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February 16, 2006


Ebay item of the day.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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They didn'y say where he gets his nails done. I'd like to avoid it if I can.

I think I still have a little piece of pencil lead imbedded in my right thigh. Anyone interested? First!

Second and third!

*sticks out tongue at Blue*

Simulposted with myself. Yikes.

Bumble...there's nothing to be ashamed of in self-simulposting. It's a perfectly healthy normal activity. (Don't believe that stuff about going blind.)

Betsy's right, Bumble. You won't go blind, because you can stop when you realize you need glasses! HAH!

I know that's an old joke ( or so I've been told), but I just heard it for the FIRST time a couple of weeks ago.


Betsy's right, Bumble. It never ar4%);+@g}\ me.

simulpost hard enough and you might cough up a nail

You people are weird. But I like you anyway.

Ummm, Bumble, that lead has nothing to do with that guy we read about yesterday does it? 8-o

"...bizarre gardening accident..." - direct quote from my favorite movie of all time.... anyone? Ferris? Eleanor? I'll bet you a Happy Hippo that Mr Barry knows it.

Back at ya', Bumble.

I think I broke the blog.


It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever.

And we all dance on the edge, Lou. Trust me.

lou~ What guy?

Oh. You mean Jack. I said pencil lead. If Jack comes at Marwan with a pencil, let's face it. He's just gonna laugh.

Actually, it was the guy from the "Really Bad idea of the Day So Far"

*ducks, wishing he remembered how to link*

Annie - these amps go to eleven

I once has a similar experience ... through a bizarre series of events at a gathering of friends, a sliver of Italian Sausage pizza became lodged in my gastrointestinal tract. After attempting treatments with plenty of liquids to ease the resulting pain, I decided to ignore it.

I later fell asleep, but I suddenly awoke, and the pizza was almost miraculously disgorged from my body into a conveniently located receptacle.

Several hours later, I was no longer suffering any aftereffects of the entire experience.

I, too, had never thought of donating (or selling) the relic to the Smithsonian ... another opportunity lost, it seems ...

U.O - I assume your dear bride (remember her?) wasn't around to witness this amazing experience. ;~)

... um ... no ... but there wuz the time (when we were first dating) when I held the record for projectile vomitus disbursement of seven blocks down University Avenue ... from the middle of the front seat ... with no spillage on either car or passenger ... with 1,500 high school kids watching as they exited the state basketball tournament ...

All this happened the afternoon that I wuz the FIRST EVER guy to be shut down on consumption by tavern owner French LaCrosse ... ISIANMTU ...

and ... we (she and I) had a date for later that evening ... and ... she still married me ... but she never had an iota of sympathy for me -- then, or later -- for my self-induced malaise ... (still doesn't, for that matter, but that's another story ...)

Bumble- I too have a piece of pencil lead stuck in the side of my knee. It's been there since I was 5, and I can still get an "eeww!" out of my friend's younger brother by showing it off!

Whut is it with kids and getting pencil "lead" stuck into their appendages? My mother had a "tattoo" in her arm from when she was about 8 years old ... I can remember her explaining it to me ... she could still see it 60 years later ...

[BTW - My Bride (Remember Her?) was NOT in the automobile with us six guys during the University Avenue incident mentioned above. Merely sayin' ...]

35 years to get the point. Not to be sexist, but that must be a record even for a man person.

bulldog - you SO rock!!!

Saint Hubbins - patron Saint of quality footwear.

Need excuse to link to this pic:


Please help.

Not sure if this fits, especially being a blurker that wants to jump (fit) in...My brother has a pencil tatoo right near his left eye that he got from a female cousin when they were both about 8 yrs old. His traumatic statement after being stabbed was a very confused "She hit me back?!?"

now that is one heckuva loogie.

snwflwr...Better he should find out at 8 than have to wait until someone pulls a cast-iron skillet on him

Hey! That wasn't an ebay item! What a rip-off!

MKJ, it does say "Coming Soon." I'm sure it (or something like it) will be on Ebay in the near future.

One has to wonder if the creators of Ebay knew just what they were letting themselves in for when they launched.

So this guy inhaled a nail while mowing the grass? Hum, makes one wonder what other things can be inhaled while working in the yard?


Knew a girl in middle school who had a pencil lead "tattoo" mark on her face. Kinda like a Cindy Crawford mole.

I've got one on my left arm but don't remember how it got there.

Just thought I'd contribute.

U.O - I would say you should be glad for that bit of circumstance, i.e., your bride's (remember her?)™ absence from your record setting performance. Had she been there, I imagine the course of your life could be vastly different.

Is this what is happening to all those pens and pencils that I always manage to lose - they end up in people's arms, foreheads, appendages and.....? *shudder*

Not all men can brag that they were nailed every day until they were 84 years old. Unless he's in prison.

Take a lesson from this poor man's experience - never mow the lawn when you're hammered.

"I'd been having this tickle in my throat," Hart said. "Pretty soon, I started coughing. And it plopped right out."

Can I nominate "plopped" for the Mr. Language People Semi-Obscure Colloquial Verb of the Day So Far?

Blue: lol!

Blue' -
Very possibly ...

She knew about it (all the gang told her, in great detail, during the get-together that evening) ... yet ... she mebbe somehow saw past that ...

One may only surmise as to the twists of fate ...

lou~ I wouldn't be caught with anyone that stupid.

Dux~ Mine's a little high up to be showing it off, and I doubt my friends and siblings would be impressed anyway. :-)

I'm just glad he goes by "Bud". "Guy" is way too lengthy and formal.

Thx for this info.. no comments

have a nice dey!

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