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February 21, 2006


Be very suspicious.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Slowest Loading Page in internet history!!

Not First!

Great - now people can SEE me dancing nekkid in the shower while I sing off key.

"Hidden video camera is suitable for monitoring children, old people, houses, companies, shops or factories etc."

I really can't touch that without being run over by the geezer bus.

"Hidden video camera is suitable for monitoring children, old people, houses, companies, shops or factories etc." AHH!!! Jailtime especially if your spying on underage houses and factories.

It can receive up to 1000 FEEL away?


Well that would be interesting. watching the baby sitter. use up the phone lines and eat everything in the fridge.

*grabs baseball bat, runs to bathroom, destroys fabulous new shower radio*

This is *exactly* why I have my shower wrapped in seven layers of aluminum foil and mylar. Keeps out wireless peeping toms AND keeps the aliens from probing my brain.

My neighbors installed one of these recently. Very cool.

Don't ask me how I know.

This is why I shower outdoors.

We know, Tamara.


I wondered my neighbor was suddenly struck blind.

Ok, that's WHY my neighbor was suddenly struck blind.

Tamara Showers With Camera - you've still got soap in your......dish.

Because of Blue's zooming? Blue, ya gotta watch where ya expand that thing; you can hurt people!

(You can hurt them so good!)

A simul? Oh, my!

I hope my sinus infection isn't contagious...


Lab, if you're in the shower, BRAIN probing by aliens might not be you're biggest concern...

Not to be contrary (oh really?), but I don't think you need a fancy camera disguised as a clock-radio to spy on old people.

*setting up big-ass circa 1983 home video camera, with 600 lb tripod system and seperate, 400 lb doohicky*

"What's that, Sonny?"
"This? Oh, it's, it's a fancy new vacuum cleaner."
"Oh, I invented those."
"I know."
"They're great when you need a sammich."
"I do stuff with your gramma!"
"Time for your meds."

I just read Cbol's post...AAARRRGH!!! Brain bleach, I need brain bleach immediately. Gramps does NOT "do stuff" with gramma.

*SNORK* and an LOL at C'bol...

"I do stuff with your gramma!"

*wheezing laughter!*
*turns into hacking cough!*

*snork* @ Cbol!

Those separate 400 lb doohickies were necessary just to balance the non-tripoded parts of the ole' 83 Betacams. Otherwise, risk of elbow dislocation (or "Videographer's Elbow") was too high while hunting for the "REC" button.

*passes Tamara another box of tissue and an extra-strength cough drop*

I like sammiches.

JT, I don't mind the other probes so much anymore.


Lab - that's a definite YES. *snork*

Gramma and Grandpa on camera. Thanks C'bol. That'll take years of therapy to remove that image.

Well, of course, *snork* at C'bol!

What's with all the sickies on the blog lately? And I don't mean the usual kind of sickness we exhibit. That, I take for granted. But, sniffles? coughs? hacks?

*surrounds self with protective shield of Cheez-its, leaving fingers free for typing*

Oh, and a belated *snork* to Lab from the other thread re: my TiVo.

Careful, Suzy, it might be the Cheezits.

*crunch, crunch, crunch, SPEW*

snork @ cbol & Lab

(curling back up on the couch with a quiet cough)

*snork* at everyone.

*dons surgical mask. and latex gloves.*


Holy shit!!! My neighbor gave that to me for Christmas. Funny thing is that she's been watching the inside of the box for 2 months now. I wonder if it will fit inside a toilet bowl. I have those elongated bowls, not the round ones, so it just might.

Lab...I further explored the SpyCamMan's website, and think I should warn you that the "Clearance Sale" section also includes spycams mounted in a variety of other unlikely places.
So while you have the Reynolds Wrap and Mylar out, you might consider swaddling any stray lava lamps, too.

Wouldn't that depend upon the gramma -- and grampa, of course?

Merely wonderin' ...

(Some grammas are ... well ... for example, Loretta Lynn was a gramma when she was 29 ... merely sayin' ... that grammahood doesn't necessarily mean old ... )

Eek I just noticed my camcorder records something on film every time I use it. Someone could be spying on me. From now on, I leave the lens cap on when I shoot.

Edgar, are you a gampa?

To all you funny persons~ *snicker, snicker, snork, snork, HONK*

'scuse me. Had to blow my nose on my history notes there.

*hopes sinus issues don't impair one's ability to take evil overly-detailed history tests written by men who think they're God's gift to boring subjects*

Not sure. What's a gampa?

Well, ordinarily this radio shower cam thing would have won my "Wow, That's Creepy" award for the day, but I was hit on, nay, actually asked out by a 70-some year old man today. So *ding ding ding* Seventy-some year old man asking out woman in her mid-twenties wins my "Wow, That's Creepy" award. Older men is one thing, but when he's old enough to be my grandfather... *cringes*

I couldn't help but notice brad said, "I have those elongated bowls..." And, you know, for a moment there, I thought he had misspelled the naughty word "bowels."

Not sure Edgar, ask U.O.

Bumble, not unless they impair your ablilty to reload. 'Cause man, those professors are slick little devils! If you need backup, I have my own personal A-Team. They can't hit the broad side of a barn, but at least they have their own theme song.

nicole, have you seen the new episodes of The Family Guy? There is this old dude that is after Chris that is TOTALLY creapy. His key fraise is "Hey there muscully-armed paperboy!" in this creapy high-pitched voice. (BTW, how exactly do you spell the adjective version of muscle?) Just so you know, I envisioned him when I read your post.

Also, I spelled "phrase" wrong. This has been a test of your Mr. Language Person skills. That is all.

Once upon a time, ladies, I spent a delightful year or two dating a gentleman who had celebrated 37 more New Year's Eves than I (I was 31; you do the math:)
We had many spirited and enjoyable times, by both sunlight and moonlight, IYCMD, and only agreed to disagree because he really, really wanted to get married and travel the world, and I really, really wanted to continue to raise my (then young) children, TYVM.
I still look back with several kinds of pleasure on that interlude; and would caution you not to be too quick to reject the Generously Birthday'ed.
And so...if there's a spy-cam on the Geezer Bus, don't be surprised if it captures a bit of slap and tickle from time to time. (Whew! Back on topic! but it was close!)

adonis~ Re-load what? My mechanical pencil? I'll use a wooden #2; it's a scan-tron test 'cause he's lazy. And A-team? Is that the team that will ensure I get an A? Thank them for me, but what does that have to do with hitting barns?

*blinks innocently and tries to remember the significant effects of the 13th-19th amendments to the constitution, as well as figure out which party Andrew Johnson should be classified in when listing presidents since he's a democrat who was vice president to a republican and claimed to favor democrat policies while enforcing republican reconstruction polices*

Yes, I'm going crazy. I'll be sane again when test scores are posted this weekend. I hope.

Gampa = Male parent of a Gam (of course!).

(My post said "Grampa" ... read it again, eh? I dunno where Gampa came from ... third generation of Gam parents, apparently ...)

Ha ha! Bumble's actually studying! I have a fever, a runny nose, and a math quiz tomorrow, but I am studying? No Sir!
Good luck with your tests Bumble!

Good luck Bumble and Dux! Bring kleenex and cheezits and it will all work out fine. :) The Blog is with you.

Dux~ Same to you.

KDFgirl~ Thanks.

Good luck everybody who has tests. Hope everybody with sinus infections, colds, etc. are feeling better. I'm definitely on the mend (if still somewhat congested).

Edgar, are you a gampa?

Posted by: adonis.

If you are asking whether I am a grampa, not even I could get away with making a lie that big.

Betsy, I am in no way opposed to dating men who are older than me, but every girl must have her limits and a guy who could, without stretching one's imagination, easily have grandchildren my age is definitely over my limit. One of the best relationships I've been in was with a guy 12 years older than me. Granted that's not 37 years, but when you're just graduating from college and not quite 22, 12 years older than you is enough to freak your family out. Hahaha.

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