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February 22, 2006




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I could score a first here if I had anythng to day, but since I don't this doesn't count.

Remember the old Barney Google cartoon by Billy De Beck? That's where the phrase "heebie-jeebies" first appeard.


Great googly-moogly! Lab is right.

Is that a scientific term?

Bravo on interning the snake. One less...

...and when I diiiiie..
and when I'm goone
There'll be one snake less
In this world to carry on,
To carry on.

*this earwig brought to you courtesy of Cheesewiz and

"A Collective Case of the Heebie Jeebies" WBAGNFABest of Rock Album, or Boxed Set

So, Cheesewiz, now they're hiring SNAKES as interns? We're all goin' to H*ll in a handcasket.

*writes codicil to will*

And do NOT bury me with snakes or I will haunt you forever.

this, obviously, was not in the country where the appearance of a snake is considerred a "good" omen.

snake lore is note my forte

but i am glad they chose to go ahead and bury the dead guy, snake included.

'cause if it was hot enough for the snake to seek shade, well, leaving the dead guy out would just have been,



Betsy, i appreciate it!! i had an earworm going from a song we were practicing last nite in choir, and well, now, i'll be dipped ... they'll be one child more in the world to carry on, to carry on... duttdut, bap bap. i do the instrumental parts too.

They are carrying a corpse and the live snake gave them the heebie jeebies? Strange set of priorities there.

Speaking of which, why oh why do funerals make you go stare at a dead body? Nothing creeps me out more than looking at the dear departed with pasty grey flesh and make up. CLOSE THE DAMN CASKET!

i know that you don't know me well, bloglits ... but when i die please promise me that you won't bury a snake with me.

an oosik, sure ... but not a snake. that really creeps me out.

"pasty grey flesh and make up"

Kind of like all those photos of Barry Manilow.


"Nothing creeps me out more than looking at ... pasty grey flesh and make up." - SN - you've met my ex-wife? How's she doing?

The Rattler
Russssell Razorback was laid to rest yesterday when a 680 kilo coffin suddenly zeroed in on his shady repose. He is survived by his wife, Rachel, and about 100 offspring. "At least he didn't suffer much," said the widow.
The family respectfully asks that in lieu of flowers, contributions be made in Russssell's name to the Serpent Defense Fund, a charity which helps snakes in need all over the world.

assssshes to asssssshes, dussssst to dussssst...

Aw, wasn't that nice they gave dead guy a pet for the everafter. What thoughtful nellies!

*ssssssssnork* @ inssssssom

* begin unfunny comment *

SN - it's different for everyone.

Many people like to see their departed one in a peaceful pose because it provides closure. If there are not enough good pictures, it's hard for the make-up person to correctly style their hair or get the color just right.

Last fall, I attended a funeral for a friend who lost one of her 20-mo. old twins in a freak accident. He had always been more slender than his sister, but his body was pretty "full". I guess the funeral home thought the image of chubby equaled healthy. Nevertheless, he was dressed in his favorite jammies and had his favorite stuffed animal tucked under one arm. (My daughter babysits for this family a lot, so she knew what was his favorite.) We had just seen him a couple days before the accident.

The pastor did a marvelous job of providing comfort and the music was uplifting, yet that was the hardest funeral I've ever attended in my life.
* end unfunny comment *

Old snakes never die. They just lose their sense of direction. Whaddaya think the snake's last thoughts were? . . . So much for taking a short-cut through the cemetery? How 'bout . . Another plot coiled!

This post contains descriptive text for the vision-impaired!

So... [tapping lips thoughtfully]
snakes... [turning hand outward, tilting head thoughtfully]
can't live... [holds chin, shakes head]
underground? [points down, tilts head again]

Tamara RWC - Still on the meds, I take it?

Tamara: my thoughts exactly...won't the snake just burrow to wherever he/she wants to go?

Mr C, I am naturally bizarre; illnesses do not make me *more* bizarre, they only make me not-funny. So are you saying I am not funny, again, today? HUH, MR C? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING?!

Anyway... My munchkin has a sinus infection, too, so we're both on this today. I don't know how good it is, but it seems to be better than the *nothing* I was on yesterday. ;)

Someone should call Donald "Crisis Finder" Rumsfeld about this. We, the U. S. of A., are currently engaged in the War on Heebie-Jeebies and have vowed smite the Heebie-Jeebie doers and those that provide safe harbor to the Heebie-Jeebie doers.*

*The proceeding commemt was "borrowed" from C-bol's blog.

Yeah, the phrase got coined during the "Golden Age" of cartoons and comics, but if it were done today, with the national penchant for not offending NEone and our creeping bilingualism, the artist/author would hafta spell it Jeebie-jeebies ... (to allow for the Spanish influence, eh?) ... merely sayin' ...

chuckle - when I first looked at TRWCs link I saw "deconpluscough" in the address, and thought...
"Hmmm thats an odd use for Decon - I thought it just killed rats"

MOTW- I'm not denying everyone's got their own customs. My dear ol' grandpa passed away a decade or so ago and we were going to cremate him as per family custom. (We don't do the icky look at the dead body thing. We look at pictures of him alive at the memorial.) Except his sister (my Great Aunt) protested loudly and tearfully that how could we imagine doing such a thing. So we did the whole big funeral which was a source of endless fascination to all us teenagers (Look at Granpa - he looks like a frog! What'd they do to his lips? Poke him, I dare you.).

After the funeral we found out my Great Aunt watches one too many movies and thought cremation meant we were all going to stand around a funeral pyre like they do in India and watch him burn.

My mom put it the best "We spent how much on that casket?"

*widens eyes*
*backs slowly away from Tamara RWC and out the door...*

At least the guy residing in the hole is dead. When my mom was baptized (in a creek in NC) she looked down while the preacher was praying and saw a snake swimming around where she was about to be ducked under. Perhaps that's God's way of asking, "Do you really trust me?" Thank goodness they now have indoor baptistries for us of little faith.

Dearly Beloved,

We gather here today to mourn the passing of a true oompa loompa from this world to the next. Ever ready to lend a kind rub-a-dub-dub or a friendly boom-shacka-lacka to anyone who needed it, this great googly moogly of a man was never known to let his own desire for hankie-pankie stand in the way of anyone's pursuit of a ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong or a doo-wop-sha-waddy-waddy. One boop-oop-a-doop from him was worth a thousand oom-papa-mow-mows from anyone else I know, and when the chips were down you could count on his mojo to be working full steam. And when he gave you a-wop-bop-a-loo-bop, you know it meant something.

Say hubba hubba
Say amen.

"The funeral attendees, struck with a collective case of the heebie-jeebies at the sight of the snake, decided to bury the creature along with the dead."

Yeah right. They saw the snake and dropped the guy. Since he landed more or less in the hole they decided that was good enough and started shoveling.

I think it was the Pharaohs that thought being buried with snakes was good luck, or a sign of royalty or something.

I used to do funerals for a living - don't ask - and more than once had families drag the dearly departed out of the casket for one last family photo. First time it happened I freaked, next time I didn't even bat an eye. One lady showed me her collection of "funeral photos" - dead person was always in the middle with eyes closed. The worst was when folks would try to crawl in the casket for one last embrace - eewww.

KDFG, your (not you're) mention of BM set me off on a search to confirm my suspicions -- I was right, the world's record for the LARGEST collective case of the heebie-jeebies was at a Barry Manilow concert. Area hospitals attempting to treat those afflicted ran out of ghee and had to resort to use of adulterated dalma, which actually turned out to be kinda fun, it was reported by some of the orgi.... er, participants.

*copies sly's codicil to add to her will*

You can bury me with a very cute toy stuffed teddy bear, but no live things, unless it could be this guy!

lol @ blue moon.


LOL @ Blue Meanie, too. :)

and KCSteve!

I think the makeup makes it easier to see a deceased loved one because it doesn't really look like him/her. When it looks too real, it can make it harder.

A few years ago, a friend of mine died too young of breast cancer. She liked frogs; so her sisters and daughter bought a set of plush frogs in ballerina costumes and posed them on top of her coffin doing plies, arabesques, etc.

She also liked Betty Boop, and they put a bumper sticker on the side of the coffin, facing the congregation, that said "Beep if you gotta Boop".

*sniff* I miss you, Linda.

{{ Sarah }} . . . {{ sly }} . . . and {{ self }} because going to any funeral stays with you for a while.
Prolly no one noticed, but I stayed away from the blog for a couple weeks after that, because there is a pain that neither chocolate nor laughter can help in the short run. I hope none of y'all ever has to face that.

LOL and Hubba-hubba for Blue Meanie.

This coming Saturday, I'll be attending a memorial for one of my best friends who died instantly last Friday from a head-on collision. He was the sorta guy who would start "the wave" at a funeral, so he would surely appreciate Blue Meanie's one-of-a-kind eulogy.

*Pauses for moment of respectful silence for all who have lost friends or family in tragic circumstances*

S'Man, sorry for your loss.


Lab, just a thot.. when i saw the phrase "struck with a collective case of the heebie-jeebies", i flashed on an old gary larson cartoon depicting a janitor in a herpetarium, all torked up in the corner, with a caption that read something like `after 20 years of working in the snake room, jim was suddenly struck with a cumulative attack of the willies'.
made me wonder if the reporter made a similar connection.

(also.. hugs n empathy to MOTW, Sly, SarahJ, and Stupendous Man. what Blue Meanie n southerngirl said)

Regardless of your colloquial practices, funerals are tough ... really, you're there because you care ... so ... you choke up, get teary or morose, muse on several aspects of life you'd prefer not to consider ... some of these, and/or more ...


Because you care ... merely sayin' ... mebbe that makes you a better person, mebbe not ...

Condolences Stupe and MOTW

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