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February 23, 2006



(Viua OhGizmo)


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One question-does it come with a thigh holster?

gives a new and sinister meaning to 'shoot off your mouth'...

I want a shoe-phone like Maxwell Smart used to carry.

Old news - the Snopes reference on this is from 2001.

"The FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the U.S. Customs Service say they’ve been briefed on the new weapons" and as a group they all say it is the responsibility of the other two to protect the public from them.

oh, and


(sorry for shouting, I'm thrilled!)

Ah, but it's new to THIS blog. We're also trying to confirm a tip we got that the vice president shot a lawyer.

I prefer my Tazerberry and my macePod.

If this is what it takes to ban cell phones on planes, trains and automobiles than I am all for it. Besides maybe some of the slower of our species my get the two confused and well you know...

Dirty Harry, standing over "suspect" he's subdued after shooting all the guy's sleazeball criminal buddies with his cell phone:

"This here cell phone is a Motorola XZ5500, model 12, with booster antenna, nickel cadmium battery, a range of 3,500 nautical miles, 300 minutes of talk time and 700 standby. It's the most powerful cell phone in the world. In all the excitement just now, I lost count of how many minutes of my long distance plan got used up. So, I don't know how many I've got left. The question is, do you feel lucky, punk?"

Can i have one??

Ring.....Ring.....BANG. We're sorry. The party you are trying to reach, [name], has been shot. Please make a note of it.

"Does Jack Bauer have one?"


"Ahh! My thigh!!!"

5-6-7-8 HEY thats the combination to my luggage!!

I'm more intrigued by the video loop running on the side.

Dave, don't be so naive! If the Vice President had shot somebody, we surely would have heard about it.

Link blatantly stolen from C-bol's site.

Snork at Lairbo!

Lets get the bad one over with.
"Talk about reach out and touch some one."

Does Q know about this?

"Can you hear me NOW?"
No, dammit, you've blown my brains out thru my ear.

I'd love to see somebody shoot himself in the head while talking on his cell phone at the cinema.

Oops. Maybe I said too much.

It's Thursday, has the Vice-President shot anybody yet? You never know....

Absolutely LOVE the headline question: Threat to Security?

What a great question! It begs to be answered!

"New Pencil Has Tactical Nukes, Can't Be Detected Without Vulcan Technology - Threat to Security???"

"Keanu Reeves Remains Free to Make Movies! Threat to Collective Intelligence??"

"Iran Gives Enriched Plutonium to Saudi's Guarding America's Ports! Threat to Security?"

Did anybody hear the sad news of the father (72) accidentally shot and killed his son (36) while quail hunting Tuesday?

The question remains...can it make phone calls?

I didn't, Lab.

But with a name like THAT, it's got to be good jelly!

well, if you want to see the 'funny' videos, you have to sign up for one of their 'free' deals. scuse me. thanks, i'll have to pass.

Queensbee- I clicked on it and did not get anyrequests to do anything.

Checked to make sure. Yep just downloades.

Wolfgang Dicke is a German cop? Of course he is!

I drop my cell phone all the time - I'm sure I'd be dead within a week from a self-inflicted gunshot.

Hey Mike... Wolfgang Dicke might need to move to Australia to help hunt down Donkey Dong.

♬ Ring! ♬ Ring! BLAM!

Hey Ralph, that was a cool ringtone! Where'd ya get it? Ralph? RALPH?

I don't even know how to retrieve my messages on my new cell, so I don't think this would be a good toy for me; i.e., Let's see what happens if I push this button, and this one, and thi - BANG!

From a purely practical perspective (he said alliteratively), the accuracy of this thing with zero barrel length, no sight, and the obvious problems with recoil on a small box with no firm grip should make it useless for anything other than holding directly against the head or body of the intended victim. I realize that may be the planned use for a hijacker, but wouldn't you feel a little silly holding an obvious cellphone against your victim's head?

"What are you going to do? Gradually give me a brain tumor?"

"No, this is a gun! Do as I say!"

"That's not a gun, it's a cellphone. Stop horsing around."

"It is a gun! Honest!"

"Nonsense. Now go back and sit down."

"Okay. I'm sorry."

I keep trineta recall if Honey Ryder was the one who had two guns/bullets in her bikini bra ... similar concept with similar drawbacks ... gotta really be close to the victim, to hit the target ...

NEbuddy else remember?

No, Honey Ryder was the Bond heroine in Dr. No (the first of the Bond movies). She was played in the movie by Ursula Andress, in the famous bikini. Her only weaponry was a knife on her hip. Neither the book nor the movies back then were outlandish enough to put guns in bras. That kind of nonsense came a lot later in the Bond series. In From Russia With Love it was considered a far out weapon idea simply to put a knife blade in the toe of Rosa Kleb's shoe!

I think the first use of the bikini gun concept was in the 1965 movie "The 10th Victim". Of course the idea was used more recently in the Austin Powers movies.

Well ... not to argufy ... but I seem to have the memory of "reading it in the book" (whichever one) and then waiting to see it in the movie ... and then seeing it ... and ... there were the itsy powder burns, and the bad guy she'd embraced fell to the floor ... and ...

It sure seems like it wuz Ursula's physiognomy I'm rememberin ... but it mighta been a different one ... mebbe even one of the Matt Helm spoofs ???

It's out there ... I just can't find it ... (NO! NOT THAT WAY, SILLY!!!)

Ah, you are thinking of a scene in "The Ambushers" (Dean Martin as Matt Helm). A girl proudly shows off her new weaponry to a string of cheesy double entendres from Deano. That movie was released in 1967, so it was obviously riffing on the technology introduced in 1965's "The 10th Victim."

Good memory, either way!

Watch out for those fembots.

Something looks wrong. The story says it fires through the antenna, but it doesn't look like there's any way for the cartridges to move.

I smell hoax or movie prop.

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