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February 21, 2006



(Thanks to xmnr)

(Actually, since this is an advisory to Los Angeles residents, it should say: Drive.)

(Also, we have to wonder: Are canisters involved?)

UPDATE: And don't assume you're safe in England.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Slimer-like ooze


and *snork* at Insom?

Wow The pre-1933 unreinforced masonry apartment building shifted one foot from its foundation. Sidewalks were as hot as Jacuzzis.

Reminds me of Bugs Bunny dressed as a Scotsman, asking about the La Brrrrrea Tarrrr Pits.

Make that "*snork* at Insom!!"

It's just another case of life imitating art.

Of course, in LA, "life" and "art" don't mean much.

Here it is.

MOTW - In Spanish, "la brea" means "the tar". So "The La Brea Tar Pits" literally means "The the tar tar pits."

/end language lesson

At least it will take their minds off the K-Fed CD release.

Damn, MTOW, I remember that one. I can remember the cartoons of my youth but can't seem to put the milk back in the fridge. Sheesh.

Where is Steve McQueen when we really need him?

That happened to my septic tank once....this one will be fun to watch!

"...and residents will be evacuated till the building..."

Did they really print the word till? Dave, can you ask Mr. Language Person if that's good or if it ain't?


Mr C - I was merely quoting the Genius Hare, but thanks for the lesson.
I also liked how BB said, "Los Angggelees" rather than Los Anjellees. My grandparents (who lived in Manhattan Beach for 40+ years) actually pronounced it that way.

There should be a comma. It should read, "...and the residents will be evacuated, till the building..." because the residents will evacuate the building and then turn it into a garden using the sweet, sweet ooze as a fertilizer.

SNORK@reneviht. Too bad the Ghost Busters were based in New York.

MOTW - Hey, me and Bugs go WAY back. I still to this day would rather watch a Loonie Tunes or Merrie Melodies marathon than a single episode of 24.

As an LA resident (born and raised), the juxtaposition of Spanish and English (we call it Spanglish) cracks me up!

In line with the robot article yesterday: Why aren't there pictures?

I know this movie! This is bad. Everyone there should flee to Paris Hilton's yacht, sip pina coladas and not eat until it goes away.

Talk about embarrassing. Okay, I was hanging out in a friend's unreinforced masonry apartment, and had too many nachos and Dos Equis and a couple of fried chickens and had to use the facilities. Wait til they find the wad of toilet paper that's coming along behind.

Okay - I have something totally off the thread. What do "we" (by we, I mean the smart/funny/urbane/educated folks of the blog) think about vanity license plates?
Thanks for the interruption.

There's video at latimes.com (registration!).

Down the street, workers were using high-pressure hot water to recover oil underground. Now that apartment building's red-tagged. Oops.

I have one that says. "I reul" I hate the guy who made my plates. i want to go to jail and get him with a schiv.

So is it The blob, A volcano, some new monster for Godzilla to take on. The creature that many LA Lawyers have sworn fealty to. What?

Should I break out a way cool colorfull suit and be prepared to take it on.

Kat - I have never understood that level of interest in cars. Now a charm bracelet with your name on it, that's a keeper.

I thought all of the oozing slime in Los Angeles worked in the entertainment industry.

Vanity plates are not allowed in Texas.
Texans hate the word "vanity".
I'm a Texan.
Vanity plates are the devil!

We built this city, we built this city on tar like goo!
Built this city, we built this city on tar like goo!

Say you don't know us, or recognize the face
Say you don't care what happens to that superficial place
Knee deep in the black goo, bubbling in our fright
Too many buildings eaten up just last night

We make all your TV, your radio too, don't you remember
We built this city, we built this city on tar like goo!


Someone's always getting caught with transvestites
Who cares as long as it keeps our names in lights
We just want to dance here, so keep off of our stage
Don't call us irresponsible, for dating chicks half our age

We make all your movies, and the music too, don't you remember
We built this city, we built this city on tar like goo!


It's just another Sunday, in a melting street
The smoke may make choke hard, oh, [but] we won't lose the beat

Who tracks our movements, everywhere we are
Who listens to our crappy solos on guitars
Don't think that you need us, then you're a bunch of fools
We are America, and everybody knows we rule!

(I'm looking out over the La Brea Tar Pits
Out on another gorgeous sunny Saturday, I've seen that [bumper-to-bumper]traffic)

Don't you remember (remember)

(Here's your favorite radio station, in your favorite radio city
The city of pavement, the city that rocks, the city that never sleeps)

We make all your TV, your radio too, don't you remember
We built this city, we built this city on tar like goo!

chorus repeats 2x

(We built, we built this city) built this city (we built, we built this city)
(repeats out)

"Hazmat and Urban Search and Rescue crews determined that the mysterious substance wasn't flammable"
Let me guess: they determined this by attempting to light it on fire? Bright idea guys.
I think "Flaming Tar" WBAGNFARB

and I do live in LA

Cbol, isn't there a scrotum-squeeze somewhere in that song, after one of the We built this city's?

Another masterpiece, C'bol. And from the song voted "worst ever" by, erm, uh... some people last year or so. Well done.

My lisence plate says "SCROOGE". I'll let you figure out why.

♫ Let me tell 'ya little story 'bout a man named Jed.....

*SNORK!* @ Blue!!

Whee -- tri-simulpost with Tamara and Betsi! Score!!

(Although, Tamara, I had rather anticipated our first time would be just the two of us... and not that I'm objecting, Betsi... just sayin'.)

Great stuff, Cbol, but what happened to the part about "Marconi plans to rumble?"

Insom and Blue I do snork.

I forgot all about the Entertainment industry. Perhaps the goo is there to help them understand them selves.

Holy cow. What if your a high teacher and you see this goo?

The Black cephlopod of England. Sounds like a villains organization.
So the cool ice worms melted and are now turning into octopi. Way cool. And showing up in LA. figures.

If you released an octopus on the Washington coast the bigger octopi would eat it.

"Why aren't there pictures?"

Cuz they're still filming, silly, and the marketing folks are just getting the hype started (the Dailynews piece is their first ad). Did no one notice it's LOS ANGELES!?!? That kind of thing happens all the time in the "city of cameras". The picture(s) will be released by Christmas this year at a theater near you.

Are we sure this just isn't the plot to a SciFi channel "original" movie?

Here's what I dont understand... They "pulled out what they believe was a dead, black octopus, using fire tongs" - How in GODS name does an octopus learn to use fire tongs much less a dead one?????

This goes to show how Pavlovian we bloglits are becoming:

Alfred gave what appears to be a legit SNORK to Insom (not the increasingly common preemptive) when, I suspect, it should have gone to C-bol!

*Goes to look for Insom Channel on Sirius*

Mad - It's been done. Movie called Volcano. Starred Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche.

And they're drilling in Alaska! Sheesh.

Sorry for this abrupt, off-topic post, but with as many Monty Python fans/quotes as appear here on the DB Blog, I pray to be forgiven. After reading the following, I felt inspired to share.

PBS is "re-packaging" the original Monty Python's Flying Circus episodes for a new launch this April.

To kick it off, PBS has compiled a six-part tribute, "Monty Python's Personal Best," which will air in two-hour blocks over the next three weeks.

The five living Pythons - Idle, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones - produced and wrote their own specials. The five collaborated on one that honors deceased member Graham Chapman.

The series debuts at 10 p.m. Wednesday, with Idle's favorite clips. It will be followed at 11 by Chapman's best. The Cleese and Gilliam hours air March 1, with Palin and Jones set for March 8.

Check your local listings.

I apologise C-Bol. Here take my vanity license plates. No I insist you take them.

Mr C, this one they are shooting today must be a remake, maybe a combination of the plots (such as they were) from "The Blob" and "Volcano", which will probably receive an imaginative title like "24" or something equally absurd. What's that? It HAS? Oh, ok then maybe they'll call it "The Blob Gets Hot". C'bol will be producing the soundtrack music.

I for one welcome our new blob overlords.

*snork* @ Bill

WHO ya gonna call..... when I read Mystery blob eating los angeles... i thought they were talking about Orson Welles, but he be dead. and i be a geeeeeezer.

The LA Times has video of this up:


Though the author of the linked article writes it much more interestingly.

*SNORK* at Bill, and another a Q'Bee.

I was going to comment, being as how I live in su.so.ca. but Mr. C. has it covered -


Move on. This is so 90's.

When I heard we where addicted to oil. I didn't realize we meant Beverly Hills type addiction.

I am watching the video of it now.
"Frost Warning" was seen at the bottom info thingy.
"I thought it was gas...But they told me its oil."
And finally
"US Mining-" it shuts off there.

Thanks for the videos, everybody.

That's odd. Many commenters are saying it's oil or something, but in the video, they say, "But it's snot."

Thanks for the snorks.

Could this be the weapons of mass destruction we never found? Wouldn't it be just like those terrorists to hide them under one of our prized cities?

As for vanity license plates, I would not spend a dime on them, but if other people want to, let them be attention-grabbing, self-absorbed show-offs, if that's what they want. It's their money they are wasting. ;>)

reneviht-It's comedic license.

(On the England story)

She made her 9 year old kid do it. Good parenting there.

It was her 9-year-old son. I don't think she could have stopped him if she wanted to.

She made her 9 year old kid do it. Good parenting there.

Whatever, dude; that's what kids are for!

Italics on my first line up there... Shut up, I have SINUSITIS! OR MAYBE THE BIRD FLU! *hacking cough*

C-bol... For various reasons (try a 'Best of the 80's' CD) I have been SEVERELY afflicted with We Built This City for the last three days.
Dude, I just finally got f*cking RID of it.
Thanks a lot.

LOL & snorks all around

I liked "Volcano." It was stupid enough to be entertaining, but it really should have been called "Lava," since there wasn't actually a volcano, just a great big lava ooze.

Many *SNORKS* to all!

Actually, since the message is for L.A. residents, it should say "attempt to drive somewhere else, but actually sit motionless for hours."

Trust me, the traffic here is the giant blob that's eating L.A.

Oh, and many Bingos, Fleegles, and Droopers to all!

(Why does Snork always get all the glory?)

I liked Volcano too. As I recall I was out of town on a weekend tryst - oops, I mean CDA Seminar, yes, a seminar. Very educational.

*zips out*

Schadeboy - I wuz gonna mention "till" -- you got there first ... tnx4 that

I'd guess that the dead octopus had those fire tongs in a death grip/squeeze ...

Had black goo bubble out of my kitchen sink once. This sludge filled up the sink and ran onto the floor. Had no nine-year old son to stop it. Alas.

As much as I love "Towering Inferno", it's not Steve McQueen we want to see, it's Tommy Lee Jones. Go, Los Angeles Volcano!! (just kidding.......uh, yeah)

Not to worry. This is simply the abandoned science fair project of one Mr. Michael Jackson from years ago.

King Wing...MmmmnNo..I believe Mr. Jackson is the science fair project abandoned by the Goo

Dang it, I scored my first simulpost with anyone, and it turned out to be a trimulpost, and I left you folks to bask in the glory of it all... sheesh.

Tamara WRC, I thought you would have thought more of our moment with Betsi. Oh, well. I guess I'll have to quit my evening job to stay on top of this stuff...

oozing goo sounds like a plot from the SciFi channel, and a special *snork* to Bill for: "I for one welcome our new blob overlords," who saw the SciFi essence of the story.

OTOH: if it's volcanic (which means we should hear reports of shooting fireballs and flowing 'red hot' lava, and, if it's a volano exploding, a pyroclastic flow), I definitely vote for Tommy Lee Jones (Pierce Brosnan is a very close second), cause he's a get-it-done-no-matter-what kind of guy.

Maybe Tommie Lee Jones should be president instead of Pres. Spineless.

"Could this be the weapons of mass destruction we never found?"

No, it's a weapon of MESS destruction...

Pogo was right--Steve McQueen was the first thing I thought of! I wouldn't go into any movie theaters...

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