghee cartel ... sorta sounds like business in the USA when the FDA or EPA or OSHA does a surprise inspection ... except for the "severe penalty" part, of course ... merely sayin' ...

Oh, so if ghee is used in cremations, why were they burying the guy on the other thread? Hmmm? I sense a plot and snakes are obviously involved.

Wasn't that a Beatles tune?

"Dalda Ghee
Dalda Da
Life goes on, bra
La la how the life goes on"

I may regret this, but I've gotta know.

*googles cow ghee and dalda*

Click at your own risk.

now i gotta wonder. all those times i've read the story of little black sambo, and at the end, when his mother prepares all those pancakes, she serves them with ghee, was it REALLY ghee or was it just plain old dalda?

Bumble, I'm going to pass on your links, if that's OK with you. :)

I'm concerned about the "artifical colors" added to this. Don't these people know that it's been proven that Red Dye #2 has toxins - sheesh!

private message to Bumble: thanks for the you-know-what - very cute, and if the business law thing doesn't work out, it's obvious that you have "other talents". :)

Initially, I thought "ghee" was going to be composted manure and "dalda" was going to be the odorous sh!t straight off the farm.

Oh, well.


According to Wikipedia:

"eating ghee is believed to enhance virility and sexual potency"

I'm sold!

U.O - OSHA (and, probably, the others) can't do surprise inspections. You see, corporations are "persons" and therefore, under the misconstrual of the 14th amendment, they have all the rights granted by the Constitution. Surprise inspections fall under illegal search and seizure. OSHA has to get permission from the company or a warrant.

El- Not as gross as you might think. One is processed fat, and the other is some sort of oil. ???

And you're welcome. :-)

I have a great idea for a religious ceremony that involves a couple of boiled lobsters.

Tamara RWC--my thoughts exactly. I went straight to Merriam-Webster for info.

The other thing I thought ghee might be was fuel for some kind of cooker. Well, a funeral pyre is sort of that... "Hmmmm, grandpa does not have that nutty aroma . OMGOD, they substituted dalda."

"What is being sold as cow ghee till recently is nothing but plain vanaspathi (`dalda') with colour additives added."
Department of Redundancy Department?

n Mike P .. that comes under "religious experience" in my book;)

ScottMGS - hey, poetic (?) license ... that's all ...

My point (if I had one) was that most American businesses that are "inspected" and later "fined" usually laugh all the way to the bank [there are exceptions to this example, I know ...] 'cuz the shortcuts they take lower costs so much they've had a blizzare of a windfall profit situation for the 360 days of the year when the "inspectors" din't see whut went on ... merely sayin' ...

Altho ...

I got a surprise "inspection" once @ a hotel in Sodak ... I was waiting for a pizza and chatting with the desk clerk ... this guy sat down on the sofa and I apologized for delaying his check-in ...

No problem, he says, and we start to talk ... turns out we're both from Nodak, and he says "where?" and I tell him and he says, "Oh, that's your truck outside?" ... Yeah, and so I ask whut he does ...

"I work for OSHA ..."

My reaction: "I'm not here ... this conversation is NOT happening ..." and I gave him the magic sign to ward of evil ... He cracked up ... nice guy ...

It's just that the perceived "image" of Federales is ... well ... negative ...

end of meandering comments ... for now ...

I have personally never liked ghee (I think that it smells funny) but when I am in Hyderabad this summer, I will make sure that any I buy is on the up-and-up.


Ghee is clarified butter. Dalda is animal fat. That's it.

As a Hindu, maybe I can clarify(!) this. Ghee is clarified (melted) butter. Vanaspathi is hydrogenated vegetable oil. Naturally, the latter is cheaper and is often used to adulterate the former.

It could be because I know these definition since childhood, but I fail to see the humor here. Most people in the west do not know what ghee is or what vanaspathi is - is that the funny part?

I am sorry if I appear humor-impaired; I just don't get it. If I have missed something, please explain.

DaisyMae, Hyderabadi cuisine is very spicy, even for me. My sympathies!

Your friend probably ordered in Telugu, which is the language spoken in Hyderabad.

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