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February 20, 2006



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That was creepy. I wonder if there's a protocol for talking monkeys in the CTU handbook?

Durn site wouldn't let me come back. Had to take the long route.

Cannisters have thighs?

That first comment's gonna get a reply involving Edgar, I just know it...

Also Snork@insom / First / etc.

My first first. Yay me!

P.S. Dave, I've been trying to send a very important story to you, but I keep getting a mailbox-full message from the Herald Postmaster. Heads must roll.

that was so cool!

did anyone else notice that, after the message, the monkey's eyes follow the mouse pointer around the screen?

(OK, I admit it - I'm easily amused)

such an educated-sounding monkey, reminds me of some colleagues...

I had a cow worker like that..

grumble grumble corporate web filters grumble growl

When I quit my job, I'm sending one of these to my boss.

Ha! That's great, but are you sure you wanted us to hear from the monkeys, Dave?

will - congrats on your first first.

Is this one of the script writers for this season of "24?"

AWBH...She certainly isn't doing the dialogue for the terrorists; WAY too understandable.

Speaking of quitting one's job via spokesmonkey: "f*cking" is difficult to understand, but "fri*ging" comes through pretty well.

That freaked me out. The eyes moved separately and pretty realistically.

Ashamed to admit I probably spent a couple of minutes before I returned to y'all.

Kewl. How long do you think Dave spent?

Is that a banana in your smock or are you just glad to see me?

'b*ggering' comes thru loud and clear as well. Not that I tried such a thing. I'm just guessing.
Now what do I tell the boss I was working on that made me laugh so hard? I don't think inventory updates are supposed to be that funny.

sorry, some people (you know who you are) sent some HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE files and shut down the blog mailbox, will. can everyone please be aware that sending 11-MB files will effectively keep everyone from being able to send in blog mail until i find out about it and delete it?

I'm not suggesting that anybody do this, but if you change the number at the end of the URL you can listen to messages that other people created.

Lab *snork* guess what I won't (waves to bossman) be doing for the next hour.

*slinks off into shadows*

will, congrats on your first first! Of course, *MOI* has gotten TWO (count 'em, TWO) firsts today[patting self on back] [OW! Dang, pulled a muscle!] [No, wait a sec, that can't be, I don't *HAVE* any muscles...]

Judi: Thanks for fixin' the email. In the future These guys can help cut down on giant emails. At least, nobody'll send 'em twice.

Great! I'm getting nothing done. Try 3841087!!!

Someone made the monkey say 'you sexy bast*rd'

Mad: Thanks, and likewise. Thanks also to Annie WBH. I'd like to thank the academy, my parents, Dave, Judi, etc, etc.

Also: Snork @ Fumbling Father's find.

thanks lab!! 3841050 is my favorite so far.

Oh my.
Do not open if you aren't wearing headphones. Or are at work. Or in the hearing range of anyone else. Or ever really. Eeek!

Lab: No studying today, thanks to you...
# 3841094 is pretty good. Jeff and Ron, you're busted.

You know, I did some consulting for careerbuilder, back in the day...and I don't think they had nearly as much idle time on their hands.

But this is perfect for sending the link to my new personal site to my friends, since the URL is PLEASEStoptheMonkeys.com

Nothing there but a copy of my old personal site now, though.

But I came up with a pretty funny monk-e-mail message relating to it:

My monk-e-mail for PLEASEStoptheMonkeys.com

sorry judi - guess I'm gonna have to stop sendin' you such hi quality porn

Fumbling Father you are so right, 3841087 is the best so far. And squeeky clean too!

Love your accent Kaz... did you really work with those monkeys at CareerBuilder?

tck: just send it to my personal email, wouldja please?

ooh i love the one about too much cologne!


judi - *snork*

I love these monkeys you guys rock.

Try this (with headphones): http://www.careerbuilder.com/monk-e-mail/?mid=3367899

Here is the worst song ever, in monkey-speak (I did NOT create this; it was pre-existing.) 3822289

Six-Twelve-Eightteen-24, we've got a message for President Eleanor.

*Snork* @ Blue

hehe that was awesome!! i love monkeys!


A message from dave you won't want to miss


Also, D. Leanord Barry's glasses are especially boss.

Sorry, I posted on a wrong (ealier) thread.

Not to highjack this tread about 24 to talk about 24 but how much trouble do you think Jack is in for not killing off children at the Mall. After all both the Hobbit and Prez Wieene wanted them dead.

On the third try... AWESOME!!!

I got it to say Dave Dave Bo Bave, Banana Fana Fo Fave, Dave!

Trust me, it was hilarious.

I lament. Truly.

I focused on the irony of the talking ape trapped in a role of "monkey", expressing the futility felt by the common man in a world which doesn't appreciate him and his bad life choices.

YOU, on the other hand...and I mean "you" plural...play to the lowest common denominator, going for shock value and potty humor.

And yet, without a doubt, in a poll I'd come in dead last. Damn the marketplace of ideas! DAMN IT TO HECK!

Where are the government censors when you need 'em.

I'm applying for my NEA grant, tomorrow.

So Dave hits upon the ingenious idea of having a Simian remind everyone to watch 24 tonight. He probably got that idea after reading this.

I don't understand this obsession with 24.

Then again, I have never seen it.

I did come up with one last bit of monkey irony. Perhaps nostalgia will help:

Hey hey

hey, why is my "hey hey" link black? Nobody's gonna know to click on it!


We're talking about monkeys tonight?

I have my own special message

Forgive me. I couldn't remember the words.

What's the difference between monkeys and hobbits? They both have hairy feet, right?

*zips in LTTG, but here nevertheless*

Blue, thx for the monkey b-day message. I'd send you a "thank you" e-mail, but i'm afraid of you now....:-)
just kidding

Well, Dave, that was the Best Episode Evah, dude, and I'm sorry you weren't here to share the fun of Cleavage and Andrea being more kick-ass than the men! Except for Jack, of course. Jack did a choke hold on Curtis, shot two bad guys down from a thousand feet away, with one shot each, transferred top secret DOD files with his useless Blackberry, AND knew names of people on the board of some big corporation even though he's been away for 18 months. Next week--we see the Meltdown of Da Hobbit.

and mr taser making a cameo next week!

Por mi amigo Alfred:


Sé que éste no es el superhero derecho, pero aún, está fresco.

to translate:


Thanks Adonis. Very kind of you.

That silly wife of President Weiner McTool. Doesn't she know she's in grave danger by going in the motorcade with President Subaru and Mrs. Subaru? Maybe she's just crazy. Oh wait...

Also, Samwise McGill is starting to lose it. Should be interesting when Curtis takes a stand against him next week. I'm hoping somebody will be thrown through a wall of glass, but perhaps it's just a fool's dream...

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