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February 19, 2006


Paris was born for this role.

(Thanks to Manjula)


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I think Paris would have to be born again for that role.

Well, she is pretty emaciated. Talk about typecasting...

Well there ya go - a saint who spread goodwill, and gave aid to the poor played by a brat who spread her lags and became a whore.

Key quote: "You're pulling my plonker".


That's not hot.

Once again, anagrams tell all:

Paris Hilton = Saint Hor Lip

Sounds about right.

That's sacrilege if I've ever heard it. *shudder*

Wavey - theres truth in them thar anagrams!

Are there any embassies anywhere left to burn? I suspect not for long after this becomes more common knowledge and/or he actually goes forward with this.

Relax, people, relax. The moment Paris finds out she has to spend the entire movie wearing that garish, loose-fitting, off-the-rack blue outfit that covers her blondeness, she will turn down the script instantly.

'The Simple Life: Calcutta'

Chastity: nope

seems perfect for the job!
(although it will turn out that Mother Teresa was a nun by day, and a kick-ass, time-traveling secret agent by night, who when she utters her catchphrase,"That's hot!" summons forth a legion of demons to cart off her opponent to eternal damnation. Pope John Paul will be played by Ashton Kutcher, he will be shown drawing funny faces on Gorbachev's mole.)

Truth in anagrams..

"Tamara Rhymes With Camera" anagrams to:

- Warm, healthy, rat race maims

- A wry matriarch ate me hams

- We try rim a mahatma-chaser

- I am a wealthy, smart charmer

I wonder which of those is Tamara's favorite? Hmmm...

Ah, forget it ... it's merely Hollywood (or Hollywood wannabe) type thinking -- or lack thereof --

This casting director/producer is only lookin' at one thing (well, mebbe two) from Paris Hilton -- name recognition -- and is displaying the lower-class mentality that thinks name-recognition is all it takes to make a bushel of money in the movie business ...

Someone will shoot down this idea before it gets to Paris actally playing the part ... please?

the reason behind this extending of feelers in Hilton's direction

Why Lord, why couldn't this phrase be preceded by

"Scientists have determined that an alien abduction was"

Tamera RE the last anagram - dont know about wealthy, but certainly a smart charmer!

BTW, U.O is an anagram for O.U - just sayin.

CR -

Yeah, and U.O is also an anagram for O.U ... whod've thunk it, eh?

And CoastRaven anagrams to:

A craven sot

A cat's rev on

Cravat nose

NASA covert

Satan Cover

Santa Cover

Caters Avon

rat as coven

And many more.

Man. That's fun.

remember the story about the actor playin' Jesus in the Mel Gibson movie gettin' struck by lightning?

imagine what would happen to the cast in this movie

In the wake of the insane cartoon riots and the dichotomy between what an alarming number of Muslims claim ("Islam is the religion of peace") and what they actually do (suppress freedoms, make threats, raise hell, kill people and destroy things), I played around with their so-called "motto" and came up with:

Islam is the religion of peace = I implore!...He is escalating foe!!

They aren't gonna be hiding under my bed!

Bumble - Bein a space buff, I'll take "NASA Covert" if I may.
(although the most extreme base portion of my soul likes "a craven sot")

OH - Bismuth I almost neglected a hearty *snork* to you.

CoastRaven~ A wise choice.

southerngirl~ A wise choice.

This just in: "Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa" anagrams to "SNORT A SOL RISE AMPHITHEATER".

I have no idea what this means. But I am off to look for more.

And southerngirl, of course, anagrams to:

Linger or shut, Sterling hour (TCK sure thinks her hours are sterling), Uglier thorns, Hornet us girl and Hero nut girls.

Key lines in the story:

As one critic put it: "In this 37-minute shagfest Hilton literally sucks. And so does her acting." ®



And my favorite...

A PARASITE HEIRESS NOT MR HOLT (for which he should be grateful, I suppose...)

That's enough for now.

*snork* at Bumble!

WriterDude, how about this one?

Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa = Sheer Anathema to Prior Lists (referring, of course, to lists of people throughout history who have reached sainthood).

Got another one:

Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa = Ho Lips, the Enamor Ariser: A St.?!

Did they make M. T. a saint? I am not Catholic, but I understand they believe saints are still working in behalf of the faithful after they die. I am thinking even this saintly lady would want to shoot lightning bolts at being portrayed by an empty-headed self-centered brat.

We innocently bought the DVD of the first season of Simple Life, because we limit our tv. Watched about half an hour and haven't seen it since, but nobody in our house will admit they trashed the trash. What we don't understand is who does watch that show and even more scary, why.

For those who don't believe in life from other planets, I have two words: Paris Hilton

Best casting since Tommy Lee's wise, yet solemn performance as Moses in The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Rock

Blue--whole house snorking at you. Wow, like the scene in Men in Black--where they show all the aliens living as humans--explains a lot.

Paris Hilton = Sack of Crap

(yeah, so it's not really an anagram, it works for me anyway)

*sees a 24 rerun is on A&E, shuts down brain, begins watching*



Wavey - There are over a billion muslims on the planet. How many are rioting? Pictures of tolerant or peaceful muslims don't sell advertising on Fox News (or any other media outlet).

U.O. - I think the term for the other Hollywood is "Bollywood".

*snork* for lg (what's an anagram for "I'm freakin' sick of anagrams"?)

kudos to ScottMGS - you read my mind on the muslim thing. Thanks for having the energy to say it so well. Tolerance and peace never sold airtime anywhere, it seems.

OK -- werks for me ...

(EXcellent point, r.e. the "non-rioters don't sell ads on CNN/Fox ...)

ScottMGS -- I agree with you, and I don't see how my statement contradicts yours in any way. I referred to something that "an alarming number of Muslims" are doing, and yes, while it is a minority of Muslims, it is nevertheless certainly an alarming number of them that is involved in this sort of crapola. And I think everyone can agree that this issue certainly is escalating.

Oops, accidentally erased my last paragraph:

Regardless, I thought it was a fairly interesting anagram. It does a good job of representing the challenges facing Islam: to sufficiently distinguish itself from the ideology of the extremists, and to find a way to defeat the extremism that has put a dark face on the faith, in the minds of many non-Muslims.

I see the anagram as a sort of signpost for the times, if you will.

Wavey - Definitely an alarming number of muslims doing not-good things. I know muslims who are disturbed by what they see on TV. I wonder how representative the coverage has been with respect to the number of people doing not-good things in the world. Most of the victims in these riots (as well as the continuing sectarian violence in Iraq) are muslims.

Annie - That's why I'll probably, hopefully never make the news.

Annie (& them others, as needed) --

I'm perty sure you've heard the aphorism r.e. the philosophy of editors around the world, whether print or broadcast type ...

If it bleeds, it leads ...

merely sayin' ...

I am in total agreement with youse about the small proportion of rioting Muslims, but I must say that the majority of Paris Hiltons make me want to burn media outlets.

I once saw Paris Hilton close up in Vegas and she looks even skankier in person!


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