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February 23, 2006


We have the Jet-Powered Stealth Robot Seagull of Doom.

(Although England comes in a close second with The ipod tie.)

(Via Gizmodo)


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Looks like a cootie-catcher to me!
Just sayin'

It kinda reminds me of something out of this but what I am looking for is something that reminds me of this

I AM, I AM, I AM!!!!

So now that I am FIRST, I'll finish my thought. I just wanted to show that I read before posting, Rule 478, Subsection 23B(7)a, paragraph 63 in the Manural.

The kind of cootie-catcher the boys made in 4th grade and then pinched the girls with.

Addicted: I subscribe to VF and have that issue and when my friend Cute Guy (CG) was here yesterday, he just started browsing through it - wonder why! *snork*

I must have one.

After I get this, of course, I'll have to get the ohio-Class submarine accessory.

i vote we bring back the "days of nuclear stalemate"

..or, uh, the days of "nuclear stalemate"

Eleanor I am sure he is a just a huge fan of Annie Lebowitz.

No what they really need is "sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads" then we'd be talking.


Instead of bombs, let's load that secret spy shower-radio/camera and get some pictures of Osama in his underwear. Humiliate the patootie out of him. Then we could blast some hideous music, such as Roseanne's version of the National Anthem, to drive them from their hideouts.

All bow to Eleanor's vastly superior FIRSTness!

Re: VF - I remember the flap when the Dixie Chicks posed for some magazine or other. I could appreciate that. Sometimes the wanting is better than the having. YMMV.

Johnny, would Newcular Stalemate BAGNFARockabillyB?

"The rest of the body is pressurized with inert gas"

Just like me.

I have one of these.

Except it's a 12 speed bike where nine of the gears don't seem to work, and in place of enemy target elimination ordinances it has a flower basket where I can put bread, when I have bread.

OK everybody, back away slowly. Try not to make eye contact.



*sprays Toot-Away®* *pshshshsh*

Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works...

Hmmm...something stinks.

Annie WBH - could we blast them with skunks while we blast them with hideous music? Right now Iowa seems to have an overabundance of skunks (just check the roadsides) so I'm sure the DNR could spare a few.

The difference between skunk works and skunkworks®

"Inflatable seals keep the weapon-bay doors, engine inlet and exhaust covers watertight. "

would that be navy seals? or the kind of seals found at sea world?

I've not been around much lately, so would someone please tell me if we're being infested with spammers, or is it my imagination?

Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works - REALLY??? I'll have to talk to them, because my skunk hasnt worked since I put in the washer on the fluff cycle.

Well, I think it looks more like what happens when The Flying Nun meets up with Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor.

More Power. Arr arrr arrr arrr

In a potentially related story, Sally Field has been missing since Lockheed Martin began research on the spy plane.

Authorities investigating Field’s disappearance are quoted as saying. “We’re not sure why we suspect Skunk Works, but it just seems odd.”

Slyeyes-Shoot! You beat me to it!

Aunt Nancy - I dont think it is an infestation as much as a minor infection - judi will address the situation and keep Jackoff as soon as she is able I am sure (oops there should have been a space between Jack and off). Besides, isnt "Hollywood Liberal" such an extreme redundancy that it should implode on itself?

Lisa, I was surprised no one had noticed the Flying Nun connection earlier.

And BTW, if this plane has sonar, it's really going to p*ss of the whales and dolphins.

And we've already dealt with p*ssed off Dolphins in the news this week.

"You like me! You really, really like me!! Oh,.... what's th KABLAM!!!

OK, in case the sinkable phones and regulated-shatter ashtrays weren't enough, this is final proof that those dolts in DC get way too much taxpayer money.

And, correspondingly, have way too much time on their hands.

I want my money back. I think it'd actually be better off if I burn it in a trench. If I can afford the gasoline.

Words of the Sentient:
Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and when to reap, we should soon want of bread. --Thomas Jefferson

Um forigve me but whats up with the web bots selling democrats idealogies. I understand that Al Gore is the internet and therefor like promotion. But it is getting out of hand when he says his name is Jack. And all he says is, "Check out my Democrat comics."
This is giving a bad name to robots everywhere.
This is almost as bad as when I was in Boy scouts. I got a merit badge -citezenship in the nation- for listening to a guy bash Clinton. I don't like one side going over board any more then the other.

Just noticed others noticed it.

Anyway, I want a pet flying skunk that can dive to 150 feet below sea level and then go airborne. I would name him Toby.

**SNORK** at Blue Meanie!

How did you know? That's EXACTLY what he said, and I quote, "Annie Leibowitz is my favorite photographer. Let me see all her pics in the issue."

*snork* @ sly

"Inflatable seals keep the weapon-bay doors, engine inlet and exhaust covers watertight." But what do they do when the walruses show up?

... um ... NEbuddy else (geezers alert) recall Al Capp's Li'l Abner and the cousin who had a job down at the Skonk Works?

Uo thats what the SKunk Works is named after no less.
Lil Abner would like the Seagull.

Yep, U.O, I do...and Moonbeam McSwine, General Jubilation T. Cornpone (all weary and worn pone) and the whole crew of Dogpatch, USA.

Shirley (don't call her surely) Daisymae knows 'bout them.....?

Ectually, she mebbe doesn't ... since I seem to have a recollection that she's picked her Mi (but not her nose, I'm sure) as bein' in reference to the Hazzard outfit, rather than the Yokums ... merely trineta remember ...

... um ... that would be Dukes, of Hazzard outfit/clan ...

Sorry for any confusion caused by my momentary lapse (read: "Brain F@rt") there ...

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