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February 24, 2006


We will refrain from posting this link.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)

UPDATE from the s.b.: Ditto, this one.


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"...It's FrahnkenstEEn !.."

In fairness to Destiny's parents, there aren't a lot of really good first names that go with Frankenstein...

A psychology major. Wonder why......


I feel more sorry for her sister, Brydove.

It's pronounced Fronkensteen.

"So, who're you taking to the Stumpflogger Annual Squaredance and Chilidog Cookoff?"

"That Frankenstein girl."

"Yikes. Real woofer, huh? I did tell you to consider bathing occasionally."

"No, really. That's her name. And I told you I don't want to wash off my protective shield of funk."

"That's her name? You can borrow my mace if you like. Actually, I recommend it. And the Protective Shield of Funk wbagnfarb."


And if she marrys the guy from yesterday whose name we won't make fun of you would have the Frankenstein-Takenashit marriage..

"Daughter of Wes and Susan Frankenstein"

Poor Destiny had no choice (though she can legally change it if she wants to). But her Mom must have had one hell of a maiden name to give it up for Frankenstein.

Maybe Manilow?

Her parents, aware of the dubious nature of their last name, nevertheless gave her a first name which is also a word in the English language.

Where's child protective services when, for once, you actually need them?

Oh, and it's Takenoshita, with an O and an extra A, Sean. Have some sensitivity, here. Jeez.

Personally, I think naturally occurring names, like ones imported from some erroneously not-English-Vetted language are way funnier than Names-Given-by-Sociopathic-Parents like hers.

They had to rename the Chevy Nova when they imported it to Spain, where "No va" means "won't go".

Words of the Sentient:
Government is not the solution to the problem; government is the problem.
-- Ronald Reagan

actually, KAZ...

TakenoshitA.. TakenoshitA.. Got it. Sometimes I can't find my "A" with both hands..

... Nicknames include "D-Frank" and "Money."

This girl has some really good friends.

chevy nova frankenstein just doesn't sound right.

Nooo-vaaa.. BAAAAD!!

Seems her parents were Mel Brooks fans

If she ever has kids A) God bless 'em, and B) they will have to live with being: 1) Destiny's child, and 2) Young Frankensteins. Oh, the humanity!


Yes Blue, but they will have enormous (TV Edit) personalities!

I am as opposed to the perpetuation of urban myths as anyone.

Therefore I'm offended that you'd dare to question the varacity of something I would say, much less imply that it might not be true.

It is irresponsible to, in these dangerous times, go around questioning the accuracy of my statements. It brings down the morale of the readers, and brings comfort to The Enemy.

There's a fine line to be drawn between constructive criticism, like "perhaps we should do things MORE your way, KAZ, you're not taking charge enough", and undermining liberty and justice with such dangerous nay-saying.

No wonder she became a top-ranked softball player. If anyone makes fun of her name, she can beat the crap out of them with her baseball bat.

I don't know, I think she's got it marginally better than these three folks I've known...

3. Therafern Penley
2. Leonabelle Handog
1. Dick Eaton


You know the sports writers love a name like hers: http://www.kansan.com/stories/2005/may/11/sports_softball_frankenstein/

Angela - I think I can beat those - twins at my elementary school (A L-O-O-O-N-G time ago) were named (I have to do it phoenetically first for full effect) Leh-MON-gell-oh and Or-AHNJ-ell-oh; spelled, of course, as Lemonjello and Orangejello, and I TRULY swear IANMTU!!!

Sthnbelle - Did they jiggle when ya shook 'em?

bwaaahaa blue meanie!
what stupid parents. why didnt they name her susan or linda - NOOOOO, they had to be trendy. but fairly stupid to walk around with that name for too long. they should be arrested for foisting a bad name on their child. isnt that a law???

Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

This is why there are so many people legally changing their names every day. Why, why, why don't the parents do something about it before they pass it on to a younger generation?

sthnbelle-Did you go to elementary school in southern California? Because I had a friend who told me the same story. It would be scary to think that there is more than one mother in the world who thinks that those are good names for her children.

Dan Jenkins also had those (Jello) names for two of his characters in one of his football novels ... I think ... unless I had those kids in elementary P.E. and just forgot about them ... whut ever ...

I think we need a category for this type of post - could be called "links that this blog absolutely does not post"

If young men and women can wear five inch spiked blue hair,the Destiny Frankenstein can be a public relations employee for Mel Brooks.

I've heard that lemonjello and orangejello story from about 5 different people in 2-3 different states who claim to know or to know someone who knows people with these names. I'm thinking it's just made up, no offense to sthnbelle.

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