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February 15, 2006



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Now that Dave is done humping his book......

People just go to those things to see the crashes.

If I want to see scantily clad camels strumpeting around, I'll just go down to my cellar, thank you very much.

I could make a cameltoe joke here, but I'm much too classy to do that.

Camels of mixed breeds won't be allowed? Bloody purists!

*puts his half-donkey, half camel back into the cellar*

Oooh, lets all draw a funny cartoon and start WWIII.

Up next ladies and Gentlemen, Wonda the Wondercamel will attempt to juggle 4 wads of camels spit. Now that's a talent. Let's have a warm round of applause to welcome her up to the stage....

Ok, I can see how the talent portion might go, but really, evening wear & swimsuits??

El - since when?

i got jumped on about the emu parade several threads back so i'm not daring to say anything about a camel pageant.

Are there separate categories for one-humped and two-humped camels? I would think that it would be inherently unfair to lump them in together.

"Quatar (pronounced Gutter) and the Deserts of the world" - I'll send some sand from Ocean City and see if they can tell the difference.

Master of Ceremonies, Joe Camel, will perform the hit "Came to the Desert on a Horse with no Name" and "Put Your Hump on my Shoulder."

Private message to the posse:

pssst, Mr. C must be shunned for an indeterminate period of time.

continuing - he didn't even put a smiley face on his snarky comment.

Camel pageantry > camel husbandry

We've got your back, El.

Mr. C- be afraid, be very afraid.

will the Black-eyed Peas be there?

Can't wait to see the part where they go through the eye of the needle.

Kinda off topic here but did anyone notice the add about saving for college on the right hand side of the story. Is it just me or will your kids be done with college by the time you finish dialing the numbers.

Qatar and the Deserts of the World.
comment on this comment 1:
I will have my desert with some fudge and hold the camel.

Hey...I found this :) smiley face lying loose on my desktop. It must have fallen off Mr. C's post, Eleanor.

*sighs with relief; another camel-related flareup avoided*

The camel caravan also seeks to popularise the principle of a clean Qatar

Obviously, they aren't taking camel poop into consideration.

In deference to world peace, I'm refraining from posting my joke that asks why they never have sex education and driver's ed on the same day at the Qatar high school, where the answer is that it's too hard on the camel. Nope, I'm not gonna post that one. You can thank me later.


I forgot I was mad at Mr. C and I gave him a shout out for getting posted!

Oh well, let's let camels be bygones!

"But the camels have to be either Qatari or Omani breed. Camels of mixed blood will not be allowed."

Can someone explain to me how they can tell the difference? God knows, I guess you don't want any mixed blood camels hanging around.

Camel husbandry ... is that anything similar to Camel wifery?

El - Have I given you a cyber-noogie recently? ;) :) :O :P

a very thirsty camel

he practically sucked the thing right out of my hand.

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