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February 15, 2006


Terror stalks (Har!) the streets.

(Thanks to MOTW)


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They "stepped up patrols," but unfortunately they all slipped and fell on peels.

The patrols, I mean. Slipped and fell, that is.

(Why am I talking like Yoda?)

Hey, where is everyone? I'm all alone in the FIRST zone!

Lisa, you got a hat trick. Sweet.

I got nuthin' on stealing bananas. If they want the spiders, too, they can have 'em.

Farmers say banana thefts have been a "growing problem" over the past few months. One farm lost a hundred bunches over the past two weeks. Hehe get it "growing problem" and they grow bananas.
*cracks himself up*

"Police found bunches of bananas inside their vehicle."

Caught them before they could split, huh?

I think I read this in "Curious George and the Big Banana Heist."

It's seldom that you see so many people on a news team with the same hairstyle.

Is that a bunch of bananas in the back of your truck, or are you just reeeaaallly happy to see me?

S-man - That is awesome
*bunch of snorks*

The suspects plead innocent: "Yes, we have no bananas."

Noob-It was like a blog trifecta. (Except I don't know what a trifecta is. But still.)


Dear Chinatown,

Stop stealing bananas or I'll shoot your face.

Dick Cheney

I shall now teach you how to defend yourselves against ripe fruit.
you first, mr. pomegranette.
trust me, its a python bit.

"...Now, let's assume there's a man sneaking up behind you, brandishing a banahna...."

We trust you, Q.....

OOoo, I got posted! *swoons*
For you, queensbee.

*blushes* Here, linkie, linkie

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