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February 27, 2006


Tonight I'm turning over a new leaf. I have decided to stop being so picky about the plot. I'm going to go with the flow. My new motto regarding the plot is, quote: "Whatever."

As far as I can recall without thinking too hard, the current situation is this: The terrorists still have the Death Canisters of Doom, which may or may not have to be reconfigured. Whatever! Last week the current terrorist leader -- we are now on our third or fourth terrorist leader -- called up the president on the president's T-Mobile phone to ask what route the Russian president's motorcade is taking to the airport, and the the president -- Why not? -- told him. Then the First Lady jumped into the limo with the Russian president and his wife. So now, unless Jack Bauer can stop them, the terrorists are going to attack the motorcade and set off World War Three, and possibly also Four. Whatever!

Also the guy in charge of CTU is in a major snit about something.

UPDATE: Hey, whatever happened to Jack's hot new girlfriend? Just wondering here.

UPDATE: The president has a great TV screen. It's good to be president, TV-screenwise.

UPDATE: I wonder how come Mike and the president don't notice the drums in the soundtrack.

UPDATE: It's a good thing I'm going with the flow, plotwise, because so far it's WAYYY too much talking.

UPDATE: I think the First Lady should make the motorcade stop at a McDonald's  drive-thru. THAT would foil the terrorists.

UPDATE: Chloe is in.

UPDATE: Jack is in. This usually means talking time is over.

UPDATE: Wouldn't it be funny if Jack actually WENT to the men's room? For a change? Chloe could flush the urinal remotely.


UPDATE: It's bunker time.

UPDATE: Toyota's Think Big Truck Event is still going on.

UPDATE: Speaking of thinking big: Edgar is doubling in size every hour.

UPDATE: The Hobbit has turned to the Dark Side.

UPDATE: One of the terrorists is using a Swedish accent.

UPDATE: Section 112! That's a serious section.

UPDATE: Does it seem like we already had this scene between Mike and the president like 287 times already? Not that I am being critical.

UPDATE: Praying. That should do it.

UPDATE: Mutiny at CTU!

UPDATE: OK, to summarize tonight's action so far, at the 40-minute mark: Bupkis. But that's OK!

UPDATE: Jack! I forgot about him. Is he still in this show?

UPDATE: So OK, with a head-of-state motorcade coming through, nobody happened to notice that there were guys along the route IN DOWNTOWN LA WITH BAZOOKAS??  OK, whatever.


UPDATE: Meanwhile, Jack and that other guy have been awfully quiet in that bunker, not that I am suggesting anything.

UPDATE: Nobody called Jack to tell him about the flamethrower 'n' stuff. He will be TICKED.

UPDATE: Nothing more exciting than watching two guys look at computer records.

UPDATE: Jack got hisself tricked bigtime.

UPDATE: He thought he could kill Jack just by blowing him up with a huge explosion! What a moron.

UPDATE: Memo: If you ever become president, DON'T give the terrorists your T-Mobile number, because they will NEVER stop calling you.

UPDATE: So to sum things up: The terrorists are still threatening to use the Deadly Death Canisters of Fatal Doom, and next week they will do this for two solid hours. Whatever.


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Well I'm sure glad of that ... it's about time we all reformed our ownselfs and became model consumers ... er ... citizens ... and just let Hollywood do whut it will with our minds ...

Is it true that 24 is going to be renamed as 19 because of the number of commercial breaks?

Like, Wow! I can see I need to get in on this 24 craze!What have i been thinking watching COPS!?

BTW ... love the First Ramparts ... and ... do you s'pose that the canisters have anything to do with curling ... ??? merely wonderin' ...

Jack Bauer looks different somehow.

May I be the first to say: SHOOT SOMEONE IN THE THIGH!!!!! That is all

I really don't think this is very funny.

It's only funny till someone loses a thigh!

That about sums it up, Dave.

Tonight the:

First Ramparts may be in red glare,
Bombs bursting in air...

But as you said, whatever!

"a thigh for an thigh"

Whut First Ramparts?

Headline, byline ... no pix, no story ... merely sayin' ...

This season I think we were all expecting some real action, but sadly, we got perimeters. But if we don't care anymore, than I guess we have a new weekly holiday.

That's quite a productivity enhancer you've got there, adonis ... or are you just happy to see me ... ???

oops holiday

Quite honestly, I liked the other one better ... kept me busy longer ...

Quite honestly, I liked the other one better ... kept me busy longer ...

my cable tellsmethat jack runs in to an old nemisis. Could it be that Marwan also faked his death to escape some kind of sub plot?

Sorry UO, dumb boxers without button-closure. I do apologise

I did NOT post that twice!

It wuz Jack ... he shot @ my thigh, but missed ... (Hey, once in five seasons, even Jack Bauer will throw a flyer once in ... um ... five seasons?

*urk* @ Skating with Celebrities

Have you ever noticed, people seldom run into new nemises.

Gnu Nemeses wbagnfarb?

They have to know them awhile before they can become nemises. Until that point, they are only annoyances.

Hey, wolfie!!

Annoyingly Hot wbagnfa(n) All Girl Band ... (somebuddy posted that on another thread, so I stole ... um ... borrowed ... it ...)

Is it true that 24 is going to be renamed as 19 because of the number of commercial breaks?

Being mere mortals and not like Jack Bauer, the viewers need all of those commercial breaks to go potty.

Hiya daisy!!

Somebody better watch out for Kimmie Bauer. She must be in the area! http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060228/od_uk_nm/oukoe_uk_lion

There was more thigh action in one hour of Skating With Celebrities.



YAY! Go Jack! Go Dave! Go Graphic Violence! Go Viewer Discretion! Go, Blogits, GO!

Viewer discretion advised!!

"Whatever" is my life motto. It works pretty well for me.
Anyway, I'm looking foreward to spending another pointless hour getting lost in the plot and satisfying myself with some needless Jack induced violence.

Ya know, if they are just teasing me again with the graphic violence warning I'm soooo going to shoot someone in the thigh.
*realizes she's alone*
erm... nm

Gunfire!!!....oh, that's last weeek.

Hey, doesn't Gollum look a lot like President Manilow?

That's some serious armament!!

40 minutes? Apparently there is no rush hour traffic today.

woohoo! TOW missiles

Dave, the reason this plot seems so meek is that the real world is so awful..

Ha! They're using public traffic cams. If they're anything as reliable as our SoFla ones, the Russian President will be in home plotting his next bad accent before anything happens...

I dont know how to tell you this

Could Mike hate the Weasel in Chief any more?

yes no wait. Way to continue to be decisive.

arminius, refer to the Feb 26 1:52 post by dave for a wonderful HTML class by Blue, that's how I learned to link. Thought I'd pass it on.


God, President Weenie is sooooo stupid.

I say give Samwise a little bit of a break. After all when he was a kid he had to save his family's and friends homes. In High School things didnt get easier. Things got a little better in college things got a little better. But then some of his pals had to go off on an adventure and drag him along. And now this so give the kid a break or his dad will come after you.

Decisiveness is a very important quality in a president.

Hmmmmm...yeh...get my wife on the phone. She can outhink both of us put togither

He's going to ask first cleavage what to do!

I'm sorry, I was just thinking about our IMMINENT FIERY DEATHS!

First Cleavage has more b*lls than the Prez.

The president just excels in circumstances like this

Does Jack do carjackings? Or Limojackings as the case may be?

Here plot, (whistle whistle)

oooooh suspense.....

tell them the truth???

Prez Manilow is surrounded by evil.

Addicted-Samwise's dad looks intimidating. I've learned not to mess with guys in pinstripe suits.

Will somebody tell me what to do please?

"The President is on line 1"

Does the freakin' limo have a phone system with extensions?!? I mean, can I dial 0 and get an operator?

Oh, wait...it's 4pm on a SoCal freeway...they'll never make it to the terrorists in time.

Hobbit's gonna need another monitor or nine

Grow some big hairy brass ones Pres.

Why doesn't Edgar quit and go where he's appreciated?

I think Samwise has been sneaking some of Edgar's Ho Ho's.

THat was a monument to indecisiveness.

Code: The Hobbit is the enemy (end of code)

okay .... new criteria to be president....must be at least 35 years old, a native-born citizen of the United States, and have verifiable big brass cojones

It is too dull to comment on...


He's bringing in Sylvester Stallone

it ended badly...

i shot him in the thigh...

I stabbed him in the thigh, but that's not important now..

I think Samwise has been sneaking some of Edgar's Ho Ho's.

Let's all mirror each other. Whatever. Use a landline while we're being mirrored. Whatever. Edgar is going to be the hero.

Audrey has some brass one. Now we need to see about Edgar...

Does the President think the terrorists will REALLY care about Martha in the car?

It'll be fast and it'll be merciless. Oh really? They aren't going to knock on the windshield and introduce themselves?

They could route the motorcade through a McDonald's Drive-thru

oh, your wife was in the car...

What am I missing? A plot? Good writers? you pick pres weenie.

impressive chain of command. Audrey running the shop from a cave.

A couple of weeks ago Pres Weenie wanted to have his wife committed; now he can't bear to lose her.

where's a 20-year-old intern to relieve the presidential...um...pressure when you need her?

First Cleavage doesn't believe her hub will hand her out to dry!

Does president weenie care about Martha in the car?

First cleavage has misplaced faith in Prez weenie.

with mortars

Letting the terrorists kill my wife and the Russian President is the only way to unfold this plot.

Um, I kinda like the new take-charge Audrey [ducks]

oops...'hang her'

(I hate these robots!!!)

The First Lady is a terrible liar.

Of course Martha is pulling this stunt. She's a "Designing Woman."

I hate this 'Stick it to the Man' Sprint commercial!

Dave...I think we lost new girlfriend to the focus groups....they thought Jack, Audrey...and Chloe should hook up

How dare you talk about my wife like that Adrian.

When is Tony waking up?

Nerve canisters vs Madame Canisters, watch the movie. ;-)

Lisa and Dave think alike - way to go, Lisa!

Apparently nobody is allowed to pee under the hobbitts watch.

"She's in the ladies room" obviously.

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