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February 15, 2006


...is right here.


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An intestinal worm in her eye socket? That's what happens when you have your head up your ass.

What, No pictures?!

the headline was enough for me. i so do not want to know anything about this. ewww ewww ewww.

So that's why my granddaughter said, "Yes, but it's wiggling around" when I asked her if I had an eyelash in my eye.

Could have been worse, I guess...

**wretch, wretch**

eww, eww, eww. so nasty ... so very, very nasty.

I'm with John; I have one very serious problem with this story, and that it is that there are no pictures.

When you tell me not to click on a link, and I click on it anyway, it's because I REALLY want to be grossed-out!

me too crossgirl, the headline told me more than I even wanted to know - yuk!

Oh goody. And I was going to have worm lo mein for dinner.

Is that an intestinal worm in your eye socket, or are you just glad to see me?

I'm not with John anymore. That's not funny or gross; it's sad.

That story was bad enough, but this one is worse. *sobs*

here, here Tamara (RWJOWF) ... the story about the little girl is sad.

the eye socket thing is still funny (if you permit me to say so ... your honor).

Maybe I'm on the wrong Dave Barry blog...

11 cm long(4.33070866 inches) - almost long enough to be a pet in South FL, eh?
Of course, once they get over 6 or 8 feet, they'll just start letting them loose in the everglades... .

It would probably be a Really Bad Idea for me to suggest that the thought of this story may pop into your heads the next time you have ramen noodles. I mean, if I did that, many college kids wouldn't be able to eat and could starve!

SNORK@ Mr. C. Belated but deserved.

You're the apple of my eye, yes..But lately there has been a big worm in it..

MOTW, don't go there. It is easy to pull up atrocities.

But I bet the kid, at least, knew he'd been shot.

Hideously gross, but makes me think of this, which is some consolation.

Ok, you guys are bummin' me out with your links - not really what I came here for

OK, nuthin' wrong with the last two links - sorry - didn't mean to generalize

So both Pencilman and Wormgirl are from Belgrade. Just what the hell is going on there?


Lab...you realize I'm not going to be able to eat dinner tonight.

Khan! It was you, wasn't it, you bastard! Getting your wrath on again....

Sorry, Joy. Okay, I'm not really sorry, but I know I should be. Does that count for anything?

Blue - has anyone ever suggested to you that maybe, just maybe, yer not firin' on all 8 cylinders?

i remember this story! the city worm had to go roaming away from its comfy intestine to go poking around the host's eye socket and got pulled out ,but the country worm stayed at home and grew so fat on his host's leavings that he burst, giving peritonitis to people in the next province.

and they don't teach values anymore!

Joy, I've got a pantry full of Chef Boyardee; I'll loan you a can!

Just ignore Lab; he hates instant foods, people who eat instant foods, and people. ;) *runs away*

The Ascaris family has been looking for the worm since last week and are relieved it's finally back home where it belongs.


Joy, look (har) at it this way: more money for beer.

i join in the throng: [that's thRong]: ewww, ewww, ewwwww, and an extra ewwww.

*snork* @ Mr C

This worm needs the same glasses that the Police Officer from the previous post should be wearing. Maybe there needs to be a GPS system for intestinal worms so they can find their way to the correct portion of the body.

TCK - there are supposed to be 8? Wait, I thought they were canisters......

Tamara Rhymes With Ramen, I do NOT hate all people. I like me. And The Wench. That's two.

Lab~ Don't you like Dave and judi? C'mon now.

AND you love me and wish that you were pregnant with my babies, whom you would love as well. So that's... Hey, you like at least seven people! Wow! Plus you like Judi and Dave, so that's nine. Hey, and don't you have kids of your own that you like...to torture? So we're up to some number over ten now! I owe you an apology, Lab; I was definitely incorrect. Except, I never actually used the word "all"...

If anyone's interested, I am in the process of job-hunting so that I someday I won't be able to spend so much time here. All this posting is just making up for future lost-time.

I refuse to address my typographical error as it would require me to make three posts back-to-back.

Blue, is generaleyes related to slyeyes?


*snork* at Insom.

Yes, I know I'm not first, I meant *snork* at Insom!

This is why I love the blog so much. Everytime I think about going off of my diet I see a story like this and dont eat for another week.

Actually it reminds me of when my high school history teacher told us about some book that revealed the shocking secrets of meat factories.

"It'll put you off meat for a month!"

Is this another python story? I'm DEFINITELY not going to click on any of these links (Mama might have raised some ugly kids but she didn't raise no dummies!)... not while I'm sober, anyway...

Does the blog have a new subtitle "Gross and Grosser"?

I didn't mean to cause a problem with the link I posted. It was included on Dave's link as one of the Top 5 World Stories. I clicked and went emotional. Sorry.

Tamara RWC - a Loaner Can is probably better than a Loner Can, IYKWIM.

Gee, I told you guys I am here on my lunch hour. And I am eating a box dinner of noodles and meatballs, when I see an article about a tape-worm in somebody's eye. Long flat noodles. I may never eat again....

The eye-worm diet. I get to copyright it.

This is probably as fake a story as the one about Mr Pencil Penis from the same general neighborhood. Someone with a medical background help me out here. For an intestinal worm the size of this baby to travel through the blood stream to the upper body would necessitate it passing through the heart. That would have stopped the lady's clock. Ergo, didn't happen. Slow news day in Belgrade; reporter takes out Urban Legends book; names and locales change; uneducated locals believe what they read. This story is patently false.

SM - just go for the joke, OK, hon? :)

TCK - I didn't look at any of the links and you don't have to either - chill out, sweetie! :)

Stupendous - you put that Ergo in there for El, dincha?

Stupe - it could have started out small and grown bigger once it reached its er, destination. Now, excuse, we're having spaghetti for dinner...really!

I have to agree with Stupendous. Either that or what is with those people?

Stupe - I have to differ with you. There's another way.

Generaleyes? Well, yes, he's a relation. According to family legend, he is my great great great grandpappy who served with (and drank with) General Stonewall "By God" Jackson at Harper's Ferry. After the war, Generaleyes became a gentleman farmer, raising worms and nightcrawlers for his business "Generaleyes Bait Shop" (motto: don't put these in your eyes).

I'll keep an eye out for you.

Mr. C - I don't see how being in management would have anything to do with it.

*SNORK* at Annie...

Okay, already! I send in what I believe to be a genuine story, months ago, about seven miles of used condoms (side note: what do you do with 365 used condoms? You roll them in a ball and call it a good year) floating in the Pacific and drawing closer to the ecologically sensitive North Pole. Does it get posted so we can have fun with it? No. Instead I get a slap up side the head...I mean a note from the blogwarden (read judi) telling me the story is an urban legend (side note: I asked Keith Urban about it and he said, "What's a condom?") Now the usually astute, no nonsense bwahahahahahahehehehesnorksnortsnorkhawhawhawwhewwwithinkihurtmyself*gasp* blogsters want me to play along with these inane threads as though they are real and...oooohhh, look! Something shiny!

You mean they don't blog fake news stories? All of these are real???


Stupendous - think it's maybe time to up the dosage a bit?


OK - you didn't see that. What you saw was this:

Stupendous - think it's maybe time to up the dosage a bit?

See here, which is my first source for checking out things that look like BS that are circulated on the web. I tried to find the pencil and eyeworm stories there, but no luck. I'm not saying this eliminates them from the ranks of Urban Legendhood, but it does mean there's nothing at this popular site that can get Judi "Gotcha'd".

I don't really know why I'm chiming in on this, but I will.

When I was in college (before photoshop was invented) we saw pictures in zoology class of roundworms in a person's eye. They don't go through the bloodstream; they crawl up the person's esophagus into the nasal cavity and then through the tear duct into the eye.

Here's some more info on roundworms (with pictures of the worms).

Also, it wouldn't have to have entered the eye at that full size. Some ascaris species travel through the bloodstream when they are small, then travel to other parts of the body and grow there. That could be how it ended up that large in someone's eye socket. So, tear duct, blood stream, whatever.

There's plenty of gross stuff that really does happen.

(And, if you want gross photos, just do a google image search for ascaris.)

Mr C - yes, that would work.

Everyone else - pin worms, a small round worm, are a cause of blindness in the poorer parts of the world. They actually end up in the eyeball itself. And they are one of the targets when you worm your pet.

And Blue Meanie - I'm still freaked by the time warp thingy from yesterday. Luckily, as you supposed, I can still sip on my jar of thorazine.

Tell ya whut, I'm REALLY glad I'm not clicking on any links here on the "All the news that's too gross to print" blog, but I wish I hadn't READ some of these comments... BLEAUGH! I think I'll go find a blog hosted by someone in the comedy biz, like Dick Cheney maybe.

Blue - I saw your link, and it proves my point. The eye/worm gets blogged and the condom reef doesn't. I thought the condom reef story would be good for at least a few *snorks*!

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