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February 23, 2006


Still only $10.


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And I thought the skunks on the other thread were bad.

Blast you, vile trickster! Why do you torment us so?!

/hissy fit

So, it's only a dollar per month-left-of-the-year? Does the price come down with every month that goes by that you don't have to look at it? If you order one in December will it be free?

Ya know, I bet a Dave Barry calendar would sell. It could have pictures of Dave and the oosik and Judi and Gene, stills from The Guide to Guys movie (since we'll apparently never get to see it any other way), and each date could be noted with some Daveworthy oddball historiclike event. Tell me he didn't already do this like 10 years ago. If not, and you need someone to throw the thing together, you know where to find me.

HA - I caught it that time since my amazing memory retains the painful image he tried to force on us a few weeks ago about the 2005 calander!! But wait a minute, it MIGHT have scantilly clad women somewhere on the page...

AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! MY EYES - MY EYES... I cant feel my eyes!!!!

Bwaahaa! I didn't fall for it this time! I'll still stick with my Far Side calendar, thank you very much.

Is it just me or is Barry starting to look a little but like him?

*whispers* pssst - errrrummmm - Lairbo... it's a 2005 calander

Only $10... and worth several pennies of it.

a haiku:

bloglits tricked again
looked at manilow picture
dave amuses self


when famous writer
indulges in self-amuse
carry some kleenex

one more:

manilow ugly
though not as bad as could be
he could be naked

Consider this--that's $10 NOT being spent on his music.
That's me, Mr. glass is half-full

Lairbo: It's worse than you think. It's a calendar for last year. So for $10, all you can do is "admire" (for lack of a better term) the images on the calendar.

That was SO not fair, Dave.

*wonders where the sound of maniacal laughter is coming from*


Ah, so that makes the $10 price even more intriguing/baffling. Once I saw M. Manilow's phizz, I reflexively hit the back button to spare my eyes further damage before I could notice the year.

as if my day wasn't sucky enough.

Lairbo - Seriously, click here and get Guide To Guys (The Movie). It's funny. My daughters have watched it many times (though I can't say I know whether they view it as an educational movie or what). I still crack up at the Elaine-(not-Eleanor)-and-her-guy-conversation-in-the-car scene.

I am not Dave Barry and I did approve this message.

NGL . . .

Ha, ha! Didn't get me! :P

Remember, just like those Gone With The Wind collector's plates, outdated Manilow calendars are NOT guaranteed to increase in value.

Oh course I open it just when a sr. vp walks by and I let out with a very strong 4 letter word. Dave, when they fire me I'm coming to live with you - I can even do ponytails.

aaargh! And I fall for this one every time, thanks Dave!

*zips in*

Addicted: When you said you thought he was beginning to look like him, I thought you meant him!

And Scott, I haven't seen the movie yet but the Elaine/guy whose name we can't remember car sequence in the book is, IMO, the funniest thing ever. When I read it to my friend CG, he blushed. I wonder why - hmmmm. :)

Still an awesome purchase. You can carefully frame each photo for use in one of your Manilow shrines. Add a cd player, a few candles, lace, and voila-obsessive adulation at its finest!

Eleanor: It's Roger. And you're right - it is possibly the funniest thing ever written, ever. (Although my DH cites it as further proof that women, specifically meaning me, are completely nuts.)

Eleanor - I'd lend it (DBG2G) to you if you want. My guess is that CG was getting irritated about the last time he got his oil changed and how he got ripped off.

Ha! Din't look! Remembered (There's a news flash!) in time ...

*Snork* at memories of the classic scene between Elaine and Roger. "So that means..."
"I KNOW there's no white horse...!"

I gave a copy of G2G (The Book) to the mid-divorce daughter of a friend of mine, and said, "Lissen up. This book is hysterical; but it's also the world's best analysis of gender differences." (She divorced him anyway; but at least she UNDERSTOOD what she was losing:)

(...also the whole hot-tub-with-international-fashion-model factor in male commitment phobia. I'll be *snork*ing all night now...)

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