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February 13, 2006


It's on the Internet, so it must be true.

Key Quote: 15 minutes per day is efficient to make good shaping bust.

(Via Gizmodo)


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"...Healthful liquid..."? Must be talking about Jack Daniels.

Aaaahhhh, boobies....

I'll sleep better tonight.


If ever you needed a "do not open at work" warning...

Also, Firstly, spray special healthful liguid on bust.

Like I need to be told to do that.

Sigh.. Korean scientists screw up again. The vibrator does not go on the ladies, silly.

"Also cures stage-fright!"

Uh oh... clark used "that word"!

Wasn't something like this blogged a couple years ago - some kind of suctioning device that pulled and stretched and looked like a ridiculously painful sham for endowment-challenged females of the gal persuasion?

How did they get the robot woman from "Metropolis" to model for them?

All your bust are belong to us!

(Hey, somebody had to say it.)

I'm also a bit curious about the "Cantabile Massage Cushion" they have over there on the left -- says it "...is equipped with an automatic safety timer. (The power is stopped automatically after 10 minutes use.)" Just what is it intended to massage, and whose (not who's) safety is that timer protecting? Inquiring (but not very bright) minds want to know!

Mad S: well, maybe kibby won't notice "that word" and go berserk again! :)

I think it's time for Judi to issue a counter-post of the male-enhancement persuasion. Preferably something with batteries and lots of pictures.

I am all for keeping "healthful liguid"-type substances AWAY from the ramparts, thank you.

"First spray special healthful liguid on bust"

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that.

trun on switch button

Shouldn't this be plural?

They could sell this as a "Barbarella" prop for much more.

put pasties on it, and you've got yourself a deal.

snork @ Tamara.

"Look at that loser stuffing her bra! Doesn't she know she can simply spray special healthful liquid on her breasts and then vibrate them to efficient good shaping bustness in only 15 minutes a day! 'Course, that doesn't include the time spent trying to get rid of this fu#$%ng rash!"

The Bust Doctor

I told the bust doctor I was too small for you
I told the bust doctor you didn't love these two
And then the bust doctor, he told me what to do
He said that ....

Ooo eee, my ta-tas ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang
Ooo eee, my ta-tas ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang...
Ooo eee, my ta-tas ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang
Ooo eee, my ta-tas ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang

I told the bust doctor the healthful liquid stung
I told the bust doctor you it smelled a lot like dung
And then the bust doctor said leave that machine on
He said to ...


Now, you've been keeping love from me
You like the girls much bigger
And I'll admit I wasn't very smart
So I went out and found myself
A system that I figure
Will grow my tits so I can win your heart

My friend the bust doctor, he said if I would pay
My friend the bust doctor, said you'd be mine today
I know that you'll be mine when I show these to you
Oh, Baby ....


Check out the Sanquerang Bidet listed under Health and Hygine. It comes with a "charming nozzle" for the ladies and "raises the cultural standard"

Mad Soap: If I remember my Itilian (and I think I do) cantabile means "like a song". So, apparently this device sings to whichever body part you press against it, (presumably your (not you're) butt) but shuts off after ten minutes for safety reasons, which can only mean that it sings like Cher. Or Clay Aiken.

I hope this helps.

what the hell i this about?im sorry, im just a brid loving .......kid!!!harris hawks are cool

it means that in italian too.

I give up

Sigh... bowiefan, you're making me feel old with all those exclamation points. I haven't had that much energy since I was 12.

Someone take Bowiekid's crack away from him - he's obviously had enough already!

lol, well, i love being 12.lol... how old are you!?!?! i like david bowie if that helps, and billy idol, and gnr

lol, i used to sniff coke till my nose got stuck in the bottle.LOL!!
nah, i wasnt alive in the 60s, so i disnt smoke, and never will, might drink, and i dont mind swearing......

ah well, i only here cioz i read a thread or what ever they are called, about a lolly getting chucked at bowie's eye. the i decided i liked this little thing.its better than my froum thingy

oooh, i should really try typing slower........!!!!!
and its um"she's had enough" not he's had enough

ne of you old people ,here li8ke billy idol, david bowie, guns'n'roses, that kinda stuff..... the skit of london underground

Considering this a Korean site, and considering that Mrs. Thunking is Korean, I feel I some level of expertise on Koreans, busts, and the liguid one liberally applies.

Koreams, for the most part, are incredibly self-conscious about their appearance. Imagine a whole nation of 14 year old girls and you get the picture.

Korea is a small nation (read: Koreans don't have "huge tracts of land"), but they are accutely aware that other nations are blessed with "huge tracts of land".

Koreans, for the most part, go absolutely ga-ga for electric devices that promise some sort of improvement. The have electric stop smoking machines, hair growing machines, muscle building, fat burning, intelligence raising, penis lengthening (my brother-in-law was very embarassed about this, long story), and butt lifting.

Korea doesn't have agencies like the FDA, BBB or UL.

Koreans, for the most part, are pretty gullible. Which explains Mrs. Thunking.

*snork* at C-bol and the Chipmunks!

HEY HEY!! You with the exclamation points! Watch who you're (not your) calling OLD PEOPLE!! The proper term to use is "chronologically gifted" thenkyewverymuch.

.....no.....i think its old... you lot are ll oap's!!!!!...so, anyone here like billy idol then?
or for the younger lot...bam margera!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!?!

well.um.argh.ah.ugh. its dead in here!!(you all died of old agedness)

I've, like, TOTALLY been grooving on the Ames Brothers lately, man. Have you ever heard "Glow Worm" when you've first sniffed Comet Cleanser soaked in Diet Coke? What a rush.

Hey! Dave just posted a 24-reminder with no comment-thread link. I hereby declare *SNORK*@Insom! on that thread. Fortunately, the link he did provided is good for this thread.

c-bol, you rule.
...this vibration thingie will make the ta-tas bigger, really? bwaaahhha.
doctor bustas wbagnfarb?

Can we take up a collection to buy some Ritalin for a 12 year old who needs to be somewhere else?????

Excellent Cbol, but insom, that wasn't the Chipmonks.

It was a guy named Ross Bagdassarian (sp?) who did a few such "novlety tunes" back in the 50's when (I can't believe it) I was old enough to hear it on "Top Forty" radio.

The process was probably similar to what David Seville did to make Chipmunk voices.

n-o-v-e-l-t y - novlety

Two pagers and duct tape - much cheaper.

I heard Bowie's on msnbc tonight - better go check the tv listings...

I was at my local hardware store this weekend (I can't say "Home Depot" on the blog, can I?) when I saw a sign reading "Duck Tape - $2.99".

Why would anyone want to tape up a duck?


Either that sign was not what it quacked up to be, or I'm feeling mallard-justed today.

Blue, is that allowed?


*snork* at Annie!

Annie, I assume the duct tape is to secure the pagers to my hands, right?

el - I'll contribute very much big !!!!!!!!!!! those !!!!!!! are REALLY!!!!!! getting on my last !!!! OLD nerve!!!!!!!

Maybe a better question would be "Do ducks even like being taped-up?"

Any comments Fed?

"My Friend the Witch Doctor" was a song done by David Seville BEFORE he gave birth to the chipmunks.

What amazes me the most, to think back to it, is we actually DANCED to that song, in the sixth grade.

So, I'll have to give it a 75, Mr. Clark, as it made me wanna wriggle around and stuff.

i agree witht the old peron over dere?is it me ure gonna tie up and chuck in da water?coz i can swim...i recommend cement blocks to the feet. or you could post me to germany. im actually going to scotland on saturday, for the week, but my coyson has a comp:)so, ill see you then... after that i will havr to steal one from the library...im going to han out with my nana(oap)

oh yeah, and what the hell is msnbc?is it american?..i never check d listings...its pointless, and it doent take time, so if you were trying to get rid of me...the only time i check listings is once a day to se if bammy is on...he is soooo cute..and raab. a little ryan...not rake.why doesnt dico have hair?

yes, i tend to get on all you oaps littl old nerves.
that is the entire point in my existance

Southern - it may not be allowed, but I'm pretty sure it's a first of some sort.

PirateBoy quacked me up.

Thanks azred. We now have $.42 cents.

oops! sorry, but now I can't get out of mind David Seville giving birth to chipmunks... ('alien' style?)
(a 'beech' delivery?) (a 'tree'serian section?)

"yes, i tend to get on all you oaps littl old nerves.
that is the entire point in my existance"

Oh, so that's who you are! I thought you sounded familiar. You are so grounded! Now go to your room! No TV!

anyway!!off the subject of throwing me in a river!!anyone here like germany?i like rammstein.i havent got a clue what they are sayin

oh, is anyone here selling guns??my teacher needs shot.tell her i said that i shoot u.lol
really, i have a rifle,

bbxl - If we're drunk enough, yes.

I know one thing: Tamara's don't like being taped up. Nor tied up. Tamara's prefer to do the tying.

But you all knew that, of course.

The spiders from Mars are having a white wedding.
Don't Cry.

Bowiefan - does it ever occur to you that you're in the wrong place here, that no one likes your pointless, misspelled, grammatically incorrect ramblings, and that maybe you should go away and find some other brain-dead pre-teens to hang with? Maybe THEY'LL think you're cool, 'cause we sure don't.

This blog is for fans of Dave BARRY, not David BOWIE. BIG difference.

lol!gimp.im not a teen yet.did i say dat?meh.i am very good at grammery stuff, justr cant be bothered...
hey little sister whos your superman
its a nice day for a white wedding
i also cant be bothered to put the lyrics in order.
this is ground control to major tom, youve really made the grade, and the papers want to know whos shirts you wear, now its time to leave the capsule if you dare.

please note that dudes name is HATES KIDS. that could explaint the grumpyness...damn youn people, damn english people

you will get rid of me all next week

I'm not old and I'm annoyed

i noticed. if it helps to un annoy you, i fell down the stairs

and my ferret sort of tried to pull my toe off.

Judi - can we (meaning you) ban this kid? (He's from the UK, so our "freedom of speech" thing doesn't apply to him.)

I thought the Ritalin was supposed to calm the little twerps down.

...my ferret seems to think i am edible

We might need to call for help

freedom of speech?ooh, am i form the uk?wow, i didnt know that!!
i might be german...or dutch. i havent decided. i am usually calm.if you want to get rid of me for a week or more, be nice to me for now, and i wont go out of my way, to get on a comp when i go on my hols...its a 2 mile walk(isnt much)to the nearest comp, that i am able to use, as i am sure the library wouldnt let me on..

Oh, wow, I think someone back there nailed it on the pointy little head! Someone with an Elmer Fudd type British accent told this kid there's a blog for DAVE BAWWY fans...if you let yourself hear that with an accent, it SOUNDS a little like Bowie, right?

(At least with the accent of the British people I KNOW...one of which is always punctuating her speech with the word: FOOK)

Hey Bowiefan try and keep cool in here, if you want I will still talk about Viva La Bam with you, but you have to try and be respectful k, thanks :)

The only sure way is to ignore the troll. If we all ignore the troll, the troll gets bored and finds others to annoy.

Discipline, Bloglits. Jack Bauer could do it, so can we.

Bowie is "old" by the standards put forth by "bowiefan!!!!!!!!!!!!!", so I guess the joke is on Monseur Anti-English Pre-teen.

Bowie would be annoyed by the little squirt too.

Personally, I like children... "They are very good with mustard."

This is why the Irish kicked your sorry pommy butts out. You're irritating, and you enjoy being irritating. May you get a rash on your bangers.

Thats gives me such bad indigestion Oy!!!

etslay ignoreway ethay idkay.

If I could find a phone booth, I would take care of this myself....

You wouldn't like me without my glasses...


The Bust Doctor works, but only if you buy one size larger and wear it under your shirt.

I agree with Mad - I like children if you filet them right.

Now I know why some species eat their young.

One off topic gem and I'm outta here:

Man: "I have no sympathy for a man who is intoxicated all the time."
WC Fields: "A man who's intoxicated all the time doesn't need sympathy."

I'll drink to that!! [rimshot]

*leaves several bottles of various intoxicant around Fed's nest*

You know, totally off topic here.. it's incredibly cruel of His Daveness to post something we can't comment on. I mean it's like taking a chocoholic into Godiva shop and letting them just lick the glass.

I would like to give props to Wikipedia for giving props to Douglas Adams today. HGTTG in tha hizzoose.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate... and valentines is tomorrow.... whee

"I mean it's like taking a chocoholic into Godiva shop and letting them just lick the glass."

*snork @ wolfie*

*tries to work out a joke involving Duck Tape, various intoxicants, Godiva, and licking things*

*licks wolfie instead*

Now we know Madonna's secret. Just adorn the thing with some nice points, and wear them outside your clothes. Call them "jewelry."

I think the vibrating sounds nice. Buy a very small size and adapt, could be a shared experience.

I have a friend who loves to rock kids to sleep--has a large pile of rocks in his back yard.

WOLFIE!!! Who told you about my visit to the Godiva shop? I only licked the cabinet once before they wheeled me away in a lovely white jacket with all these little clasps and buckles on them....

I agree with wolfie. Especially with that picture. It's just begging for commentary....and maybe a Bust Doctor.

Off, cursed HTML!!

*looks at Fed Duck*


*Snork!* at Tamra (or the person using Tamra's name). You 'rock.'

I made Fed snork?

In a graceful ladylike kinda way.
And he licked me!
In a slightly less ladylike way.

*refrains from pointing out that at least they stopped DDi before she got caught doing evil things to the dipped strawberry counter, unlike herself*

Okay. Tired of giving Tamra credit for my snorks.

Yay, Hanna! - you're out of Tamra's closet, so to speak. But how do we know 'Hanna' is your real name? We trusted you on 'Tamra.' Oh what the hey, welcome aboard!

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