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February 19, 2006


    Dear Dave:

    I've been reading you since I was a teenager.  I nearly wrecked the car after I got my learner's permit, because of you.  My mother and I had been to the library and we had checked out your book about bad songs.  Mom read it to me as I drove and we nearly ended up running off the road because I was laughing so hard.

    Especially the part where Mom had to sing MacArthur Park to me.  I thought she was making it up!

    It's been what?  Fifteen years, Dave?  I'm 28 years old now, not getting any younger.  The bitterness has set in. 

    Why, you ask?  Because your generation (and the one before you) got all the good music!  My granny's generation had all that fantastic big band music.  The boomers had ... well, EVERYONE! 

    And what passes for "music" with my generation?  Do we get the Eagles?  Oh, no.  We get Snoop Doggy Dogg and Britney Spears.

    Do you realize how much material you have to work with now?!?!?!  Forget "Horse With No Name!"  Any song by a boy band is worse than that!  And how about "Barbie Girl?"  (I'm a Barbie Girl!  In a Barbie world!  Life in plastic!  It's fantastic!")

    You've gotta write another bad song book, Dave!  All you've gotta do is just announce another bad song survey and the readers will write it FOR you!  We've been waiting for this opportunity ever since Madonna butchered "American Pie!" 

    Please please please please, since there will never again be bands like the Beatles, can you give me and my generation SOMETHING to hold on to?!?!?!

    I need this, Dave.

    --Jennie Maynard


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Maybe the 1910 Fruitgum Company could record a reunion album for him.

That's not hot.

Theres always Golden Throat William Shatner to soothe away the stress after a hard day at work. He could team up with David Hasslehoff & do the soundtrack to the book!!

oops. My above post got on the wrong thread. Never mind.

She's right. The stuff I hear on the radio at work over and over makes me want to scream. Not to mention the nasal, tone-deaf, technologically enhanced voices singing it. I vote for Skater Boy, Material Girl and anything by Spear Britney.

Oh God, Dave. (Or if you prefer, Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster.)

I read what happened when you brought this up the first time. Are you sure you could handle it again?

Is this a Strumpet Post?

I think the difference these days is that the old bad songs like McArthur Park, I Am...I Said, Young Girl, and the rest were all FUNNY bad songs. They were easy to mock because of their inherent cheesiness.

Whereas, the bad songs of today aren't "funny bad" -- they're just plain bad. Really bad. Disgusting, even. Take any given lyric by Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent or Enimem, for instance. There's not much to lightheartedly make fun of there. It's just really sad, amoral and pathetically depraved junk.

It's too bad.

Sorry for the serious-toned post, but like Jennie, I mourn the passing of good music. And yes, even that old music that we made fun of and that made the "worst songs" list then, are genius masterpieces compared to the utter rubbish that pollutes the airwaves now.

I wholeheartedly support this endeavor. Speaking as a 23-year-old who sounds like an old man when it comes to music, it just plain needs to be done. Listen to anything by the Pussycat Dolls if you don't believe me.

I'll offer the use of my writing, web design, or statistical analysis skills if it'll help advance this.

From the top 10 videos list on launch, there are several that I think are easily among the stupidest songs ever. Grillz??? I haven't heard I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper, but I bet it has potential. My Humps. Stickwitu by the Pussycat Dolla--love the title, but I think that Don't Cha, although having fallen to #60, is much worse.

I think anything from the new Jamie Foxx album could be in contention for the book. I can't believe how people are raving about that album!

Wavey-I agree, most of the music today is trash. One exception (in my opinion) is Kelly Clarkson who writes lyrics that are sometimes inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking. Plus, she's not a lip-syncing, triple-threat wannabe like some others.

Geezer comment approaching:

Well, one question I have here is, are we talkin' about "music" or "music -- with lyrics" ???

Good music is good music -- arrangements and patterns of the traditional European 12-tone scale of the vibration waves in air ... to by more specific, in a sense of Physics ...

Listen to anything old -- "classical" if you wish -- the good stuff is still good 200 or 300 years later ... the bad stuf -- doesn't get recorded as often ... (notice how many covers of Vivaldi's Four Seasons are out there, as just one example)

Opera ("Good" "Music") is another example.

OTOH, "Bad" music (y'all named a bunch in other posts here) is just that ... BAD. No tone patterns, dischords ... all it has is rhythm, and that's not usually enuf ...

Now, "Music with lyrics" is a slightly different bucket of chowder ...

The lyrics are what is bad, meaningless, trite, ineffective or stupid ...

(NOTE: "Novelty" "Songs" are not part of this genre. They are in a totally separate category, and will not be discussed here.)

Yes, this musical generation has got an extreme case of the short-on-relevance-or-talent ... perhaps these "songs" should be in a folder marked "Bad Novelty Music" ???

Whut ever ... merely thinkin' out loud ...

Agreed. Today's bad music sucks worse than than yesterday's bad music.

I haven't listened to the radio in ages; Napster is my best friend.

This could all explain why the bulk of the Grammys went to the oldsters this year.

But do not fear, Gen X'ers. All is not lost. There is John Legend, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Josh Stone, Sarah McLaughlin, etc etc.

Good music exists. Buy it, play it loud and proud and drown out the crap.

U.O.: Well it does seem like most of the songs I hate are novelty songs. I mean, consider the song about tooth covers made of precious metal and gemstones, wherein Nelly says he's going to "rob a jewelry store and tell them make me a grill." (Doesn't seem too smart...wouldn't it take them hours to make a cast of his teeth, then pour the platinum, set the diamonds, etc., by which point the cops might realize something is up?)

But I still hold that it is sooo bad, that it reaches beyond mere bad novelty classification to be just a Bad Song.

This is funny. I was thinking about sending Dave a letter nearly identical to this one.

I've been wondering: I'm sixteen years old. Has ONE good song come out in my lifetime?
I mention this because on the bus ride to and from school, I have to listen to the music that the kid behind me is listening to. He plays it so loud that the bass is messing with my internal bodily functions, i.e. heart rate, blood pressure, ect.
I can also hear every word to the song. I've memorized the chorus. It goes like this:
I just don't understand what people see in this type of music. It's called "grunge".
Basically, it sounds like a man repeatedly retching while someone is beating on what may or may not be drums with a hammer.
So, I basically fear for the future of music. As far as I can tell, the best music was produced from the 50's to sometime in the 80's.
I agree: It's high time for another Bad Song Survey!

The Darker Side of freedom of speech...

Come come Barbie lets go party!!!
*feels evil*

Sorta on/off thread ... just remembered ... when I useta drive skul bus, the kids would bring tapes (yeah, that long ago) for me to play while on the road ... If I already had one of mine in the tape deck, they seemed OK with that one finishing before I played theirs ...

Oddly enuf, I liked a lot of the stuff they brought ... and ... on more than one occasion, their comment was somethin' like ... "CCR? That's cool ..."

(They weren't always as accepting of some of my Frank Sinatra or early Willie tho ... or the Vivaldi, either ... but they listened -- or ignored -- 'cuz they knew I'd get to theirs perty soon ...)

Bad music's omnipresence can also be traced to buyer demographics. Meaning the people gullible enough and with enough money to buy disposable music..As in young people,( Age 9 - 25?)Some marketing suit is targeting these groups..Listen to Gwen Stefani's " Holla Back Girl".. It contains the lyrics to a popular cheerleader cheer," Go Bananas, B A N A N A S " . Every little girl knows this cheer so when they hear the cd they want to buy it..Or Take the group " Fallout Boy" ( Please !)..They have a FASHION LINE that they sell on the CD !!! Its NOT ABOUT MUSIC ..Its ABOUT MONEY ! There is good music out there but the differenece is a matter of easy access..Its the same principal that works for fast food like McBarfers or Burger Butt.. Innundate every corner of every town with a Crappy Burger and people will not be inclined to make the effort to find good food. Then, worst of all, they will begin to BELIEVE it is good simply because they see it everywhere, and see other people buying it..Take the McAss Clown burger slogan, " Millions Served"..People don't buy it because it says " Hey This IS really Good And Good For You", they buy it because , " Well, if they sell that much of it it MUST be good!".. Same with music, if all you hear is crap, and the radio stations play that crap all the time, people will buy it because, "Well, if the radio stations play it, it HAS to be good."

Actually, I think Gwen is singing, "This sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S," but that may be irrelevant. Little girls probably still know it.

You can still find good music if you look hard enough.

D'oh! They don't like direct linking. Oh well. Just get the tunes from here and here, respectively.

Can I mention one more time that I saw Arlo Guthrie in concert last night, and that he was great? Thanks! :)

Sam G-You sound very insightful for a 16-year old.

Yes, Tamara RWC -- you mentioned it. I was ignoring you, 'cuz I'm jealous ... grrrgrumblegrrgrumble ....

From the Geezer Desk: I'm with U.O. even though he clearly has actually studied music and I have not.

But as I told my son when he said that my generation had all the good music, that's partly because he has never heard the bad stuff - it doesn't get played anymore. (May I submit the works of the Electric Prunes and the Strawberry Alarm Clock?)

But Dave, if you're out there, if you actually write the book I'd like to buy an option on the first ten copies.

Short, boring personal story: I've never been a fan of country music, in fact making fun of it at every opportunity. Then this summer I got bronchitis. I spent many, many nights sleeping (or wishing I could) upright so I could breath without coughing. I watched a lot of TV with the sound off and the captioning on, so I wouldn't wake the family. I found myself watching music video channels, and I discovered this: In general, the lyrics in the country songs made a lot more sense than anything on MTV. The country videos, as an interesting aside, are much more racially diverse, too. Anyway, as I was feeling very sorry for myself and very old, I watched Toby Keith's very funny "As Good As I Once Was" video, and I decided that was my new theme song. I'm old, I cough a lot, and I'm, well, not as good as I once was. My point, if there is one, is that there's a lot of really bad music out there (and yes, I think His Barryness should write another book about bad lyrics) but there's a lot of good stuff, too, to be found in unexpected places.

End of sermon.

Lisa- That's because I was exposed to Dave at an early age.
(Warning: Off-topic story)
We had a mysterious copy of Dave Barry in Cyberspace sitting in our bathroom for years (It had: "Merry Christmas Randy!" written in it, and I don't know anyone named Randy). I had always avoided it because I thought it actually contained helpful information on computers. Then I think in 5th or 6th grade I finally read it because I was bored. After I read it, I was a permanent Dave fan.

Don' be dissin' my grunge. Everclear, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Nirvana. That is good music. I love me the grunge boys. They do angsty like nobody's bidness. (And their clothes are comfortable. Points for that.)

Also, but not in the same category, obviously, Cold Play, Goo Goo Dolls, Metallica, the Cars, the Police, Tori Amos and Melissa Etheridge, Counting Crows, Johnny Clegg, Peter Gabriel, and the Black Eyed Peas. Also the Jeff Hamilton Trio and Steve Reich.(I have eclectic tastes.)

There's good music out there, and always has been. Just like there has always been bad music out there. The difficulty now is that you have to wade through so much more stuff to find the gems.

Yes Tamara, you can mention it, but it is only going to drive a wedge of envy between you and the rest of us.

bj - A strange thing happened to me a few years back. I had always hated country music. Folk and Rock were my genre. Long story short, there is a copy of Hank Williams Greatest hits at my elbow, and Jerry Jeff Walker is well represented in my collection now.

I'll probably "go opera" next year.

I'm with KJ, never was a fan of country music, but past 2 years its really all I listen to.

Its the last bastion of decent music out there.

Good list, Sally. I'll also add Mason Jennings, Beth Orton, Sufjan Stevens, Imogen Heap and Guster. But I too have to find all my new music online; listening to the radio makes me want to bash my head in with a sledgehammer.

Tamara RWC said it best - "today's bad music sucks worse than yesterday's bad music."

And slyeyes - may I assume you meant Joss Stone, not Josh Stone? ;)

Believe me, there's some great music out there today. It's just never talked about, let alone played on radio stations more than once every year or two.

sally i'm with you, girl ;)

lotsa good music out there nowadays. and you put cc on your list, so, hey, mondo points from me.

aka crow

kj also made another good point - watchin' the video with the sound turned down - the Pussycat Dolls lack anything that is even comparable to musical talent - but are quite enjoyable to watch if the sounds turned down

Sam G- Coolio's "Gangsters Paradise" it is one of the only great masterpeice rap albums I have heard. Dr. Dre was also great when beat boxing.
I think part of the problem here is that all of the bad music of that time was forgotten or people got used to it. So when they here these songs they think of only the good bad ones. In a few years we all would have forgotten about my blue corvette and my blue window.
Black Hole Sun
Im in love with the McDonalds Girl -ploayed that at a wedding the other day.
There are a lot of great ones.
Weird Al Yankovic songs. alberquerque is a great one.

Stay away from Rap in French. Trust me.

The white stripes have some good stuff.

Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

As the resident former radio deejay semi-geezer (42) among the bloglits, I suppose I should weigh in on this. Firstly to Sam G.: You owe me a keyboard cleaning, because your rendition of that chorus resulted in the application of used coffee.

Yeah, it seems that over time music has homogenized to the point that it all tastes the same. However, sly's right, there's still a lot of good being made. I'd add Green Day, Coldplay, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy (sorry Sean, beg to differ there), and Susan Tedeschi to her list, among many others, and I'll join Judi in her love of Bowling for Soup -- they won me over big-time in late 2002 with "Drunk Enough to Dance".

(For the record and to my utter astonishment, I was just stopped in my tracks as I wrote the above by Fergie [of Black Eyed Peas fame] delivering a knock-out rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Daytona before I could dive for the remote. This is the "talent" that has "My Humps" out there? Wowser.)

In the end, folks, just keep voting with your dollars and/or your feet, and it'll cycle back around again. That's what I'll continue to believe, on my more optimistic days anyway.

Oh, and this thread needs one badly: BOOGER!

Sallyacious, you and a bunch of other folks snuck in your (not yore) comments while I was called away from my comment-in-progress: absolutey with you on the Goo Goo Dolls. Embarassed to have left them out, in fact. And after what I said above, I'm gonna have to give Black Eyed Peas another listen. Dayum, she can really sing.

Among the more been-around-awhile artists, with you all the way and will add the Dave Matthews Band to the list.

There are still some new and semi-new artists that I like. Most recently (within the last 5-8 years):

Sufjan Stevens
Jack Johnson
Jets Overhead
Imogen Heap
Nada Surf
Circulatory System
Velvet Crush
Fountains of Wayne
Acid House Kings

This person does have a bit of a point but I would like to point towards a few albums that I believe my generation can be proud of....
They would be

and this

cant forget this

I could go on but I think I have made my point.

there is some good music. but the point is, there is bad, and why not do vol. 2 of bad music... because some of it is bad, yes it is. you could do it dave. besides the bad music book i own is practically worn out from all the re-reads. update, add, vol. 2 something! yep. of course, as a geezer, i wont know any of the artists... you could do a whole thing on how we stick w/the music we know, and i'm stuck somewhere in 1969.

You all may find this interesting: before I figured out how to download music via computer, I used to turn on my VCR and let it "listen" to 6 hours of music, pumped in from one of the satellite music sources.

Get this: no matter which GENRE I chose to try snagging some decent tunes from ("golden oldies" "80's" "Blues" --there were over 30 choices) I would have to wade thru EIGHTEEN pieces of utter crap, finding the NINETEENTH song to be one I'd want to keep.

That EVEN holds true of RAP, amazingly.

I'm now keeping notes of the PEOPLE I meet, to see if that ratio holds true of "keepers" in THAT genre.

Anyone else experiencing something along these lines?

I did NOT say Josh Stone!

*scrolls up to prove her point*

Oops. My bad.

I take personal credit for discovering The Goo Goo Dolls - for my crowd anyway.

And I love most of the listings above. I just don't understand why Green Day insists that they are "punk rock" or even grunge as stated above, when it's very clear they are Alternative Rock.

Eyeliner does not a punk make.

WriterDude, I saw Fergie sing the national Anthem and I thought the same thing . She did great!.Point is, there has always been "bad" music.. And just because I think something is bad doesn't mean it's not good to someone else..And thats ok. But if I say it sucks, it does. Anyhow..There are plenty of good musicians who end up playing crappy music that gets heard by thousands of people and plenty of crappy musicians who are heard by thousands of people and plenty of great musicians who make great music that is heard by hardly anyone. Remember, Motzart died penniless and forgotten..And Hasselhoff will die rich and famous if not infamous. So whats my point? How many of you have a Segovia CD and a Georgia Sattleites CD ? Some of you/us probably do or a similar difference. There is a time for each. And we relate music to the experience we have at the time we hear it. I suppose that if I was having incredible sex and in the background Fallout Boy was playing I would associate that song with a good experience.. Pavlovian, yes, but true.. If I was having a colonoscopy and Copeland's Appalacian Spring was playing in the background I would not be so inclined to hear it again anytime soon.. Appalacian Spring, that is... Duke Ellington summed it up wonderfully," There are two types of music: good music and bad music." Period...There is PLENTY of bad old music..Like " Seasons In The Sun " or that song about the kids that get trapped in the cave and they eat one of thier friends, I think it's called " Timothy"...Blah blah blah..

I've had a slight change of heart. First of all, I'll admit that I'm a big Coldplay fan. I'm quite addicted to Clocks and Speed of Sound.
And I wasn't aware that Greenday is grunge. I can understand what they're singing, so I always assumed they were punk or something (I am not musically savvy at all, so please don't hurt me).
I guess there's some newer music that's good, but it just doesn't really compare to the good classic stuff.
Some of my fondest memories are of my family driving to the beach, listening to my dad's classic rock tapes.
I've been singing along with Free Falling by Tom Petty since I was in a car seat.
...Excuse my nostalgia.

I've been forgotten?

Not anymore but there was a time..Good song/bad song: " Rock Me Amadaeus"

queensbee-Agreed. I'm all for Dave doing another book, I don't even care what it's about!

Sean-Is that what Timothy was about? OMG!

I think so Lisa..Canibalism: The stuff pop songs are made of...Or what about all those '50s song where the girl or the boy dies, like " Teen Angel ".. There is another one..ooo! .. " Tell Laura I Love Her".. Boy dies in that one.

Oh, the sad memories are flooding back. Quick, think something funny!

Underhyped new group: Audio Slave
Overhyped new group: Velvet Revolver
Maybe we should have a " song of the day " for the blog..Like everyday..random song..Mmm..Anyhow, how many Coltrane fans out there, huh? Powerful stuff... I also think that the theme song for the movie " The DaVinci Code" should be Little Milton's Mona Lisa Was A Man..Oh Yeah !

Any music can have potential. Remember the scene in Amadeus where Mozart is playing Salieri's composition (the little piece he wrote for the Emperor). Mozart completely transformed it from a boring, pedestrian piece of trite sh*t, to a delightful piece of music.

Too bad his people skills didn't match his musical talents, or he might not have died penniless.

Only recently, I discovered I really like:

The Decemberists
The Shins
Josh Ritter
Aimee Mann
Ben Harper
Joseph Arthur

I'll have an entirely new list in another three months.

There's plenty of good stuff out there. Keep an ear open, look around. Dig.

Interesting fact:
On the Simpsons episode, "A Fish Called Selma", Troy McClure, voiced by (the great) Phil Hartman, has an agent named MacArthur Parker, who is named after that horrible song.

These are the things I find out from listening to The Simpson's commentary while I'm painting.

We were talking about country music a while ago and I would say that Sara Evan's song " Real Fine Place To Start" is uber ass kicking.. She has a couple lame-o " record label" songs, but she has a great voice..Pure.

I agree with mozart - about 1 outta 20 or so songs is listening to, same as the people you meet.

There's a theory that if a song sticks in your head, it's got a 'hook,' for better or worse. Worse = earwig, right? Nevertheless, the song got ya. There's good and bad everywhere, but this blog helps me cherrypick music AND people. :)

May I add Gretchen Wilson to the good country list?

Anyhow, how many Coltrane fans out there,

*Raises hand in air*

ooh! me me me me!!

I have a big problem with people who like "music" because it's not popular. I say, much popular music is popular for a reason. Kelly Clarkson won American Idol because she's GOOD. People who think the Shins are the sh*t just because they're on the Garden State soundtrack need to pull their oosiks out of their rear ends. (Not kicking the Shins, they're actually good.) I know people who quit liking bands when they sign with a label. Their music hasn't changed, you understand, just their management. Like to drive me crazy.

i have to say that i have become so disillusioned with today's music that i find myself listening more and more to dave's version of really bad music on satellite radio. that being said, i recently paid an exhorbitant amount of money to see sir paul mccartney in concert out in l.a. and you guys really did get all the good music back then. *sigh* i was sooo born in the wrong generation...

I am closer to 50 than I an to 40, and I say that Green Day is the saviour (are the saviours?) of contemporary music. (BTW, I just KNOW that I have not spelled saviour right, but my spell check isn’t helping.)

Some good bands with “so bad they’re good” lyrics... White Stripes, Weezer.

Speaking of first hand exposure to good music, (not to be outdone by Tamara RWC. Well, maybe a little). Last week I had the pleasure of working with, and seeing perform, Andrea Boccelli. Granted, he was singing standards, so it doesn’t really count as good new music, but Wow!

Bocelli!! *Swoon!!*

Thor-I really do like some of the current music mentioned above by other bloggers (popular and otherwise). I only mentioned Kelly C. because I think for her age she writes lyrics that show some depth. Her song Because of You is one example.

I'm not really an American Idol fan either, but from the little I've seen, I haven't been as impressed with subsequent winners.

AlanBoss, I'm gonna go a little OT to ask this of you and Annie WBH: I made a conversational bet with rita over on my blog that you or Annie would be the most likely people among the other bloglits to have, like us, met a member of the Eagles. (She met Don Henley and I met Joe Walsh, for the record.)

So, have you? Either of you, I mean?

yummy yummy yummy bust a cap in yo' tummy
if i catch you with one of my hos
the bling my b**** is wearing, she don't feel
like sharing
she's as fake as P.Hilton's nose!

and MacArthur Parker was voiced my Jeff Goldblum

(that Simpsons had one of the best musicals ever in it the 'Planet of the Apes' one...)

insom, I think that's the 1910 FruitGUN Company.

*zips in*

*hold up Bic lighter for Coltrane*

I just heard Sara Evans for the first time a week or so ago - yes, she has a great voice. Cox added some TV stations to my Tv when I added Cox tellephone, and one of them is VH1 Country, which has NO commercials, and is pretty mainstream country.
They play Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, Dixie Chicks and of course all the big country stars. I love music videos and the country ones just tell the greatest stories.
Sara Evans caught my eye (and ear) with a song that I think is called, You should have thought of that when you were cheating, great country lyrics, beautiful voice and funny video - all in all, a winner.

"*hold up Bic lighter for Coltrane*"

That's so old school. Now it's the cold, sterile blue glow of cell phone screens.

Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red?
And what the hell is on Joey's head?

...that's all I'm sayin.

Insom-Planet of the Apes as a musical is a classic Simpsons moment. Every part of that scene is perfect.
I really miss Phil Hartman...The Simpsons aren't the same without him.

nobody's mentionned:

Annie Lenox, U2, Eagles, Sting, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen (moderately oldies)

My daughter gave me the Scissor Sisters for Christmas, and I LOVE it. They do a cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" that is Fab!

Anybody here ever hear of Tracy Nelson? I couldn't even find her at the itunes shop.

"There's Nothing Cold As Ashes After the Fire Goes Out" is a favorite.

tamara: your list makes me think you would like todd snider. try it and see ;)

i'm not such a huge bowling for soup fan, despite my post the other day. i don't really know them that well. but there's nothing WRONG with them.

bands/singers i like or have liked in the last decade:

counting crows
john mayer (and john mayer trio)
fountains of wayne
the killers
ben folds
our lady peace
third eye blind
eve 6
new found glory

oh honestly, i could go on and on and ON here but it's impossible... stacked around me are about 100-150 cds that i'm in the midst of listening to, freebies from the herald (nobody else even recognizes the names of any of the bands, so i grab em)... some of them i adore one or two songs of, like howie day, but i haven't had a chance to get into them completely. most of em have some good songs. i enjoyed hearing my friend's sirius radio last weekend; some songs i heard on the radio that i've heard since then i don't love, but i enjoyed them the first time through on the radio. i can't IMAGINE people thinking the music that is out now is bad, unless all you listen to is some crap clearchannel station. they generally play crap. but you can go to kroq.com and listen to them online or find all kinds of great music if you just hang out with a teenager for a while ;) RADIO these days (other than sirius or xm or online) is crap. music is not.

sorry to rant nonsensically. i'm sick. time to go back to bed.

Sorry you're sick, judi. Me too. 3 days of bronchitis and pneumonia. Ack!

(watching 24 reruns on the couch)

i've been sleeping and watching tv since wednesday! i sit up and read for a couple of hours, and i'm ready for sleep again. it's so annoying!! sorry you're sick too!!! :(

'Love Ben Folds. 'Love him long-time.

Judi, I will check out the Todd Snider; thanks. And get well soon! Have you tried the Airborne(TM) herbal supplement effervescent thingees? Punky swears by them, so I finally bought some and am now addicted. Lemon-lime flavor. Have the boss bring some to ya!!

*zips in on El's wake*

*holds up a lighter for Coltrane*

*wonders why no one has mentioned Dave Matthews in the listenable music category (maybe someone has and I just read too fast)*

*snorks at insom for no particular reason*

Ever notice that some of your most favorite songs are an obscure listing on an album you have never heard anywhere? Am I the only one that happens to?


Thank you, that is all.

And then there's the whole matter of cover songs, like this Get-Well earwig for Judi and Daisymae.

*zips back in to restore her image*

NyQuil, judi it's the answer (and if it isn't at least you sleep for a while. :)

snickers, I was making a statement by holding up my Bic lighter rather than my cell phone. I'm sorry you didn't "get it". *sigh*

random, I love Dave Matthews and I don't know why I don't have one iTune oor one CD of his. You know, he went to Africa recently with a guy from Phish and they practiced and did a show with an African group and there was a documentary on VH1 about it which was cool, and I think I'm the only person in the world that saw it.

Hanna - me. Eagle Eye Cherry, Save Tonight.

daisymae - awesome list!

Writerdude - sorry -my qualified answer, IYKWIM, is I can't recall ever meeting an Eagle. And I LOVE their stuff. Out here, though, you could bump into Henley at the grocery store and not even know it. (He probably wouldn't even know it, either.) I think he's still in Malibu, and it's not safe to go over there anymore, what with "Baby on Board" Britney driving around. ;) But I've met a bunch, got to sing with a few. They put their thongs just like everyone else.
I'm definitely coming back to this thread to take notes on some new tunes.

Random: I hit on DMB a while back in a reply to Sallyacious.

*zips up to check time stamp* Uh, 3:37 PM today.

(If you'd like to read a moderately entertaining story about an evening I spent with them, click on my name below and then type Dave Matthews Band into the search field.)

Also, I'll toss up another band I omitted earlier: Dashboard Confessional.

The diversity of available music absolutely rocks. When I met my Sweet Thing he introduced me to a whole world of music I never heard before--most of which I do like.

One of my favorites--a country-sounding song on a BeeGees album. Don't recall the name. Funny how they are so "different" but every wedding reception I have ever been to includes at least one of their song. They make people feel like dancin' I guess.

Hey Daisymae, (There's Nothing Cold As Ashes) After the Fire Goes Out" is really after the fire is gone..It is a Conway Twitty/Lorretta Lynn Classic Country tune.. Serious Honky Tonk Tear in Your Beer Music.. Excellent. Dave Mathews is pretty saccharine, kind of like Hooty And The Blowfish but with more hits..And rich hippy kid fans..

Dang, Annie, we missed a simulpost by one minute. We're gonna have to try another time. ;-)

Thanks for the answer.

.." After The Fire Is Gone" same rest of blah blah..

WD - guess I 'opened' for you....

Guess it's safe now to say that

except that, with the exception of a handful, they are all as bad as...bad. What's more, they copy from other bad artists so it's just a bad facsimile of badness.

daisymae - The title of the tune is After the Fire Is Gone, and you'll probably find it under Willy Nelson. It was a duet with Willy and his sister Tracy. Conway and Loretta actually had a much bigger hit with that song somewhat later. Sample lyrics:

"Love is where you find it,
When you find no love at home.
And there's nothin' cold as ashes
After the fire is gone.

tamara my son is taking airborne now... but they're fizzy things like alka seltzer.

Thanks Sean and Stupendous Man. Of course you're (not your) right about the words to the Tracy Nelson song. Stupe, I KNOW, Tracy (don't think she's related to Willie) recorded the song by herself, cause I used to sing along with the record (before the days of CDs). I saw her in person at The Great Southeast Music Hall in Atlanta back in the early 70's.

My brain is not working 'cause I've been sick in bed since last Wednesday. Watch a little TV, sleep, watch a little TV, sleep.

Blue: I couldn't listen to the get-well earwig, cause my speakers aren't hooked up, cause my 'puter's in the living room since Hurricane Wilma until I get a new roof, which could be in the next millenium at the rate we're going. THank you for the intention.

Anybody else like:
Buffalo Springfield
Crosby Stills & Nash
Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Joni Mitchell (sometimes)
Linda Ronstadt (oh, yeah!)
Blondie (my punk phase)
Carly Simon

(I'm watching Terminator 3, it's AWESOME!)

Oh, man, I wanted to mention THIS while the traffic was heavy on this thread, darn it...now no one may even SEE it, and I truly think its an amazing fact about human nature, and music...

The example: I buy an Ipod-like thing, and it comes PRE-loaded with songs I certainly did NOT pick, and never would have. It takes me awhile to learn how to delete them. In the meantime, it seems every time I'm just getting comfortable, and don't wanna move, one of those lame songs comes on the random playlist. So, I've patiently listened to some group do a noisy tune called "What Kind of Name is LOVE?" as well as mentally tapped my foot, NOT to the music, but to wait out the time it takes for "Camel Toe" by Fanny Pack, to go past...at least a dozen times.

AND I FIND THAT BY THEN I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING THOSE TWO SONGS!!! There are some really charming things I could say about them both, including some boring crap about their excellent production values, and all that...and I'd have never known about them, if I hadn't been strapped down by Nazi interrogators and forced to hear them until I realized they weren't bad, after all.

All of which causes me to wonder about many of the items above, which the kids have listed as new but not so bad...I heard myself think: I don't think I could even let myself LISTEN to a song by a band with such a stupid name. Closed-minded thinking or WHAT?

But that also brings up a whole new topic: have we run out of names for bands, that don't turn people off before they even hear their music? I mean, where are today's "Eagles?" They may be OUT there, but are playing under the name "Oozing Pile of Crud" and the only ones buying their music, are their relatives.

{puff, puff}

What was I sayin?

ooh writerdude, my daughter LOVES dashboard. we saw him opening for nfg years ago at a soccer field; it wasn't the best venue for him ;) but he's cool.

I'm as nostalgic as the next meanie for the sounds of my youth, there are lots of great artists out there, recording wonderful music. If I may throw one standout onto the list, try Richard Thompson.

Don't know why so much garbage is sold, and it's a shame folks need to wade through so much to find the gold. But like others have said, dig for it and you'll strike some. Try non-commercial radio stations, college radio. Go to clubs. There are plenty of artists who are as talented and creative as the great ones from the past, but for some reason they are buried. Help unearth them.

Daisymae - sorry you missed that bit of audio-medical therapy. If you know the tune, and I would hope you do, it was Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire", done at this particular website, for some unfathomable reason, on a duck call. Trust me, it was the best of the lot at this particular site.


Paul Simon ('Graceland' & 'Rhythm of the Saints')
Aretha Franklin (remember her in 'Blues Brothers')
Roberta Flack
Jesus Christ Superstar
Michael Jackson ( a LOOONG time ago)
Al Green
Who wrote 'Lean On Me?'

Scatology recoginzes these artists as totally awesome:

Jackson Browne
Jack Johnson
Electric Light Orchestra (Jeff Lynne)
Elvis Costello
Van Morrison
James Taylor
Allison Krauss and Union Station
Straylight Run
Joni Mitchell
The Mavricks

...in no particular order. Also acceptable are some great artists mentioned by the beer-loving bloggers above.

See, that's the problem. I don't have an iPod or children. I'm musically out of the loop!

*Note to hip nephew: Please keep me informed*

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