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February 24, 2006



(Thanks to John Hicks)


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Marge Simpson is buried in Florida!!

*double-snork* at CoastRaven for being first AND having something funny to say.

He thinks he may need the help of a professional? I'd say he needs the help of at least two.

They say the hive "takes up a good third" of the mans yard? I'd call that a bad third!

"...and Honey, I miss you,
And I'm beeeeing good.
And I'd love to beee with you,
If only I could get these dang insects out of my yard!"

*snork* @ Annie

Jackson's mom tried to tackle the bees with a rake and some bug spray

Ok, the hive is like 60 feet long and 10 feet wide, and she attacks with a rake and can of raid...

ya gotta have a certain amount of respect for anyone operating at that level of audacity

Absolutely right, TCK.

Also, I note that the writer of the article is a wannabe punster. C+ at best.

So, how do you disclose this kind of thing when you go to sell the house??

"Comes with its own honey pot - you just have to dig it up!"

Don't look now, but I saw a few buzzing around his head.

With the next big rain, that's going to bee one angry sinkhole.

I heard that Preparation H will clear up them Orlandoids.

I think I'd want to know what kind of bees they were before I decided to live and let live. As far as I know, the generally non-harmful types don't usually build underground. *shudder*

"The hive is the buzz of the neighborhood."


All bees are non-harmful.

... well, until they sting you, that is.

*SNORK* at Coast!

Recreational scorecard so far:
Bottom of ocean: Snot
Beneath garden: Giant beehives
Well, I guess we could just walk to the convenience store for a EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

*stings Lab*

On the positive side, his sceptic tank will smell like honey.

Oh, Great, Pine hills is about 15 miles NE of where I live.

"An un-bee-lievable story developed in Pine Hills on Thursday... The hive is the buzz of the neighborhood"

Oh the humanity. I can't take any more of this pun-ishment.

And the add right next to it is for Spiderman.

Who would win in a fight SPiderman or a man controlling bees?

s'all in the way ya look at the situation. some see a problem.
i see a small fortune in mason jars full of honey n comb. yum

*Bee, peaking up out of hive, then ducking back in.*

"Hey Herald, you won't believe what someone built in our backyard!"

*coffee spew*

very larsony LBFF!

Thank you cyn!

I spent my teen years living in Pine Hills. I escaped to Georgia to go to college. But when my mom was preparing to sell her house there, she discovered a large bee colony had built a hive in the cinder block wall. They had found a hole in the wall near the back door and had infested a large area of the back of the house. I forget now how she got rid of them. I’m really glad I don’t live in Florida anymore.

I wuz gonna try werkin' with Ain't Misbeehavin' or Honeysuckle Rose ... however, my adaptative/parody genes musta shrunk in the wash ...

I got nothin' ...

I think that I have told my Killer Bee story at least once here. So I won't again.

That is all.

On the phone last week with my dad (who's a cheap bastard)

Dad: The bee guy came today and got rid of the hive
Me: Great! How much was it?
Dad: $200
Me: Not bad
Dad: No shit. I wouldn't have done it for $200.

Also, is LOL allowed in DB land or only *snorting*?

*snork* at Heather - LOL is fine, also 'VF' for 'very funny.' That sounds just like my dad - either they were a rip-off (too much$), or a moron for charging so little.

p.s. - beware 'faux *snorks*, when someone snorks at someone who hasn't even commented on the thread, and you end up wasting time looking for the snork-worthy non-existent post.

Understatement of the week: I don't think Raid cans can fix the problem.

Well, duh!

And I can't believe no one pointed out that Underground Beehive would make an excellent band name.

I had bees in my yard last Summer. I spread a couple of pounds of Sevin dust over the yard, and they were gone in a few days. My neighbor told me that the bees pick up the dust when they are out feeding, and clean themselves when they return to the hive. I only got stung a few times on my ankle while mowing the lawn.

Thanks Annie for the *snork* etiquette and warning!

Writer Dude has also explained to me that it is *snork*, not *snort*! A very important distinction indeed. (And don't look back for his comment 'cause it was via IM).

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