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February 13, 2006


It's on the Internet, so it must be true.

Key Quote: 15 minutes per day is efficient to make good shaping bust.

(Via Gizmodo)


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*sweep sweep* (Hopefully.)

*wants photos of Wolfie licking the glass* And I'm not even a guy of the male gender.
What kind of chocolates were these?

It's real. And I had it years and years before the movie, in which they spelled it wrong anyway.

I need enlightenment. Do you all really love 24 or just poke fun at it? My impression is that it is a soap on steroids.

When I worked for engineers they called me
"H to the 3rd power." for Hard-Hearted Hanna!

Eleanor, don't read this, but today the US beat Finland in curling, 11-5.

Hanna - some of us actually like 24. The rest of us like poking fun at it.


I read it Annie, because my brain is so muddled today that as I read "don't read this", I'm thinging WHAT is it I'm not supposed to read, and why, and by then it was too late. The score is only 2-2, I think. I went out to Wendy's for some chili.


But - hooray for the USA

Eleanor - isn't Wendy's chili the dreaded 'finger' food?
And let me be the FIRST to wish you happy valentine's day.

Welcome to "The Vamp of Savannah".

*wants video of Fed licking Wolfie*

The Same to you Annie *smooch* -

AND thanks for the "chili finger" reminder.

*zips out to find something else for dinner*

Well, I took that bowiefan out back to the woodshed. That's why he's been quiet for so long, he's nursing his wounds. Crap, I think we should block anyone who uses more than four consecutive exclamation points. (and how exactly did I get past that age without someone shooting me?)

Totally off-topic (NTTAWWT), but Sign of the Apocalypse 4,328 has just appeared: They are selling "PRE-FROZEN GOAT" at my local supermarket. I live in Massachusetts. We go look at goats at the country fairs in the fall, or eat designer goat cheese. We do NOT eat them!


Aww, Fed never licks me!

What's a leggy redhead gotta do around here ta get a lil' lovin'?

I AM SO TOTALLY PSYCHED ABOUT 24! even though I will be at work during the episode! because y'all summarize it so well! Blogs rock! also healthful liguid!

Sorry Tamara, I only date chicks who own a Bust Doctor. (Oh, you weren't taking to me?)

Obviously I can't help myself, simulpost and all.

Paging Annie, paging AnnieWBH

The Curling Match I just finished watching ended Finland 4, USA 3. Is one of us hanging out in an alternate universe? :)

Don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIs!!!!!!!!! Bowiefan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alredy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh oh - He's baaaaaak.

El - you forgot to convert from Canadian currency.
Ok, so I was looking at the US vs. Norway match earlier in the day. Curling must be soooo strenuous if they can play like 8 games in one day.

Edgar, please don't wish him back here. I know where your cat lives.

Annie, I think Edgar may be you-know-who in disguise!

It's probably a little late in the thread to point out the Land of the Morning Calm is also the land of the fried egg ramparts.

Anybuddy ... one of my daughters has two ferrets ... and a gerbil ... living in their house ... I could prolly get a loan of them fer a while, if it'd help rid us of someone that's already been tasted ... IYKWIM ...

Pogo - your line Excellent Cbol, but insom, that wasn't the Chipmonks. (yes, you did, you could look it up) reminded me of an old story about the group from the Abbey taking part in the annual fair -- they decided to sell food items and selected the traditional Fish and Chips as their bill of fare ...

Two of the Brothers were identical twins, and the Abbot was always getting their names wrong ...

When he stopped by the booth to see how things were going, he asked the one standing nearest, "Which one are you?"

To which came the reply ...

"He's the Fish Friar ... I'm the Chip Monk ..."

Tamara RWC ... If I'd've knewed you wuz a leggy Redhead, I'd've started lickin' the screen long ago ... merely sayin' ...

Ok they came up with this great idea that Im sure is going to work. Hey I said that without laughing!! BUT they couldnt make it battery powered? What about the busy woman on the go?

Wow, is "screen" a new slang term for a part of a--NO, I can't say it. Nevermind.

*puts self in the corner*

And the screen saver........

*joins TRWC in corner*
*light switch...where's the light switch?*

I got yer screen saver right here!


She should have left him b/4 going that far, he may be a jerk but now she looks just as stupid.

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