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February 28, 2006


Missed it.

(Thanks to Fred)


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FIRST with the frozen oosik!

ahem...is this thing on?

Do I get a hat-trick from the Great Wide North?

We always knew that, Annie.

so, Annie - what exactly are ya doin' with that frozen oosik?

I was just thinking a "frozen oosik" would be a little....*ahem*....chilly to play with

Walter must be sorely disappointed. Would have been a nice respite from all of the hurricanes.

Woohoo! I'd like to thank the academy...

I wuz robb(ot)ed!

What am I doing with the frozen oosik? - having a 5-way, apparently.

Do I get a hat-trick from the Great Wide North?

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 03:14 PM on February 28, 2006

That depends. Can you pull a rabbit from a touque?

Was anyone else disappointed by the "Rugby on TV at Hooters" link? I was hopin' for pictures.

geezly - a 5 way simulpost - that's gotta be a record, don't it?

TCK, I did scroll through the pictures file, looking for any usage of oosiks in the rugby game itself - disappointed there, too.

I saw 11 comments and thought, "Hey! Everyone's come out of hiding!"

But, no, it's just you guys. (*ducks!*)

What's the difference between a frozen oosik and a popsicle? They both bite! HAHAHAHA! Oh, wait, that doesn't make sense...

I know there is a George Castandza shrinkage joke in there somewhere.

s'belle - I was cruisin' for oosik, too. I'm guessing they were there, just hard (har!) to see, with the chill-wind shrinkage factor and all.

Snorks to Tamara RWC for her un-funny joke (I laughed anyway - does that mean its been a LOOONG day?)

AN - mais oui, I can!
Addicted - you were right about the shrinkage joke.

Wahoo - I get two out the (not five), but six!

"30 years of history in the independent Alaska Oosik Rugby Football Union"

Wait. Read it again.

"30 years of history in the independent Alaska Oosik Rugby Football Union"

I still don't know what it means. Anyone?

"Cruisin for Oosik" WBAGNFARB

(And my life story, lately)

Ummmm - is that TMI?

Oosik Rugby? Oosik Union? Independent Oosik Rugby? FOR 30 YEARS? So many Brokeback jokes today.

Blue - I have a new respect for you...

KDFgirl - I think you have to translate it from Canadian.

30 years of history in the independent Alaska Oosik Rugby Football Union"

makes one think there must be a DEPENDENT Alaska Oosik Rugby Football Union

Still makes no sense.

yeah... but do they play anywhere near "farfrompoopen road"?


sly - these guys play rugby in the snow...don't expect them to make sense. ;)

anybody view the photos? * shudder *

oh wait...my bad... farfrompoopen in in arkansas... *not* alaska. (i always get those two states mixed up) sorry. : P

I really miss the little outfits that Dave use to dress the little (little?) Oosiks in. Perhaps a little Oosik coat for the cold ?

* For some reason remembers getting tongue stuck on frozen ice cream. Refuses to take that image any further! *

A-B-W-H found some for me
Take care, T-C-B (not TCK)

Since the "Your Blogging Staff" credit box at the left of these pages now includes "Walter, a bone from the penis of a walrus.", when will Walter get to post something? This would have been a perfect "Bad to the bone" story for him!

Alright, spelling's not my thing today.....


Let's see...
translate it from Canadian...
independent Alaska...
Oosik Rugby Union...
carry the 5...

= "Waitress, beer me"

OH! Now it makes sense! Thanks, Annie.

MOTW - that photo made my left eye twitch.

Bird Creek Barbarians Rugby Football Club Cheerleaders' cheer:

"You're gonna get smacked!
You're gonna get hurt!
We're gonna knock your oosiks
In the dirt!
Rah! - Rah! - Rah!

Blue - I more feel that like today anyway.

I thought you hated Annie-grams.

I LUV my grammie. She can wrestle crocodiles.

She's busy hanging wallpaper, though.

*SNORK* for Blue, and you may owe me a new keyboard, depending on whether or not I can get all the Mountain Dew out of it after that.

Rugby Union differs from Rugby League in the number of players on the field at a time.

Did these players take off their shirts after a score?

Having a hard time trying to wrap my brain around a Frozen Oosik Scrum.

Annie, I have a feeling that the oosik has had other experiences, and you were not the first, no matter what he told you about being deprived by the wife, etc. They will tell you anything, ya' know.


Hey Coast:

Frozen Oosik Scrum WBAGDFARB, dontcha think?

I read about the oosik rugby.

I think about rugby.

I realize that in rugby there are hookers, tightheads and looseheads.

I become vaguely aware that somewhere in all of that information, there may be a joke.

I'm too tired to think any further.

*zips in*

*looks around*

I'm going back to the other thread.

shoot. and i bet you also had a shirt. bummer. next yr... write it on your calendar, along with talk like a pirate day...

Eleanor! Wait for me!

Next year, Dave, you should definitely report from this event, as you did from the Arcola Broom Corn Festival.

But what do they do with the oosiks?! I learned nothing from that website!

But quite a lot from you guys.

Punkin and Peri, come with me. Over on the "trailer trash" thread, the guys think we're planning a wet t-shirt contest! Too funny!

Am I the only one here who has a problem with the term "frozen oosik"?

Bird Creek Barbarians Rugby Football Club Cheerleaders' cheer:

"Milkshake, tummyache, boogie-woogie dollar!
If your oosik ain't frozen, stand up and holler!
Rah! - Rah! - Rah!

Earwig Alert: Music, Music, Music!
by Ray Charles

Put another player in,
grab the ball and lose some skin
All I want is to tackle you
and oosik, ooosik, oosik!

Walter would do anything,
Mr. Weingarten asked him to,
But all I want is to tackle you
and oosik, ooosik, oosik!

Closer, no fear, come closer
The nicest part of any rugby yard
Is when the grass has frozen hard....

Put a substitute player in,
This oosik is frozen (No foreskin)
But all I want is to tackle you
and oosik, ooosik, oosik!

I think Anne-Where-but-here does nothing but sit at the computer and read/type these blogs.
You do need to expand yourself, Anne.

P'Boy - *SNORKS!* to the third power!

Dr. Doug - the Easter candy is out, so I'm expanding, all right. Now be careful - you just put an 'i' out.


Dr. Doug, are you dissing my friend AnnieWBH???

I hope I just misunderstood your post.???
And her name is Annie, not Anne - sheesh!

Dr. Doug, do NOT mess with Annie. You know not with which dis. I suggest you run.

with which YOU dis.

*marveling at typos ability to take the tough right out of a sentence*

Just let the dog out. So cold out there you could freeze your oosik off.

My first thought was Wouldn't it be difficult to play rugby with a oosik in hand? Then I realized that it referred to them all being of the male-type.


I believe Dr. Doug was wanted in surgery....his OWN surgery.

Yeah, Annie! You tell 'em!

(Seriously ... I mean that ... with all sincerity ... I thot that comment was ... um ... p'haps a bit ... um ... whut ever ... )

Yeah, You tell 'em! (May I watch?)

Three cheers for Annie!

BTW I'm thinking oosiks seem better suited to polo than rugby.

(Or what's that lawn game with the little hoops? That might work, but not rugby.)

L BFF - you're thinking of croquet, but I luuuv polo!

Croquet, that's it. I think either one of those games should be a Dave-sponsored pro-am annual oosik event.

Memo To: Dr Doug.
RE: Stepping on "it" with golf shoes

Your earlier comment was in bad form. Looking at the fallout you received, I don't blame you for laying low. As a male-type-person that also makes a fool of myself on a regular fashion, I sympathize. However, maybe you should ask yourself 'will the posse lynch me for this' before you post (although that doesn't stop TCK). But don't worry, the doghouse has good beer and parfait, as stupe is finding out. If these things don't help with the impending wrath, maybe you could change your 'handle', thereby adopting another identity. (I did that once, but don't tell anybody!) I feel the extreme pain you are in, even if it is deserved.

Peace brotha

We know who you are, Boogerboy.

"will the posse lynch me for this?"


they ain't lynched me yet - that oughta tell ya somethin'

Yeah, but TCK...we can always see the smile on YOUR face.

Lisa - that smile's pretty much permanent - comes from bein' stoned a lot

(but point well-taken, and written down so as not to be forgotten)

Boogerboy ...

chucklechucklechuckle ...

Bird Creek is alive with the sounds of oosiks
The Barbarians play ,nigh on thirty years
They thrill to the fouls, if they're not obtrusik
They think pads are for wimps, and deserve jeers

At the start they're all clean 'til the first broken nose gets the blood smeared all over their face
Then the parts held most dear get a knee in the cup and high notes are heard through the place!
To cough up fluids replaced soon by beer when the game's done at the end of day
To breathe through a tube, while the docs try to find an airway!

Wow, I'm completely lost here...

TCK - I'm only guessing here, but I think the reason you haven't been lynched by the posse yet is that the posse thinks you're already well hung.

Heeyyy - they lie, you lie. WTH.

hiya i don't no what this is but i just want to say hi to every one lol

Well, the thread-killer seems to have arrived ...

Yes, yes. Thank you for making your presence known.

Cower? Back-off? Lie low? Run to a dog house? Worry about any of this? Hardly.
Regrets, I have a few, but none for what I offer here.

Ah ha! I see the doctor is in.

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